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Default '04 Mustang fluid coming from front wheel

Last week I found a puddle next to my driver side front wheel.
Touched it, felt like oil- clear, a bit dirty- I could see where it came out of on the rim, under the part that hides the lug nuts- it dripped down the rim, tire, onto the ground.
Took it to Ford- they said nothing is leaking/couldn't find anything, but I need new brakes and rotors, which I knew was coming up.
Ordered the parts.
Noticed more dripping on the rim- took it in today and showed the guy where it was leaking, and there are signs it has leaked and dried up on other parts of the rim.
Again nothing was found, and here is what I was told- he doesn't think it's brake fluid, thinks it's water mixed with greasy dirt from the wheel.
I may be a woman, but this was the dumbest diagnosis I've heard in all my yrs. of being a car owner.
He is insinuating I am continually driving through puddles and that is what keeps coming from the wheel??
Funny that he didn't mention he found water in there.
Anybody have any ideas, or am I really that stupid?
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