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Originally Posted by RazorGT View Post
well he had oil coming out the back of his exhaust (actual oil, not just condensated water) and when he looked in his oil pan there was hardly any in there - i haven't heard him mention any blue smoke but he took it to the dealer and they said the piston rings were bad and recommended a engine rebuild or replacement.
With that much oil coming out of the exhaust he would be driving with a smokescreen behind him. You couldn't miss that smoke unless you were blind and didn't have a sense of smell.

I'm not keen on the bad piston rings without evidence of it. What tests did the dealer conduct to lead them to that conclusion? A Leak Down Test (not blow down test) would check for compression in the cylinders but wouldn't necessarily point at piston rings. Valve stem seals can also leak and create similar problems.

With bad piston rings he would also have really fouled spark plugs which in severe cases would cause misfires. If he's blowing out that much oil I'm surprised he hasn't thrown a code yet.

Get a second opinion from a shop that specializes in engine rebuilding or engine customization. They are more familiar with how to properly diagnose things like this. Dealerships are great for general repairs but with internals they sometimes conclude with the worst news possible so that in the processes of going overboard they will indeed fix the smaller problem but they will also complete the bigger job which may not be the actual problem. This saves you nothing and if anything costs you more than what it should have cost you.

It's like getting stitches for a paper cut instead of a band aid. Sure, both fix the cut but one is overboard and costs way more.
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Originally Posted by LostBoyz View Post
if you are getting 29mpg in your 5.0, you aren't driving it correctly
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