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Default How Much Weight????

For the last year all I have heard is the new car would be 100's of pounds lighter. Then I hear IRS going in that right there will add a couple of hundred pounds over a solid axle (at least the weight is over the back not the front). Then I get to see the car in person at Charlotte and I don't know how they will get the new car any where close to the weight of the 2014, it is larger has a bunch more gadgets and I could not see anywhere there was a real effort to trim the weight. I know it got aluminum hood (oops current car has that already) aluminum fenders, maybe a weight savings of 5 or 6 pounds. I even crawled under the car (got yelled at for that) looking for some kind of magic weight savings, but nothing there. My guess the new car is going to be over 3800 lbs which like the extremely overweight current Camaro it will need a bunch more power to keep up. Sad part is they have said they want to gain a foothold in non American market with this car but the foreign markets value precise handling with plenty of power and a lean smooth driving car. This car does not seem to fit the mold.
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