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1) You have no catalytic converter. Unless some re-re put one on.

2) For a decent exhaust tone you almost must have a header on a 200. Its the only way to eliminate a lot of the droning.

3) If you want tone out of a litty bitty motor get the smallest muffler you can.

I have a hooker dual outlet header running into a magnaflow dual in dual out muffler. I bought the smallest dual out dual in with the smallest pipe diameter possible. Even then I ran 2" into a 2 1/4" muffler. That engine won't fill 2 1/2" pipe or two mufflers. This setup does have a little bit of drone at low rpms when trying to gently accelerate, but I'm currently dumping the muffler under the car and believe it is echoing in the trunk a lot. The car does have a very aggressive tone, but never gets LOUD. I run out of engine before I can really start to build exhaust volume.

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