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Originally Posted by StangMuscle View Post
Everything you have said all makes sense, I read on another thread that 20's can drop down nearly 10 HP/TQ.
It is a waste of time trying to correlate wheel diameter to "HP/TQ loss". You need to know quite a few more things in order to make even a halfway intelligent guess.

Putting 20's on an early-year sixxer may project a somewhat unexpected (and less than favorable) image in some circles.

When you say "harsher," how harsh are we talking? I feel like my suspension has always hit like a ton of bricks. (I would like to get air ride suspension eventually but that's a different story)
Put at least 5 psi more in all of your tires and see if you can stand that much additional harshness. Make that closer to 10 psi more to see if you could stand it all of the time.

These are the rims I am looking at purchasing.. Maybe they are in your 5%
Appearance has to be your call and your call alone. With imitation 2-piece/3-piece styling, those would be too "busy" for me.

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