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Not my first kill but it's my most recent one. Not really even proud of it but some people just need to be put in their place.

Last night I was driving home from a friends house on the freeway. I usually drive faster at night on the freeway since there's barely any traffic. I was on the left most lane waiting for the carpool lane to start when I came up behind a red Honda Del Sol. I was trailing behind him by about 3 car lengths when the carpool lane started. So I switched over to the carpool lane and passed him going around 90. I maintained that speed for awhile and I saw headlights coming up fast behind me on the other lane. I lifted off the gas pedal to slow down to about 80 and I see the red Del Sol zoom past me. I let him have about a car length before I smashed on the gas. I hit about 110 and he was just a speck on my rear view before I had to slow down for oncoming traffic. He zooms past again and started weaving through lanes. I was able to find my way behind him back on the carpool lane by doing a couple of lane changes and I followed behind him by less than a car length. As soon as the lane cleared he steps on the gas again and I maintained my distance behind him. I think he maxed out at 120 since I wasn't able to go any faster behind him. I took the next chance to pass him on the right and left him behind. Not really sure how far back he was but his headlights were just a little speck on my mirror. He stopped trying to mess with me after that and I slowed back down to a reasonable speed. I actually scared myself a bit... I usually shut down at about 100 and I've only reached those speeds twice on completely empty roads and not even racing someone. I'm not sure if it was my leg or my car that was shaking/vibrating but I started feeling my car shake/vibrate at around 110 or more. It could be both but I just want to know what could be causing this.

Del Sol tried to mess with me. He got completely embarassed. I shouldn't drive that fast anymore on public roads. Car shakes/vibrates at around 110+ need some info.

If anyone cares to know. Automatic, 4.10 gears, 91 Race tune, Borla Stingers Catback, and drop in K&N filter.

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