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Originally Posted by djrage View Post
I recently made a purchase from AM for the MMD Rear window louvers (Plastic) and got it shipped to Dubai. Completely stoked i opened em and started the install and was pleased with the way it looked and set on the car.

Three days later, the louver started rattling aggressively during my drive and upon inspection, two out of the 8 screws on the clamps were wiped off. My local garage tells me that i overtightened the bolts.

Anyway, i have contacted AM thrice via email in the duration of a week and they haven't responded; is there a place i can score the bolt and clamp kit for the MMD louvers without having to purchase the whole thing again ?

I am looking into local fabrication of the plates and bolts so i don't go through this again, but Dubai isn't known for its factories sadly.

Any and all help will be appreciated.

Thank you!

Awesome. Those louvers are really cool! I love the way they look once installed.

It sounds like over tightening the bolts caused a little bit of a headache for you. Being that you're in Dubai this also puts us in a tough spot. We usually do have replacement hardware but it may be difficult to ship over there. We can definitely try, though. Give our CS team a call and they'll gladly look into this for you!

Our Mustang Experts are here Monday-Friday from 9AM-9PM EST and Saturdays from 9AM-5:30PM EST. If you want to hit them up, their number is 866.727.1266. I can also have one of them call you directly.

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