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Default Rear suspension noise after lowering

Hey everyone, I installed Eibach pro-kit springs, Steeda struts/shocks, and a J&M adjustable panhard bar two weeks ago and while the setup as been great so far, there is a slight rattling noise that comes from the rear suspension when I drive over very aggressive bumps at low speeds.

Over normal use on streets and freeways all is well, but when I go over something that really jostles the suspension heavily at low speeds there is a slight rattle. I've taken off the wheels and given all the suspension parts a good shake, but everything is locked down tight.

I'm at a loss for what it might be, the only thing I can think of is the panhard bar, but when I try to shake the bar with all my strength to re-create the issue it's all locked down.

I'm thinking about pulling the bar off and either running without the bar or tossing the stock bar back on to see if the noise continues, is there any danger to driving with no panhard bar? Also, any other thoughts to where I might look or what I might try to troubleshoot?

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