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Default Feeling those handling issues more than usual...

I have a 4.0 V6 and since November have been happy with the handling (although, I think that may be due to me not driving particularly fast).

Now I feel happier about the weather, I'm holding gears higher through the rev range, and enjoying the way it drives a bit more. However, the rear end is feeling floaty, the braking is feeling pretty weak (although, that always has been a sore point for me) and it just doesn't feel how I want it to for summer driving.

It still has the stock 16" wheels, but I am getting those swapped in August for a set of AMR or GT500 style 18" wheels. I kind of have my heart set on 18s after reading up on them. Mainly because I can fit GT rotors and caliper brackets under the front wheels. But should I get a staggered set or 9" wide all round?

Also, I understand the V6 didn't even come with a rear sway bar, so should that be pretty high on my shopping list?

My several year plan with the car leads to either an Xcharger or a 4.6 (maybe even a 5.4) swap, so I also plan on getting an 8.8 rear end, Tokico D spec shocks and struts and some progressive rate springs, but I am not that tempted by power mods in the near future (not much power can be eked out of the 4.0 without forcing air in, it seems).

So yeah, handling and braking wise, am I looking at this the right way? It's a kind of daily driver (more a weekend, fun car though).
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