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Originally Posted by unitedwestang View Post
I bought my '04 5-speed with 3.73s already installed. I'm running 295/35/18 Nitto Invos in the rear. I hook up fine with the tires I have. I have never experienced this car with the stock gears. BUT. Starting out driving it with 3.73s, it feels like there is still plenty of room for more gear. I'm very seriously debating going to 4.10s possibly 4.30s. Mine is just for pleasure driving though
Having night a car that had 3.73's and then upgrading to 4.10's, the difference is barely noticeable with the exception that 5th is more usable. I debates about 4.30's as well but I couldn't imagine having them with the exhaust set up I have. My rpms while driving on the freeway would be through the roof.
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