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Originally Posted by rvastang View Post
That looks fantastic. I have a few questions about it:

#1 - The video on the AM site looks like you mount the antenna above the windshield, but that looks weird to me. Are there other places you can put it?

#2 - Are you stuck with that city background or can you change it?

#3 - Does it retain all SYNC functionality? For instance, if you connect your iPhone via USB can you still see the song titles and such?

#4 - I notice that it has an option on the bottom of the screen that says "AV In." Does that mean you can feed video into the screen? If so, where does it plug in?
1. Yes, you can mount the antenna wherever you'd like to put it! It doesn't have to go on the windshield. I ran mine to the back of the car and mounted the antenna on interior deck lid!

2. No. There's a bunch of different backgrounds to choose from! I personally just liked the city background so I left it on.

3. Yes, all of the SYNC features work properly.

4. I'm not 100% if you can stream video at this time. I haven't played around with that feature yet, I'll look into this for you!

I hope this helps. Hit me up if you have any further questions!

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