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Default Bought a used '02 GT, have questions....

Long time enthusiast, but Bly recently bought myself a used GT convertible. It's been a long time since I owned a Mustang, so it's neat to have one again. The car is red, 2002, five speed, 4.6L V8 engine, convertible, 99k miles, and in very good condition.

As with any used car, it has a few issues I need to fix. There is chirping from the transmission; only happens when I let the clutch out so I am thinking throwout bearing. At highway speeds, about 70 or so, it shakes badly (thought it was going to come apart); that seems like a balance issue.

Any suggestions otherwise, please let me know....

One thing I'm unsure of, though, is just how loud the motor should sound. Anyone have any suggestions on how to determine what is "normal" sounds for the engine? Not having history with the vehicle, or being able to get to the previous owner, I have no reference point.

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