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Default 1968 Mustang starter turning too slow, bad starter?

Long time since I've logged on but you guys have always been a great help.

So I've been driving my 68 mustang everyday to work since the summer started and have not had an issue with it until the past week or so and then today the hammer dropped.

Last week I noticed I was getting a weak start from my start, but then my engine would fire a second later and it wouldn't matter. Today I pulled into work to pick somethings up and then went back out to my car and the same thing happened, this time it the battery died. It was a weak start, then solenoid clicking. I tried turning the ignition again, and nothing. I had one of my employees pull his car over to jump me and I was literally getting no power, as if either I or he had bad connections. Finally got a good connection and the car started up no problem. I drive it 30 minutes and park it for 5 hours before jumping back in and that car starts fine on the first turn of the key.

I drive it another 30 minutes back home and let it sit for about 3 hours then jump in to start it and all I get is the starter turning very very slow and very very weak. I take out my voltage meter and I'm at 11.70 volts on the batter and on the batter cables so I know my cables are getting a good connection. The solenoid is fine and working obviously if the starter is turning, its just turning so very weak it won't fire the engine.

Did my starter get heat fried or something? After cranking the car a few times my solenoid is red hot and the cable to the starter is as well. Not sure if this has anything to do with the issue.

So basically I have good voltage, good connections (although I have not check my connection to the starter yet as I am in khakis and a polo right now) but my starter is just very weak and won't turn fast enough to fire the engine. I have been cranking it for the better part of a minute or so and still have good voltage in my battery so I know it can't be a bad battery. I'm not sure how exactly to check the connection to the starter since I can't engage the starter while under the car.

Appreciate any help.
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