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is my username.

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well, its getting cold outside again...****in reached down to the 40s the other day.  almost can't wait for the snowy stuff............................almost i don't have a twitter account nor have i ever been to a twitter web page (update: i have), but if i ever did decide to take the plunge i will let you know by posting it in this awesome little box of text (update: not really)! i like tacos lol...though between crunchy tacos and soft tacos i cannot really say which one is better.  sometimes, the mess a crunchy taco leaves behind is a little annoying while the soft taco just doesn't have the same taste... cake is so much better than pie no, srsly.  **** pie. ****ing

I think that's on the slower side but that track's elevation is a big part. Your 60 ft time is not good. What tires are you using? For your launch did you stall up to 2600 and leave from there?
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