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Check out this intake/tune

Also, for exhaust, you've got a lot of options. If you want to go crazy, get LTs, an offroad H or X pipe, and new mufflers. If you want a bit more power and better sound, just go with an H or X pipe and new mufflers. If you want to get a slight increase in power and want a better sound, you can just go with new mufflers. Other power upgrades I would recommend are 4.10 gears, underdrive pulleys, and new tires (check out nitto 555s). If you want to go fast though, you can't forget about handling and braking. You can wait till you need new brake pads and then pick up some Hawk pads, I have the HPS pads and love them. New rotors are more expensive and I wouldn't bother replacing the stock rotors until they are worn out, but there are plenty of options to upgrade when they eventually do. As for handling, there are a lot of ways to improve that. On my personal to-do list, I have Koni Yellow shocks/struts, Steeda Ultralight springs, subframe connectors, Fays2 Watts Linkage, and I already have new swaybars on my car. Sam Strano can hook you up with some good parts at

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