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Originally Posted by zentin View Post
For example, got a buddy who got a 98 mustang GT recently and we were both pretty excited and he even got some bolt on upgrades and he raced a few people. but he got massacred by a 2012 toyota corolla and nissan maxima, and even a Ford Tauras SHO :S

So racing seems to be a lose-lose situation for us people without much money. We can't afford new cars, and even if we get old cars and try to upgrade them, we still get smoked :S

aand the amount of money it costs to get race level parts for a the whole car to get as fast as newer cars, is like as much if not more as buying a new car!! :S

why cant real life be as easy as Forza Motorsport??

also not to mention, i hear the 2013 mustangs base models alone have 300 HP?? how can anyone compete???? its almost as if the sn95 mustangs are obsolete now unless u rebuild ur everything with race parts.
If the Taurus Sho is a newer one (2010+) don't feel bad. IN stock form they will keep up with my car. With a few simple mods and a tune their 365Hp is easily bumped to over 400 and can keep up with a stock 5.0L. They also have AWD so they are easy to lauch.
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Originally Posted by LostBoyz View Post
if you are getting 29mpg in your 5.0, you aren't driving it correctly
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