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Geeze, over the last 3 years ive had the mach ill try and remember.

A lot of these kills were at the dragstrip against people who lacked the driver mod very much lol,

SRT-4 neon
Roush 427R
Multiple LS1 Camaros.
600CC sport bike (more than once-same bike)
Dodge Challenger ( when we came back around to the lanes he had to let me know the SRT8 is faster.... lmao sore loser)

other various 2v mustang gts.
various 3V mustang gts.
random imports- mostly hondas.
GMC cyclone, modded. the boosted jimmy things they used to make. kind of cool.
Bunch of fox bodys.
LS2 GTO, multiple times. He needs driver mod bad.

I know im forgetting some but I'll come back later when i can recall others.
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