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Originally Posted by BabyGT View Post
Squeal will most likely be from a worn serpentine belt. Go have your battery tested at a local parts store, most will do that for free.
My friend keeps insisting that if it was the battery going, it would just stop starting rather than recharging while I drive. He says this because it only happens on a cold start, when I go to bed and wake up the next morning for work. When I go to work, then come out of work and start it, it's fine. It's just that overnight length of time that does it.

I don't know what else it could be, but to me, that sounds like a battery that's on it's last legs or something. It's beginning to not hold it's charge over long amounts of time. But, I don't know much so I'm just assuming.

If it was the starter, what would I be noticing for sure? Is there any way to know if it's the starter or the battery or something else? I know you said to check the battery at that shop, but I'm not really sure where I'd go or how I'd go about doing that. I rarely get help with this.

Part of me wants to take it to a shop and be like "Hey, can you look at my car and tell me what's wrong with that" but I know they'll return with horrible news making me buy a bunch of **** that I wouldn't need until 5 years down the road.

I just need this damn car to last me another year. Ugh.
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