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I can upload some pictures later, but the display for mine is on the front of the overhead light box. The controls are inbetween the air speed and the temp ***** (where those 4 buttons are, since I don't have whatever those are supposed to be). The laser jammers in the front are next to each headlight in the grill, and the one in the back is right underneath the license plate. I have a ROUSH plate frame to help it blend in. Looks like it is part of the frame unless you are really looking for it.

I didn't get a usb cable but I'm assuming is just a standard mini or micro and I have plenty of those. Thanks for the information, I'll have to do that one of these days. I like having my controls inbetween those two *****. Since I have a manual, my hand is normally pretty close to it so I can mute it if I get a X or K alert. Plus it hides those ugly fake buttons and looks like it is supposed to be there (sorta). Once I leave work I'll take some pictures.
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