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Originally Posted by DJINN n TONIC View Post
It was fine with a 400 lb brother in law standing on the hoist....

So far Ive only pulled the motor out.. I was in a bind, it was starting to rain , and my helper wasnt gonna be available for two more weeks if I didnt get this done "NOW".
Ah, yeah, a 400lbs counter weight makes it a little better. Wouldn't dare try it with my 180lbs.

Originally Posted by DJINN n TONIC View Post
I came to find out after the fact, that if I had Given up the "Foldable" option, the boom on the standard model was about a foot and a half longer, (Which would have gotten me more than enough to do what I needed to) Im not by any means talking about the actual Pivot and upper arm......Only a fool would modify that...I was taliking about the "Extension" that slides into the boom. I ran out of bolt holes. Now I realize that changing the overall boom length requires extending the legs too, but as I said , I was in a jam, and needed this done "NOW".
Mine is foldable too, but it's a 1 ton, so it's a good bit bigger.
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