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Thanks Norm and Shotokan1509.

I'm not activating ABS at the moment, even braking fairly quickly, but I'm not totally stamping on the brake pedal... I would like to start going down to the Nassau Coliseum for Autocross at some point though.

The main reason for the wheels is that my wife said she'll buy me a set of wheels and tires for my birthday as she can't think of anything else worth getting me (I wouldn't ask for purchases like that, I usually hate asking for expensive things as gifts, I'd just save for a little bit to get them myself) and they have a big effect aesthetically, so she'll be happy saying to her friends 'I got Steve his wheels and tires' rather than 'I got Steve some shocks and struts'. If there's no need for a staggered set, then I'm going to go with the 18" AMRs.

Anyway... I think I'll put aside enough for some Koni Yellows, some GT rotors/brackets/pads that don't say ceramic and adjustable sway bars (these are stabilizer bars, right? I always knew them as anti-roll bars in the UK).

*AH, also, is it ok to switch the shocks and struts but keep the existing springs, or should I do those at the same time?

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