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Question Heat soak on 289 starter

Have a couple questions here about solving a heat soak problem. I'm running a moderately-built 289 in my '65 (with headers, of course!) and have been having a real nusiance with starter heat soak. Run it for a few miles, shut it down, and you have to wait 20-30 minutes before it'll crank again....usually with the hood up so it'll cool quicker. And we not talking about real hot, about 180-190 degrees engine temp. Not much of a problem if you stop somewhere for a bite to eat...but at a gas station it's definitely a hassle! So, my questions are: 1) Would one of those high-torque "mini starters" help? and 2) would changing to "shorty" headers help? I've read that either one helps the problem, but personally have no experience with either. I've also read that shorty headers aren't much better than the factory manifolds.

Any comments????
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