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Originally Posted by 9redfox3 View Post
nice project car good find !
Thanks! I know a lot of people who look for these cars can go through as many as 40+ different cars before they find the right one. The guy I got it from did just that, and when I looked over the car it was amazing that nobody had shelled out the money before me! I was METICULOUS when I looked it over. Originally when I saw the decklid I just noticed a quarter inch gap between the decklid and the weatherstrip. Thought it was a minor bend in the chassis or maybe a bad hinge. Looked behind the trunk liner and couldn't find anything so I looked at the lines of the trunk. Lo and behold, someone without much thought process put on the saleen wing and torqued down the bolts too much

Originally Posted by 88 orangepeel notch View Post
Congrats, I wish my strut towers and frame rails looked like that lol.

And I felt the same way about my notch when I got it. I never cared for the look of them, but man they grow on you with the right stance.

Congratulations, good find.

I take it your car has seen a good amount of track time then?

I'm already in the area of taking extra precautions with the frame and suspension/brakes before I decide to turn the car into a gangbuster. Strut tower brace, Shock tower brace, new sway bars and link kits, the sub frame connectors (which I plan to bolt in then weld), etc. I feel while it's off the road without anything in it, that now would be the best time to get the frame nice and tight.

Also, what's everyone's thoughts on paint? I personally think black is too common, but still appealing (not to mention its hard for an amateur like me to detail).

I'm leaning towards going with something like Plum Crazy Purple. I think ford has the color code GN7 (I think?) which is a replica or very close to that. With a black undercoat the purple is very deep and rich.

Thoughts on engine mounts? Would stock solid mounts do me just fine, or is there an advantage to shelling out money for polyurethane?
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