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Originally Posted by Young_Gun View Post
Well, this is the first problem I've had with an American Muscle part. I bought them about 14 months ago, and today I was driving home on the highway in rush hour traffic, and the right side scoop just flew off. I had it all installed perfectly, with the adhesion promoter and all - and it just flew off. Didn't see if it hit another car or anything. Point is, it's gone.

And the killer is that I have a car show tomorrow morning, and I lost my job in August because I couldn't work enough hours (due to my classes) for them to justify keeping me on.

I'm fuming - and I don't know what to do.
Whether or not it was our fault, we still hate to hear when stuff like this happens to our good customers. I know it's not a huge gesture, but I'd love to at least get you a set at our cost if you do end up replacing them. Maybe that will soften the blow a little bit for you.

If you do, make sure to install them in a warm climate - a hot day in the sun after it's had time to bake is great. Making sure to clean the area with alcohol prep pads and then use the adhesion promoter. From there, let it sit for 24 hours to fully adhere and they literally should be difficult for you to get off!

Thanks again for being a great customer and we hope you still had a great time at your car show!

PM AMDanBailer or AMShaneLesky if you're interested in a replacement set at cost and we'll get you set up.
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