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Originally Posted by Mobiusone stang View Post
Alright howdy guys. My question is I've noticed that the coil pack is a good easy engine mod. I was wondering how much of a dif it will make on gas mileage for a 2000 v6 because driven 40 miles two ways does a toll on my tank.

And p.s. this goes out to Shane and Dan just wanted to say another wonderful experience with American muscle just got my wheels today and they look sick. Heck I'm happy to fork over my hard earned money to you guys lol
Mobiusone stang,

The Accel Super EDIS coil pack is a nice upgrade, especially if your stock coil pack has seen lots of miles and abuse. The biggest benefit from an Accel coil pack is the ability to smooth the overall power band, pick up a little power, and increase drive-ability.

If your Mustang's factory coil is worn out, then you should definitely see a MPG increase. If the factory unit is working properly, I wouldn't expect a large increase in MPG. At best, you'll get 1mpg more than usual. However, the smooth power band alone makes the Accel coil appealing to most!

Also, thanks for the shout out and props! I'm glad you're enjoying the new wheels. You should post up some pictures when you have a chance, so I can check it out!

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