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Default Mustang Starting Issues

Alright, about Wednesday of last week I started having problems when my car was starting in a cold start. It would do the whole wompwompwompwomp as if the battery was dying and then it would start really rough, make a slapping sound and then after 15 seconds be fine until the next cold start.

Now, I soon found out the slapping noise was my pistons due to running low oil. I remedied that before any damage was done. I changed the oil, oil filter and the air filter as well Friday night. Started the car up and heard a little noise while the oil started to flow in. Haven't heard a slapping noise since or any clanking noise from permanent wear. Saved my motor on that one.

However, my car still has a hard time starting in a cold start. It wompwompwomps then has a rough start but with no noise other than a little squeel that my friend says isn't the serpentine belt.

I'm assuming its the battery and hoping its not the starter but I'm not very car savvy so I'm not sure. My friend thinks the rough start is the battery and the squeel is a vacuum line. However the battery surely isn't 5 years old.

What do you guys think? Its a bit embarrassing startin' her up before work in my parking lot and sounding like a piece of junk. Hopefully able to remedy this.

Thanks for any help before hand. So far I've had nothing but great help from every one.
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