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Originally Posted by craig71springsport View Post
Thanks :-) what do you mean with the rear main and oil pan gaskets?
Don't try and install your rear main seal with the #5 cap still on. Not the correct way to do it. For the pan - make sure the gasket is set correctly in the groove on the timing cover and #5 cap. After you get it all put back together, take some black rtv and smooth it over that same area.

Oil leaks suck.

Also be sure you gap your rings correctly. I do 0.020 top ring, 0.024 bottom ring on an N/A set up. You will need to open yours up a little bit due to the boost.

While we're on the topic of oil & rings & boost, may want to look at switching from the factory pcv set up. As your rpm builds, your boost will build, especially with twins. If you opened up your rings as suggested, the boost will create blow by as expected. This will greatly increase crankcase pressure. A lot of turbo guys switch to a breather + catch can set up because the pcv system can't ventilate the crankcase pressure effectively. This pressure has to go somewhere as new pressure from the turbos is getting past the rings. It usually finds its way out via the rear main seal, oil pan gasket, etc.

Theres your circle of life between boost and rings. Lol
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