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Default ETA on restock on a few items

Hey guys

So wouldnt ya know it, prize money from a competition comes in two months after it finishes and now two items of possible purchase are out of stock. Well lol I shall live. But, do you have an Eta for restock on two Items, the steeda rear shock tower for 99-04, and the Raxiom led tail light conversion set for the same year? The raxiom I have been kinda checking on and either there selling like hot cakes or yall havent had them in a while. But hopefully they'll both be back in stock before the money is used elsewhere haha

I guess while I have y'all as well what is the install like on the rear shock tower? Most people said it didnt HAVE to be welded in but it was a good idea. I dont have that type of money to weld it in but I really need to do something with my suspension. I can undo bolts and stuff with no problem though

Thanks as always for your amazing help!
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