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So much to argue about and so little time:-)
So the OP is looking to mod, learn and spend his money wisely. Some of that is subjective so he needs to follow up and research each mod and make his own decision. As I read his post he isn't asking about big power just yet but I agree it is important to look at the big picture and have realistic expectations. While many of the minor mods were expensive when you were on the leading edge of the performance effort for these motors, they can now be found used for cheap. That goes for the big mods too or even a motor swap but its all relative you your budget, goals and skills.
Originally Posted by jthorn9 View Post
Keep in mind we're talking about a single port 97 Mustang here. This is a totally different animal from your 4.0 or any other car you may of worked on.
An awfully presumptuous and condescending comment. Of course I keep that in mind. Can you remind me what cars I've owned & worked on?

Originally Posted by jthorn9 View Post
These things simply do not respond to mods very well. To get big power you literally have to invest big bucks, and the things you mentioned won't do Jack. We're not pulling this out of our asses when we say this as both Roush and I as well as others have been there and learned the hard way.
Unfortunately "very well" is relative to something he doesn't have so that's a big problem. He'll have to answer is 'very well' good enough.
You learned that big power costs big bucks. That's so cute:-) (busting your ***** here) Duh, we all had to learn that and so will the op. Goals should be realistic but he may have goals different than yours. Or, maybe the same as when you started.

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Out of the stuff you mentioned you can't "chip" these cars, chips are outdated technology and not used on these types of vehicles.
I'm all for a flash tuner, personally I just think of using a chip for these cars, consider it a flashback if you'll pardon the pun. I see at least one chip is still available, btw. The point was how to make those changes. The tech tools to make the changes evolves but the principle behind making them hasn't.

Originally Posted by jthorn9 View Post
This just isn't the same car. A 93 octane tune is 100% useless on these cars. The power difference between tunes is marginal to non existent. I personally tested the same car on the same dyno with a 93 vs 87 octane tune with my 98 V6 and had 0 difference given the variance in weather and the average across 3 runs.
Who did the your tune, I think I might want to avoid him:-) If this was a custom 87 tune optimized for you then I can imagine little change to peak # with the 93. More to the story than peak #'s though.

Originally Posted by jthorn9 View Post
You could argue I did get 1 rwhp gain, but that's a minor difference that can't be accurately judged as you would see zero difference in the quarter.
I prefer to argue that a dyno is simply an advanced tuning tool and not the same as real world driving experience. A singe rwhp # data point with out any overall context means nothing. You need to examine and improve the entire power curve and expand the power band. A more important # to know is what was the change to your avg rwhp? A motor is only at peak HP a small fraction of time compared to the rest of the time its making power. Next to consider is HP means crap to these cars, more important is what was the change to your avg torque #'s? A small motor and heavy car needs torque improvement NOT HP improvement? Maybe those numbers were unchanged as well, I don't know.
All in all I agree with your end game but that may not be for everyone. I agree you really want to consider cost/benefit but think you can do a lot of little things for not a lot of money if you are smart. Yes it may only be little gains, but he is going to be modding and evaluating and learning.
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