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Originally Posted by BigDinTexas View Post
I'm all about capitalism but I really hope that thing sits on their showroom floor until they take a loss on it.... It's not a street legal car... no VIN, can't register it for plates, and has a FRPP part number... why jack up the price $10k... and the new owner can't drive it home? I dunno. Sorta douchie in my opinion.

The guy that buys this sort of car will probably have access to dealer or repair plates and if not, he will get a set....I know i would. Yea, this particular dealer could be overpriced at times, I bought my 08 GT from them and got a decent deal but, at that same time they had a new 08 GT500 in the showroom and they wanted a jacked up price of 75K when I think the car should of been in the high 40's, so yea, they are with the BS. I doubt they ever get those jacked up prices, most wealthy people would never let anyone take advantage of them but, some people will pay whatever it takes at times. So, who knows?
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