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Default 05-09 GPS Navigation System

So I unfortunately purchased this crap last year on ebay and it's been an expensive paper weight just sitting in my garage.

It does do everything it was designed to do, however the quality of the software is really cheap!!! it's slow but, most importantly, the sound quality is absolute garbage in this thing. Now, it is designed as a plug and play unit so, no cutting or splicing is required for installing it and will not work with a factory 1000w shaker system.

I have the shaker 500 installed on mine so I should be good right?? wrong!!
it doesn't have any sound coming out of the big speakers on both passenger and driver door. I'm so frustrated because I can't seem to get any support from this system, even from the manufacture and I don't want to spend even more than I shouldn't have just to get it to work...

Has anyone else purchased this same unit, and got it to work right??
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