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Originally Posted by Bman2000 View Post
So i went through all the bs supercharging my car, only to run into one problem after another with my fueling system. I finally get it figured out and the car made 360 rwhp@7.75 psi number sounds a bit low for a 3.33 pullie fmic and what not, but my tuner is apparently known for low numbers on paper but high traps at the track ( in other words he cares about making the car as fast as he can, not about what the paper says when hes done) Anyway i found that to be true, since before my final tune with the fixed fuel system i went racing and i had reduced rpm had to shift at 5700? and only 350rwhp and a huge drop in torque over 5200 due to fueling but i still trapped almost 116. ANYWHO never got the final rune to the track, because it lasted 2 days. apparently my fuel level sensor wasnt terribly accurate because i was hot ******* it with my cousin and had a hard miss at 5500 rpm that felt like i slammed the brakes on. well after looking around i found the plugs were white from being lean and that likely i had a detonation issue, but car seemed to be working ok after i checked it. so i drove it again, worked fine for like 5 miles, then sounded like i had a spun bearing. long story short i drove it a total of 15 miles after the miss, and it basically went from ok to flat out broken now its apart and heres the results thus far! all ive seen so far is that the damage seemed to all be in number 1, and even the cylinder wall made out ok.

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that in case you are wondering is the crank shaft thrust bearing...havnt figured out how it got in the pan yet.

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First and formost that sucks man sorry to hear, but I don't quite understand what that means, theres no way to make the numbers on paper lower and the car faster, they run hand and hand. Sounds like to me there was some issues with your tune and more or less wasn't on the safe side.
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