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1) Find a good junk yard to get cheap(if that's possible) parts.
2) Ignore expensive advise.
3) 7.5 rear put in any 3.73 you can find that fits and a cheap Ford TRACK LOC Posi.
Your not going to pushing big numbers so an 8.8 is not needed. Unless you "Blow/NOS.
4) FRPP CAI for V6's, the best one for your application also used in the Bullet model. A real
cold air intake that looks good and requires a tune(that tells me it's actually doing
5) 93 Octane tune, power isn't cheap otherwise get an economy car.
6) Yes true dual exhaust, Long tube if you can with high flow Cats, MAC Pro Chamber H-
pipe and good FRPP mufflers. The MAC Pro is a steel box the size of a phone book
where the "H" would be(will make your v6 sound good and FRPP mufflers are tunes to
sound good on a Mustang.
7) With all this you may be able to up the Throttle Body to a BBK 70mm.
8) The best you can do cheap on these is Air-in, Exhaust-out as fast as possible.
9) PnC the heads, L/T's, CAI, TB, Exhaust fast flow is best bet for cheap power.
10) Your Stangs is possibly a 3.8 mine was a 4.0 so some things may not apply but don't:

Use that T/B spacer, especially with a 70mm T/B.
4.10 rear unless you want low milage but it's fun
Use an X-Pipe, Raspy! You don't need anymore Raspy!

Do: Find some wrecked GT's and cannibalize them.


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