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kbb says that that car is worth 2600 in fair condition. however you gotta think about a few things.... has it ever been wrecked, how hard has it been driven, is 200000 miles to many 0's for you, and do you know how to fix it when it goes? I personally don't like having cars with over 120k on them, im conscidering sell my 04 soon because its at 92k right now.... on a car thats drivin hard it whole life, 200k can have the same effects as 350k light miles. when properly maintained these cars will go forever, these cars are like beautiful women, treat them right and they will treat you right, but neglect them and you will have issues. that being said, its still 200k thats kinda high and even on a well maintained car you will have some normal maintainance and repairs that you can look foreward to, so be prepaired. but its also a low cost, good car to learn on... you can have a small investment that can do you endless amounts of good in the education world. ultimately it's your descision, but these are just a few things to concider
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