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Originally Posted by dawson1112 View Post
Most likely its either the rear main seal , or the oil pan gasket under the rear main.

That plug looks rubber to me , I would take it out and get under there with a flash light and see if you can see anything.

You could try to look down the back of the engine to see if the valve covers are leaking back there as well.
The inside of the plug didn't have any oil inside of it.
In the first picture you can see a drop of oil coming off that plate & that is where the oil is dripping down.
The mechanic said the same thing you did, either it's the oil pan gasket or the rear main seal but he would have to remove the trans to know for sure.
Quotes me $300 for the rear main & said it would be about the same to do the pan gasket. $400 to fix both at the same time.
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