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Yes....and no..

After all these years of Wrenching, I finally broke down and bought a Hoist of my own. Just something simple for the rare few times in a 5 year span that I need one. Its 1000 lbs, foldable, sits in the corner when not in use........and with a 100 dollar price tag it more than suits my needs.

Now ..the weight capacity is more than enough, but ........The "Boom" was way too short. the hoist hit the front bumper ,long before the boom was over the engine.

The workarounds ....1) Go to a hardware or home center, and buy a longer piece of "Box Channel" the appropriate size , drill it out to accept the chain and hook bolt on one end, and use your newer "Homemade " boom instead of the one with the hoist. Drawback here, is you need someone to Stand on the back of the hoist , or it will "Tip-Over" from the added length.
OR...2).... Put the car up on jackstands, remove the front right wheel.... Put a blanket over the right front fender, and pull the motor up and out from the SIDE of the car.... Again the drawback here is if your pulling motor and trans together..."Aint gonna happen this way"....

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