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Default Rear Main Oile Seal Leak

I have a 4.6L 2V motor from and 01 GT with 51K on it that I transplanted in to an 87 Jeep Wrangler. Before I dropped the motor in I replaced most of the gaskets and seals including the rear main oil seal. I installed a new National Teflon oil seal. I just started the motor with the access panel on the tranny removed and after the oil is fully heated up I can see an occasional spurt of oil run down off the bottom of the seal. It does not come out fast, it is actually a very very slow leak. After a 1/2 hour with the motor running there is a little bit starting to drip off the tranny.

I am wondering if this is just normal for these motors. My wife has an 02 Mustang GT and that also has a very small drip from the exact same area with only 70K miles on it. If this is not normal what could be causing it and what can be done to fix it without doing the most obvious. I tried changing the oil to a 10W 30 and that did not seem to make any difference with the leak, but it definatley boosted the oil pressure. Thanks for the help.

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