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Default What upgrades make most difference in a V6?

I just bought my first car. A '97 V6 Mustang with about 130K miles on it. I'm very mechanically inclined, one of the best auto students at my school. So I wanted to get a car that I could take the opportunity to learn from modifying it and increasing its performance, which I think Mustangs fit the bill for very well. I don't have the kind of money to buy a V8 or pay for insurance, but I'm still quite proud to now own a Mustang regardless. Im the president of our schools Car Club, and I want to show other students what can be accomplished with the right amount of effort.
My question is, what are the most effective upgrades or mods I can install or create to get the most bang for my buck and time? Or what are some good general things to know about 97 V6 Mustangs?
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