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Originally Posted by AK_Kayaker View Post
The smart money says there won't be a 2015 GT500, the rumor rumbles imply there might be a GT350, or a Mach 1 in 2016 or 2017 MY, although with continued inflation they will probably be $50-$70K.
Wouldn't doubt it! EPA mileage requirements make the 5.8L hard to live with. Imagine the cost of running the 5.8L in Europe. The Coyote engine and the Ecoboost are probably the engines of the future.

To me Ford is missing the boat going the "old school" approach of building an engine when dropping a supercharger gets the job done while making a better engine for everyday driving. They should put out a setup like that with, tougher lower end internals, big brakes & better shocks for the middle $50K range & do what guys like me are doing with Roush right now! That Mustang could run both a 6 Spd. standard & automatic and sell like hot cakes! I'd write a check now! It's a better approach than limited production Shelbys the dealers make maximum markup on, but what do I know!

Too cheap to buy a Shelby... but I do know adjectives other than "awesome"!
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