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Shocks do not effect ride height. They are there to prevent harmonic oscillation that occurs when a spring is compressed/released. In other words... They help suppress the springs natural tendency to go 'boing-boing-boing' and keep the tire on the road. Ever drive down the highway and see another cars tire bouncing up/down or appearing to vibrate up/down? That is what happens when your shocks are bad. When the tire is bouncing like that, you will feel the car walk/wonder all over the place. Especially at highway speeds. If that is what you feel, then most likely your shocks are bad.

As for the different heights on each side, make sure your rubber bushings are all good. They are rubber and deteriorate over time. So if they have started to squish/crack/turn-to-dust/deform, then it will effect your ride height. Before changing the springs I would check out all the suspension bushings and replace any that look bad. I’d recommend polyurethane bushings (Energy Suspension or Prothane). If the springs are original, then chances are so are the bushings. Most rubber bushings don’t last more then 10-15 years in good climate weather.

The control arm bushings on my wifey's ’98 mustang were almost completely shot, and we live in an area with really nice weather. I replaced them all with Energy Suspension’s poly bushings a few months back and the ride height went up about an inch (rough estimate). Just sayin’...
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