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Smile Faulty Temp Sensor...Or Not?

I've been experiencing an issue with my 91 LX 5.0 with a fresh 347. I have an Autometer Temp Gauge ILO the Factory Gauge. I can start my car and once it gets to normal operating temperature, it will continue to creep up to overheating temps (as the gauge would show) but there's one kicker, my flex-a-lite black magic electric fan (on-board thermostat controlled) doesn't kick in and my 185 degree engine thermostat isn't opening thus leading me to believe its truly not overheating. I have used 2 different temp sensors with the same result. The one thing I haven't ruled out is the method of connection to the temp sensor on the intake. The original black rubber boot connector was severed and I used a butt connector and crimped an extension to an eyelet connector and fastened it to the sensor with 2 nuts. Could this be the culprit? Anyone else experienced this?
1991 Mustang Hatchback 5.0 LX
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