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Default V6 mustang exhaust help?

First off this is my first time ever posting on this site, for the most part I've been REALLY into Car audio for the last few years, I've since decided to back out of the CA scene and begin putting my effort into beefing up my car.

Anyways, aside from exterior mods (wheels, pain, body work, etc..) I've decided its time to re-do my exhaust which, being from California and our stupid emissions laws, have made me a little confused on the route I should go.. So, heres where I'm at:

Basically, I have all stock exhaust with a single 40 series flowmaster and it sounds, well, stock.. So its time for something new. This is where I need help.

I want to do and H-Pipe thats a given, probably throw either my 2 flowmaster 40s on there (One thats currently on my car and another sitting in my garage from another vehicle) Or throw some flowmaster super 10 series mufflers on there as well. Thats my plan in terms of Cat-Back.

It seems as if my mustang has 4 cats (2 pre cats and 2 cats). What I was wondering is, how can I go about possibly removing any of these without throwing up a Check engine light or failing smog. The shop I go to doesn't look under the car so I'm not worried about them seeing it. They are pretty laid back, but if it tosses up a light or doesn't sniff clean they'll fail me. So could I possibly delete the pre cats? Or maybe the rear cats? And if I do remove the rear cats, where could I mount the O2 sensors that are currently in them right now and will moving them in terms of position along the piping cause them to not work properly? Or should I keep all cats altogether and pray the catback will beef up my sound?

Sorry if this is a noobish question, I'm new to actually modifying my car aside from bolt on mods and these CA emissions laws are tying my hands up. Anyone with ANY input whatsoever please feel free to post!
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