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Default Convert to e85?

Hey guys! Forgive me if I do anything wrong here, I just joined up as a first time Mustang owner, and I'm completely new to the forums!

I just got a 2000 Ford Mustang Base Coupe, and my commute is about 45 minutes to work, and I was hoping I could switch over to E85 to help shave the cost on fuel...Being new to Mustangs I have no idea how they work, or what I'll need to convert to E85! I noticed some users on other sites have talked about tuning, is that necessary, or is that more for racing? All I need is to get to work and back, nothing special. Will I need to replace any parts? Will I still be able to use regular gas and E85 interchangeably without having to reconfigure the car? I greatly appreciate any help!
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