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Default best mods for 1/4 times on a N/A 4.6 S197?

Hey guys, I'm sure this has been gone over a few times, but I have lots of questions I still haven't found the answers too after searching for a couple days. I have a manual GT, with 295/45/18 nitto n255s on the rear and 255's up front, stock besides a K&N. So far I'm really liking it, and I plan to go to the local drag strip soon and get some 1/4 mile runs in. I plan on some basic bolt ons but have a few questions about each...

Gears: my tires are a little over an inch taller than stock, will 3.73's put me back in stock range? (3.55) and if so would 4.10's help my 1/4 time or make me shift again before the end and hurt my times?

Offroad x pipe: Will this provide a boost in my 1/4 mile, and regular driving, or will the difference be minimal, I would get a tune for this as well...

Tuner: this is a no brainer, it will help with power and any future mods, so I don't have too many questions about it, other than if any of you saw anything improved in your 1/4? I already have a CAI just not a tuner yet

After these few things, are there any other mods that add power or would help shorten 1/4 times, that would go in a logical order with this? Cams, longtubes etc I'm hesitant about because I worry that for the money they won't be worth the power they add, but someone correct me if I'm wrong! This car is a daily driver but having it mildly modded for dragging seems fun FI is not happening any time soon... and Nitrous scares me because I don't wanna blow an engine, as safe as everyone says it is...

Anyways, any insight you more experienced people have is greatly appreciated!

Mineral Gray GT, 31k miles, 5spd mt, K&N CAI, American Racing Rebel wheels staggered w/ nittos, shaker 1000, lots of mods to come!
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