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Default Tasteful Modifications for my new stang

This week I'll be taking delivery of my 2014 v6 base black on black.

I'm looking for a few tasteful modifications that aren't necessarily power adders, and that wont void any warranties.

What I have so far:

1. Axle-back exhaust: specifically, I'm definitely getting the Borla Atak Axle-backs. There is no doubt about it, I really like the sound of those.
2. Front Grill: black billet grill kit from AM, with no emblems. I want to (kinda) black out this car a bit and set me aside from the normal/average black mustangs on the road.
3. Shift Knob: black retro shift **** from AM. I don't like the stock shifter at all.
4. Tint: Definitely tinting out this car.

After winter I'll get new wheels and tires... what else? What other tasteful mods can I do to set myself apart from your average street mustang?

I like the appeal of a tune, new gears etc, but I don't want to screw up my vehicle or lose my warranty.
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