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Jeremy Thorner jthorn9

Yes, modern cars are faster than older cars, plain and simple.

Now keep in mind him having a 98 Mustang GT isn't anything to run home about. The reason Ford was so quick to upgrade that motor (after just 3 years) is because it sucked so badly performance wise. The car was rated at 215-225 bhp and 290 tq, however failed to perform on the same levels as the outgoing 5.0 as the 5.0 could run high 14s 1/4 mile with experienced drivers while the modular 4.6 failed to crack into the 14s. An average driver with a 96-98 Mustang will run a mid 15s to low 16s 1/4 mile, which yes, es EXTREMELY SLOW for a V8.

However if your friend wants he can do a PI swap from a 99-04 Mustang. There are a lot of trashed and wrecked 99-04s around the country, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find the top end off a 99-04 and swap it out following the write up in the 4.6L tech section which would boost him to around 225 rwhp and mid 14s quarter mile times.
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