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Default 65 fuel starvation issues

Hi, i bought a 1965 mustang for my girlfriend a few months ago. the previous owner told us about how it had run out of fuel on him at one point but he had since installed a clear in-line filter before the carb in hopes of fixing the problem. i found out the other night that the problem will still arise if the car is driven over a certain speed (45 in this case, but i retuned the carb as it was running rich. now the car can drive at about 55 for a few minutes before the problem arises again) seems to be a fuel starvation issue. the guy at the local parts store told me to check to see if it is vapor locking, but it doesnt seem to be as no part of the fuel line comes remotely close to the block. i have been thinking of putting an aftermarket fuel pump/booster pump on the car to see a weak pump is the problem. car has a bone stock 302 2bbl with a c4 auto trans. car will drive great under 45mph but anything above leaves you at risk of starving it out. any feedback would be appriciated. thanks in advance.
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