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Question When stroking a 351w, do i have to change the top end too?

I kind of didn't get this question answered in a previous post, so i think a new post wouldn't hurt:

If i stroke my 351w, do i have to make any changes to the top end too?

The reason why i'm asking is because i might end up doing the top end first, and then stroke it later if the top end alone does not provide the power i want (reason: budget)

I am planning on putting the following on the top end:

Edelbrock #2090
Edelbrock #97453
Comp Cams Ultra Pro Magnum Rocker Arms #1632-16
Edelbrock #9656

If i install those parts (feel free to speak up if you think those parts don't fit together), can i then stroke it to 393 or 408 later without having to make any changes to the parts on the top end again? It seems like waste of money to me if i have to modify the top end 2 times.
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