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12-24-2006, 05:41 AM
Alright, so I had an idea. All the big boys(people with more than a K&N)around here need to post up their mod lists. I think it would be nice for people to know what the big power cars are running. If someone is trying to decide what kinda throttle body(for example) they wanna run, they could just look and see what code3gt, 2000GT4.6, stang2000... etc.... has. If they are stuck between atypeA CAI and a type BCAI,it would make their choice alot easier if theysaw that 10 people are running type B(withoutasking ina thread). If you see that I have a Type X gears, you could PM me and ask me all about it. What do you guys think? I think it will make things alot easier.

NO REPLIES, JUST MOD LISTS, this will help keep everything short and simple

P.S. Thename of this thread came to me stright from the top. (code3gt) lol.

12-24-2006, 05:45 AM
1999 Mustang GT, 5 speed
NEW TUNE>>>>328rwhp/340 rwtq
1/8 mile 7.89@89.9
dyno video


5.1L Livernois forgedstroker KIT($1692)
Balanced and blueprinted
4340 Forged 3.75" stroke crank
Manly H Beams
Probe Forged Pistons(.030 over)10.5 cc dish
Canton Windage Tray($84.92)
Perfect Circle Rings file fitted for nitrous.
Patriot Stage 3 heads($1495)
Comp xe270ah cams($462)
Beehive Springs($160)
PP Intake matched to heads ($539)
BBK shorties
Magnaflow O/R X
GMS mass air
PP 75mm TB
PP Plenum
K&N filter
Steeda U/D pullies(red)
24lb Injectors
SVT Focus pump
SCT Xcal2 ($389)
NX wet($585)
NX FPSS($55)
NX WOT switch
ZEX Window Switch($145)


Pro 5.0 shifter
Hurst Pistol Grip Shifter
Spec Stage 3 clutch kit
Hardened Input Shaft
Moser 31 spline axles
31spline Trac-lok with Carbon Fiber clutches
FRPP 4.10€™s


Innovate LC-1 wideband controller
Innovate XD-16 gauge
03 GT Headlights ($208)
Mach 1 grill delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler($93)
Fox body 4cly front springs($40used)
15% tint($140)
Stainless steel bumper inserts($40)
Sexy spoiler move back mod!!!(free!)
Cobra R Cowl Hood
Weld Prostars
15x8 out back with 275/60/15 555r's
15x3.5 in front with 165R15's


12-24-2006, 05:45 AM
I see what your getting at, its a good idea if these people list there mods and the power out put. But as deciding which combination makes more hp or less, I think this book here would better suit those needs.

12-24-2006, 05:46 AM
PLEASE keep all posts to your mods ONLY. No comments or posts will be deleted. THANKS

12-24-2006, 05:50 AM
2001 Silver Metallic Mustang GT
334rwhp and 347rwtq N/A on a Mustang Dyno
534rwhp and 647rwtq on a 150 shot
Best N2O pass 11.10@127mph

Custom builtTexas Hot Rods283cid longblock
Balanced and blueprinted
2001 Cobra front bumper
Mach1 chin spoiler
2001 Bullitt side scoops
2004 Cobra side skirts
4.6 fender badges
Rear deck spoiler holes filled and decklid repainted
Rear decklid badges shaved and filled
TNT purge
Raptor shift light
3 gauge pillar pod-oil press, water temp and A/F (Autometer Lunar series)
Steering column pod with Autometer Lunar series fuel pressure
Autometer Lunar series gauge cluster
Momo steering wheel
G-Force 5 way harness'
UPR billet headlight knob
UPR billet clothes hangers
Bullitt billet shifter bezel
Custom Texas Hot Rods switch panel
Custom Texas Rods panel with MSD digital window switch
UPRbillet pistol grip shifter handle
MSD coil packs
Aluminum pedal covers
Spec Stage 3 clutch
TKO 500
Powered by VT Engines aluminum valve covers
Meziere electric water pump
Steeda underdrive pulleys
Kooks custom stainless 1 7/8" longtubes
Kooks custom stainless 3" O/R X-pipe
Kooks stainless 3" Race Bullet mufflers
Stage 8 locking header bolts
Canton aluminum radiator reservoir
Canton power steering canister
Ford Racing billet oil cap
Optima red top battery (color matched to exterior of car)
JLT Ram Air
TNT Wet Kit
DualTNT 15# nitrous bottles in trunk with billet bottle pressure gauges
NGK TR6 plugs
SLP 160* t-stat
QA1 tubular k-member
QA1 tubular front control arms
QA1 coil overs with 175lb spring rate
Strange 10 way adj. front struts
Strange 10 way adj. rear shocks
Eaton posi
Maximum Motorsports solid motor mounts
Ford Racing 4.10 gears
Moser forged, induction hardened axles
ARP 3" wheel studs front/rear
Rotor Pros Rotors
Weld RacingMagnum Prowheels (15x3.5 front and 15x10 rear)
MT ET Front Runners 26x4x15
MT ET Drags 28x10.5x15
Aeromotive return style fuel system
Aeromotive fuel rails
Ford Racing 30# injectors
Texas Hot Rods Stage 3 heads
Crower Stage 3 N/A billet cams
Fox Lake Racing P51 intake
BBK 75mm throttle body
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
SCT X-Cal 2
UPR billet 4 bolt caster/camber plates
99-04 GTsprings in rear
UPR Adj. lower control arms
Solid bushings
UPR Drag Anti-roll bar
Double adj. upper control arms
Manley high lift valve springs
Ferrea valves
Full length sub-frame connectors
Moroso 7qt deep sump oil pan
Cobra high volume oil pump
VT billet oil pump gears
Manley forged H-Beam rods
Probe forged flat top pistons (13.5:1 compression)
Texas Hot RodsPrepped forged cobra crank
SPEC Aluminum flywheel
Maximum Motorsports 6 point roll cage with swing out door bars (color matched to exterior)
Sparco Racing seats
Rear seat delete
TA Performance rear end girdle
Steeda adj. clutch cable
Billet 3hook clutch quadrant and firewall adjuster
ARP head and main studs
50% tail light and 3rd brake light tint
Southern Outlaw aluminum race wing
SLP line lock

12-24-2006, 05:58 AM
I guess I could go.
2001 GT
stock 04 motor
75mm accufab throttle body
c&l plenum
MAC non-ceramic long tube headers
MAC prochamber
MAC catback
Motive 4.10 gears
Vortech V2-SQ supercharger
Custom SCT tuned by Tim at Modular Powerhouse
svt focus fuel pump
42# injectors
90mm maf
nitto nt 555's in front
bfg 315 drag radials in back
10.5 anthracite deep dish rims in back
Autometer nv series air/fuel gauge
Automer nv series boost/vac 20/30 gauge
Autometer nv series fuel pressure gauge
UPR white face el glow gauges
Raptor shift light
upr shift knob
steeda U/L control arms
mgw short throw shifter
bullitt gas, break, and clutch pedals.
20% tint

12-24-2006, 06:01 AM
Right now=
MAC Catback
Steeda tri-ax SS
Ford racing products shift knob
Defender ZR low profile tires
Reverse glow gauges

After christmas=
Mach1 chin spoiler
Mach1 grill delete
Gt hood stripes

I am just a minor leageur:D But I think my mod list is impressive considering I have only owned it a few months and am a poor college student.

12-24-2006, 06:14 AM
2002 Ford Mustang GT Automatic

Ford Racing 4.10 Gears
Accufab 75mm Throttle body
Accufab Plenum
MAC strait shot CAI (piece of crap, swapping for a JLT asap!)
SLP catted modular X pipe (can be used with LT's)
Borla Stinger catback
Diablosport preadtor tuner (defective, and diablosport has the worlds WORST customer service!)
H&R sport springs (VERY low, wouldnt reccomend it)
Steeda 4 bolt CC plates
Mickey Thompson 275/45 ET street DR's

Dynoed at P&J speed shop, N. Tonawanda NY - 249 RWHP & 293 ft lbs tq
Best 1/4th 13.68@101 on stock street tires. 7/7/06New York International Raceway, Leicester NY

** in the mail
VT Stage 1 cams (thanks to Code and 20004.6GT for help with the decision on cams!)
SLP LT headers

april 07' 2800 Stall converter and tranny cooler

12-24-2006, 06:27 AM
Saleen Urethane front bumper
Mach 1 grill delete
viynl tint for tailights
black viynl between tail lights
20% tints all around
Recaro SPG XL racing shell
Custom welded seat bracket
MGW short shifter
AUX port for iPOD attached to factory wiring harness
G-tech Pro RR
Eibach Pro springs
Fox body rear springs
C&L true flow CAI with 85 MAF
Power Products 75mm TB (not my choice)
C&L upper intake plenum
Comp Cams XE262AH (stage 1) cams
Comp Cams valve springs
NGK T-55 spark plugs
Spec stage 1 clutch and pressure plate
BBK Ceramic coated LT headers
BBK catted x-pipe
Flowmasters 40-series cat back
FRPP 4.10 gears
FRPP shim and bearing kit
Royal purple max gear in rear end
Royal purple synhcromax
Royal purple 5w 20
SCT excalibrator2
95 Cobra R replicas gunmetal 17x9 and 17x10.5
Gooodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3 275/40R17 and 315/35/R17
Had granatelli upper and lower control arms lol...

275rwhp @ 5500rpm
292rwtq @ 4050rpm
Best ET... 13.52 @ 103.4mph
On street tires mentioned above... 60' foot 2.0

12-24-2006, 06:36 AM
2004 Mustang GT 5-spd (Dark Shadow Grey) note: don't pay attn to screen name)

Procharger P1-SC (polished) 8psi
2 core intercooler
75mm Professional Products throttle body (polished)
Professional Products upper plenum (polished)
Anderson Ford Motorsport powerpipe
SCT X-calibrator 2 handheld
90mm SCT mass airflow sensor
60# Seimens/ Deka fuel injectors
NGK TR6 sparkplugs
SVT Focus fuel pump
B&M Ripper Shifter w/ billet 4.6L engraved shift knob
B&M blackout boost gauge
B&M blackout fuel pressure gauge
Autometer dual pod pillar (for gauges)
Stock 3.27:1 gears (4.10's in the next month)
Stock clutch and fly wheel (Spec stage 2/ flywheel when gears come)
5% over top of 35% tint = 1% window tint

No numbers or times as of yet. Supercharger and supporting mods have been shipped and are making my garage floor look fast. Will post all the goodies when I get them .

12-24-2006, 06:39 AM
Oh boy here I go

1996 Mustang Gt.
4.6l sohc 2v bored .030 over 285.7 c.i.
speed pro 10.5 cc pistons
speed pro chromoly rings
Clevitte rod and main bearings
rotating assembly balanced and blueprinted
Ford racing high volume oil pump
Moroso 7 qrt oil pan
brand new timing chains ,tensionors,gears
Power improvement heads,intake swap
comp cams 270ah .550 lift
comp cams beehive valve springs
cams degreed by me!!
milidon high volume water pump
march fluid dampner and u/d pullies
pa performance high tourque starter
prothane motor mounts
30lb ford racing injectors
kirban fuel pressure regulator
bbk fuel pressure guage
summit 190lb fuel pump
bbk 75mm t/b and plenum
k&n fipk
pmass 85mm maf
ford racing 9mm wires
scremin demon coil packs
tk6 plugs
sct xcal2 tuner
Flowtech Long tubed header(black)
pypes o/r x-pipe
Flowmaster 2 chambered muffler
hooker 3 1/2 tips
Ford racing complete rear end with 3.55 posi
rebuilt T-45 tansmission
ford racing king cobra hd clutch
steeda quaderant kit
steed tri ax shifter
ford racing leather shift knob
hal qa1 tubular k member
eibach sportline springs
kyb agx struts/shocks
offset steering rack bushings
stang suspensions c/c plates
stock front strut tower brace
rear shock tower brace
front and rear power slot rotors
17x9 polished bullit rims with 245/45R17
17X10.5 rear with 275/40R17
smoked head lights
smoked fog lights
mach 1 chin spoiler
short antenna
rear vinyl smoked tail light tint
35% window tint
Fr500 steering wheel
sony xplode deck with mach 460 system
bullit pedels
billet door locks

God I am so tired I probably forgot a hundered things but if that helps thee you go

12-24-2006, 07:02 AM
I know mine's not a bad boy...yet, but I'll post the mods up

bassani catted X
slp lm1 catback
mac cold air intake
some cosmetic mods
nice stereo

coming in the next 2-3 months:

p.i. swap
mgw shifter
poss some juice (may as well blow my bottom end up)

12-24-2006, 09:27 AM
2003 Mustang Gt.

03 cobra front bumper
03 cobra hood
Z3 fenders
275-40-17 M/T drag radials
ProCharger P-1 supercharger (intercooled)
10 psi pulley
BBK longtube headers
BBK o/r x pipe
2.5" flowmaster catback
ford racing 4.30 gear
strange 10 way adjustable shocks front and rear
lower control arms
steeda triax short throw shifter
custom tune by "running with the devil"
svt focus fuel pump
42 lb injectors
ngk spark plugs
400 rwhp 1/8 mi. 7.9@88mph

12-24-2006, 10:37 AM
guess i can go: 03 GT 5spd

-jlt cai
-bbk 75mm tb
-bbk plenum
-bbk ceramic long tubes
-bbk shorty o/r H
-magnaflow magnapacks
-eibach pro-kit
-upr c/c plates
-frpp 4.10's
-sct xcal-II
-mgw short throw
-phantom II fuel pressure gauge
-phantom II air/fuel gauge
-phantom IInitrous pressure gauge
-nx nitrous plate (100jets)
-nx fuel rail adapter
-cupholder switch plate (w/arming,bottle warmer, purge)
-harrisspeedworks bottle warmer
-ngk tr6's
-msd digital window switch
-mickey thompson drag radials on 15" v-6 rims
-black 18x10 fr500's (rear)
-black 18x9 fr500's (front)
-mach chin
-mach grill
-tinted tails
-custom dyno tune by THR

12-24-2006, 10:52 AM
1996GT Red w/ gray interior
Production 4.6 Romeo block w/PI heads
Studded mains, bored and honed .020 over
Cobra Crank
Eagle H-Beam rods/ ARP 2000 bolts
Probe 18cc dish forged pistons (9.1:1)
ARP head stud kit/ MLS Fel-Pro head gaskets
Balanced rotating assembly +/- 1 gram
p1-sc 14lbs @ 5800rpms stage 2 Intercooler
SCT 90mm MAF
Anderson Powerpipe
Accufab 75mm tb/plenum
FRP 42lb Injectors
Twin 255gph Fuel Pumps
Taylor Thundervolt wires
Optimum battery
FRP Aluminum flywheel
King Cobra clutch
TR3650 trani
Pro 50 shifter
FRP Aluminum driveshaft
Detroit TruTrac differential w/31 spline axels
FRP 4.10 gears
Prochamber o/r exhaust
FRP Welded subframe Connectors
FRP Driveshaft loop
Saleen Wheels
BFG G-Force P265/35/R18 (front)
BFG G-Force P295/35/R18 Drag Radials (rear)
Autometer dash mount tac @ shift light
Autometer dash cluster boost/fuel pressure gauges
Custom tuned w/sct chip on dyno 517rwhp

12-24-2006, 11:39 AM
2000 Mustang GT 4.6L
5 spd

Bassani Catback
Bassani o/r X pipe
FRPP 4.10 gears
Eibach Pro-Kit springs
King Cobra HD clutch
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw Shifter
Mach 1 grill delete
Mach 1 chin spoiler
FR500 Chrome 17x9 (275/40)- front
FR500 Chrome 17x10.5 (315/35)- back
Remote starter

Coming very soon (January 07):
Novi 2000 supercharger
AFM Powerpipe
FRP 42lb injectors
90mm Lightning MAF
Better driver mod [:-]

12-24-2006, 12:11 PM
2000 Ford Mustang GT Coupe 5-speed- Electric Green
456 RWHP/430RWTQ
Dyno Tuned at R&T's Unlimited

Cobra R 2000 Front Air Dam
Razzi Rear Air Dam
Razzi Side Skirts
Saleen Side Scoops
35th Anniversary Edition Hood Scoop
APC Lower Mesh Grille
Supercharger Emblems
281 Running Pony Emblems
Stang Badges
Projector Headlights
Zex Show Purge Kit

Raptor Shift Light
UPR Door Handles Satin
Lunar Boost Gauges
Lunar Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Pro Pod instrument bezel
Full Lunar Instrument Cluster
UPR Satin Billet Pieces
UPR Satin Billet Coin Holder Delete
MDM Trunk Lid Mat
Katzkin 2-tone Full Leather Seat Covers

Lakewood 70/30 Front Struts (Part #40506)
Lakewood Rear Upper Control Arms (Part #20152)
Kenny Brown Strut Tower Brace
Kenny Brown Subframe Connectors
4-way Air Ride Suspension with Cool Ride Bags

Chrome 17x9 FR500 Rims
Chrome Deep Dish FR500 Rims
BFGoodrich 245/45/17 Front
BFGoodrich 275/40/17 Rear
Power Slot Rotors - Front
Power Slot Rotors - Rear

Motive 3.73 Gears
Lakewood Drive Shaft Safey Loop
Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft
MGW Shifter
Spec Stage 2 Clutch

BBK Shorty Equal Length Headers
MIL Eliminators
MAC Off-road X-pipe
SLP Power FloCat-Back Exhaust

ATI Procharger P-1SC with intercooler @ 12p.s.i
Ford Racing 42# fuel injectors
Pro-M Blow Thru Mass Air Meter calibrated to 42# injectors
SCT Xcalibur 2 Handheld Tuner
Intake Spacer
NGK TR6 Spark Plugs (.033 GAP)
BBK Chrome Valve Covers
UPR Polished Engine Kit
UPR Polished Vacuum Cap
UPR Polished EGR Cap
UPR Polished Fuse Box Cover
MAC Chromr Battery Cover
MAC Chrome Radiator Reservoir Cover
Chrome Master Cylinder Pump Cover
Polished Radiator Water Neck Outlet Tube
Chrome Alternator Cover & Bracket
Polished 70MM Accufab Plenum
Polished 70MM Accufab Throttle Body
Redline Tuning Sating Hood Struts
Strut Tower Covers
4.6L Performance Intake Manifold(upgraded aluminum coolant version)
VT Engine Forged Short Block - Balanced and Blueprinted
Manley Forged H-Beam
Manley Forged Deep Dish Pistons
Manley Piston Rings
ARP Main Studs
ARP Header Bolts
Federal Mogul Main Bearings
Cast Iron Crank (good to 600hp)
VT Stage 2 Blower Cams (Model: 312942/943)
Comp 2V Springs
Master OEM Water Pump
Anderson Ford Power Pipe
3" Intercooler Piping Kit
Coolflex Radiator Hose
Coolflex Heater Hose(used on vacuum lines)
32x12x3 Custom Intercooler by cxracing
Ford Racing Cam Gears and Spacers
Optima Battery 75/35-925
SVT Fuel Pump(pump number - 3S4Z9H307BC)

12-24-2006, 12:21 PM
- Stage II Procharger P-1 SC with 12 PSI 3 Core Intercooler
- 283 Built Short block, Nodular Crank, Forged Pistons, Rods, Beams, etc
- HPS Aluminum Intake Manifold
- Cobra Brake Conversion
- True Flow Intake Plenum
- 75mm Throttle Body
- Comp/Pro Series Springs
- STEEL Caster Camber Plates Shark 3 Bolt
- 90/10 Drag Strut
- Lakewood 50/50 Rear Shocks
- SPEC Stage II Clutch Kit
- 31 Spline SVT Ford Posi, 31 Spline Axles & Bearings, Race Studs
- 3.73 Gears
- Fuel pressure gauge, Boost gauge, pillor mounts
- Mac Long Tube Headers
- VT Blower Cams
- Off Road X-Pipe
- Flow Master 40s
- SCT Tune
- Black Bullets 17x9 (Front) 17x10.5 (Rear)
-Steeda Race Wing


12-24-2006, 01:32 PM
400 RWHP
Fluidyne Radiator
Diablo Chip
42 lbs Injectors
BBK TB twin 62mm
Short throw shifter
Lower control arms
BBK 255 lph fp
Steeda springs
Flow Masters 40 Series
Aluminum drive shaft
03 Cobra 11" clutch
Adjustable Clutch Quadrant
Shift light hidden in center air vent
Clock delete with Autometer temp and boost gauges
3" pulley(7 lbs boost)

Non functioning mod
Cobra grill emblem. Now I'm a baller.

12-24-2006, 02:56 PM
I just posted this in another thread but i'll put it here too. Pic of the dyno numbers is on the bottom
4.6 aluminum block
bored 40 over
ported heads
hyland cams
new cam chain tensioners
under drive pulleys
accel coils
ported intake
mahle pistons
clevite bearings
all ARP fasteners and studs
genuine ford gaskets
forged crank
eagle H beam rods
BBK throttle body
Custom air inlet
SCT mass air
Big K&N filter
blue silicon hoses
MSD ignition
BBK longtube headers-ceramic coated
canton oil pan, road race version
lakewood steel bell housing
aluminum 03 cobra flywheel
03 cobra clutch
adjustable cable clutch
TKO tremec 5 speed, brand new(really sticky gotta break it in)
PRO 5.0 shifter
ford aluminum driveshaft
4.30 gears
New 31 spline axels
EBC brake pads
18" cobra R wheels
Big walbro fuel pump
metco rear lower control arms
urethane bushings
AGX shocks and struts
Ford racing front lower control arm bushings
Oil and fuel pressure gauges
01 cobra interior
FR500 steering wheel
Ford racing pedals
Hood struts
Steeda chrome moly strut tower brace
Caster camber plates
Global west subframe connectors
Custom headlights from Blue Oval products
Pure power oil filter
Urethane engine and trans mounts
New Ford starter
Offset rack bushings
2500.00 worth of dyno time and here is the pic of the dyno sheet

12-24-2006, 03:00 PM
1998 Bright Atlantic Blue GT
Vortech V-2 SQ
FRPP 3.73
Full PI Swap
Flowmaster catback
Mac H-pipe w/cats
FRPP Shorty headers (ceramic coated)
King cobra clutch
Pro 5.0 shifter
Powerslot rotors
Accufab 75mm TB/plenum
FRPP subframe connectors
GMS U/L control arms
Bullitt chrome17x9 front 17x10.5 back
Sumitomo 245/45/17 front 315/35/17 back
368 RWHP
Snow meth injection kit

12-24-2006, 03:01 PM
Flowmaster Catback
FRPP 373s
Motive Bearing Kit
Steeda Tri-ax
King Cobra Clutch
BBK o/r h-pipe
BBK 70mm TB
C&L Plenum
Steeda UDP
New Plugs/wires
H&R Supersport Springs
GMS Upper/Lower Control Arms
Fox Body Shocks/Struts
Smoked Headlights/corners/fogs
Black top
99+ GT emblems
Roush shift ball
Mach1 shifter bezel
15% Tint
Chin Spoiler
Caronware Cowl Hood
Black Bumper inserts
Painted lower valence
LED clear corner bulbs
18x9” 18x10.5” Wheels in the mail
(2) 335/30 Michelins
(2) 275/35 Michelins
Black Center Console, Air Vents, Glove Box, Driver’s side underside
Black Carpet
Black Floor Mats
BlackSteering wheel
8” Shorty antenna

I think thats everything for now...

Work in progress....interior swap is almost done....wheels are in the mail, and a PI motor swap is down the road.

12-24-2006, 04:32 PM
2003 Mustang GT Auto

Already Installed
H&R Sport Springs
SLP Loudmouth Catback
18" FR500 Rims
Nitto NT555's

Waiting for Install (and yes I do actually have all this stuff, its sitting in my garage)
Procharger P1SC, 10PSI
SLP Longtube Headers
SLP Catted X
Ford Racing 3:73's
TA Performance Rear End Girdle
QA-1 K-Member (w/ urethane motor mounts)
Strange Struts and Shocks
MM Full Length Sub-Frame Connectors
Autometer Sport Comp Gauges

Thats it for now, need some 42lb inj and an SVT Fuel Pump.

12-24-2006, 04:53 PM
How about fastest car with the least amount of mods....

Intake + maf = 200
Flows no cats still stock piping= 250
Gears (4.10) = 150 installed my self
50 Dry shot = 100 ( I had parts laying around)

That equals 13.4@104 2.0 60' on a 90+ deg day ;)ohh only two runs too.. price total $700

Siting in the garage
kyb adjustable rear shocks = 60
Ported TB and plen. = 40
MSD window switch = 30
Hoosiers 26 x 9.5 x 16 = Free:D

Next to order
NX spacer plate 150 I think
sprate fuel pump and a 150 shot Dunno on price

With everything I am hoping to get low 12's if nothing breaks..

ohh yeah minor things. shaved trunk lid.. = free
Spec II clutch = 300
thats about all..

12-24-2006, 05:27 PM
96 GT
FRPP Supercharger (ASP 9psi pulley)
80HP Dry Nitrous Kit (Edelbrock)
Teksid Aluminum Block (95 Tbird Timing Cover)
VT Engines St II PI Heads
VT Engines St II Supercharger Cams
Manley Forged 23cc Pistons
Manley Forged H-Beam Rods
Manley File Fit Rings
Cobra Crank
MMR Oil Pump
Accufab Billet Trigger Wheel
FRPP Balancer
DynoMax Jet Hott Shorty's
Bassani Cat'd X pipe
Borla Stainless Catback
255lphHP Walbro fuel pump
FRPP 42lb Injectors
Demolet CAI w/90MM flange
Fluidyne Radiator
Meziere Electric Water Pump
Optima Red Top
PA 200amp Alt

Moser 31 Spline Axles
Auburn Pro Differential
3.73 FMS Gears
Bullit Brake kit
Steeda Sport Superlite Springs
Tokico Shocks/Struts
Billstein Quads
03/04 Cobra Control Arms (front)
Steeda Aluminum LCA/UCA
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft/Loop
Kenny Brown Super Subs

Numbers and Times coming in the Spring when i get a new TC/Valve Body combo.
Lots of Interior/Exterior and Stereo Upgrades that I don't wanna remember buying.

12-24-2006, 05:36 PM
Densecharger cold Air Intake with K&N filter
Accufab 75mm Throttle body
Saleen Series IV intercooled supercharger
Bosch 42# fuel injectors
Lincoln Aviator Pump
SCT 4 bank chip
Bassani ceramic coated optimum length headers
Bassani Stainless Steel Catted X-Pipe
Bassani Stainless Steel Catback with removable Baffles
165 degree thermostat
Chicane supercharger pulley
Gatorbackserpentine belt
Chicane intercooler heat exchanger
Custom Subframe Connectors
Maximum Motorsports Lower Control Arms
FRPP 3.73 Ring and Pinion
Motive Bearings
SSBC 13inch Rotors
Mach1 Calipers (powder coated black but still have white pony)
Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Bilstein Shocks
Bilstein Struts
Mach 1 Springs
Maximum Motorsports 4 bolt Caster Camber Kit
Steeda Tri-ax short throw shifter
Royal Purple gear oil
Royal Purple Tranny oil
Steeda firewall adjuster
Steeda adjustable clutch cable
Steeda dual hook clutch quadrant
Spec stage 2+ clutch
Spec Stainless Steel flywheel
90mm Lightning MAF sensor
NGK TR6 plugs gapped at .035
EBC Green Stuff brake pads
4 Sumitomo HTR Z II tires
Autometer Lunar series Gauge cluster
Autometer Lunar boost gauge
Autometer Luna fuel pressure gauge
A-piller gauge pod, painted to match
UPR Billet window switches and buttons
MGW Chrome cup holder bezel
UPR Billet cruize control buttons
UPR billet door lock pins
MGW Billet shifter bezel
FRPP shift knob
18inch black antenna
CDC charcoal light bar
Cervini2 piece tonneau covers
Mach1 chin spoiler
Mach1 grille delete - painted white
Crystal clear fog lights
Running pony floor mats
Stainless Steel pony Door sills (from Ford)
Roush Seatbelt Guides
Ford rear Mudguards (with pony)
Stainless Steel bumper inserts
MGW oil cap
MGW lighter
MGW AC controls
MGW steering wheel tilt level
MGW turn signal control arm
Black and billet e-brake handle
Billet fuel door
FRPP billet pedals(including dead pedal)
Some custom painted silver interior pieces
03 Cobra side scoop inserts
Motorcraft Fuel Filter, Motorcraft Oil Filter
Motorcraft oil

Had but removed:
Cervinis Stalker Side skirts
Steeda front Splitter
Front mud guards
MGW shift knob
Cobra shift knob
8inch antenna
EBC Red stuff brake pads
Ford Script floor mats
Ford Rubber floor mats

Not yet installed but have:
Roush wing
Fatmat sound dampening mat

Coming soon:
granetelli coil-on-plugs
bullitt side skirts
03 cobra wipers+blades
03 cobra foldaway mirrors
MM clutch quadrant
Fiore Firewall adjuster
MM's Fordclutch cable.
White Saleen wheels
MM panhard bar

12-24-2006, 09:30 PM
1997 Ford Mustang Cobra
361hp/375trq (W/ air restrictor)

Primary: Doublekaye Corp
Secondary: Fatal Performance
Associate: Houston Performance
Associate: Tire Kingdom (NTB)
Associate: Elf Moto


Carbon composite hood
Carbon composite front Fenders
Carbon composite trunk
Fatal Performance/Maximum Motorsports carbon fibre adjustable spoiler


Sparco Evo driver seat
Sparco Evo3 pass. seat
6pt. Schroth driver harness
5pt. RCI pass. harness
SPA fire suppressant system (cockpit, engine bay, undercarrage)
FAST Coolsuit personal cooling system
Autometer Oil temp
Autometer Water temp
Autometer Diff temp
Autometer Trans temp
5 panel golfcart rearview mirror


Saleen S281 Front swaybar
Saleen adjustable swaybar endlinks
Griggs GR40 tubular k-member
Griggs GR40 tubular a-arms
Griggs GR40 C/C plates
Moton Suspention Technology Coilovers
Moton 4-way coilover shock w/ external reservoir
Griggs 475lb Coilover springs
Maximum Motorsports adjustable torque arm
Maximum Motorsports adjustable panhard bar
Maximum Motorsports adjustable spring perchs
Maximum Motorsports adjustable lower control arms
Maximum Motorsports adjustable swaybar
Maximum Motorsports full polyurethane bushing kit
Maximum Motorsports 450-500lb progressive race springs
Koni 3011 double adjustable shocks
Roush/ Fatal Performance roll cage


Dry: FMS 1995 Cobra R White 17x9
Middle: FMS 1995 Cobra R Silver 17x9
Wet: Roush/Bondurant 17x9


Dry: Toyo RA-1 Shaved 275/45/17
Middle: Toyo RA-1 275/45/17
Wet: Toyo RA-1 275/45/17


Brembo 13" plain rotors
Brembo Ferrari F40 calipers
Pagid race pads
Fatal performance spindle ducts
PST stainless steel lines

Bear 13.25 D/S rear brake kit
Stock calipers
Pagid race pads
Fatal performance cooling ducts
PST stainless steel brake lines


Tremec TKO-600 .86 5th
FRPP aluminum driveshaft
Ram HD clutch
Fidonza aluminum flywheel
FRPP 3.55
FRPP 3.73
Motive 3.90
FRPP 4.10
Tremec SS shifter
Steeda tri-ax handle
EARL'S Differential cooler
EARL'S Transmission cooler
EARL'S Power Steering cooler
Tilton differential pump
Tilton transmission pump


Doublekaye 1 7/8" - 2 1/4" stepped stainless steel headers
Doublekaye 3" x-pipe
Dynomax race bullet mufflers


5.3L DOHC 416hp/405trq
Hand assembled by Michael Hermenitt/David Kersch of Doublekaye
FRPP "Cammer" big bore cylinder block
Houston Performance Billitt steel stroker crankshaft
Eagle forged H-beam stroker rods
JE Pistons custom pistons .160 overbore 11.5:1 C/R
Undisclosed Cylinder heads w/ 5 angle valve job
Fatal Performancecustom camshafts
FRPP "Cammer" valvesprings
FRPP "Cammer" retainers
FRPP "Cammer" keepers
FRPP "Cammer" rockers
Houston Performance 2mm oversize custom inconel intake valves
Houston Performance 1mm oversize custominconel exhaust valves
Houston Performance manganese-bronze valve guides
FRPP mach 1 lower intake manifold- fully ported and altered to fit on cylinder heads
Stock 2001 cobra upper lid
FMS 30# injectors
Houston performance fuel rails
Accufab single blade TB -416hp
Stock 57mmx2 TB w/ stock unported 2001 cobra lower intake manifold- 361hp
AFM 4" cold air intake
Stock 97 cobra MAF
Steeda Aluminum water pump, alternator pulleys (overdriven)
Fatal Performance aluminum P/S, idler pulleys
Romac harmonic balancer/crank pulley (underdriven)
NGK TR4 sparkplugs
FRPP 9mm spark plug wires
FRPP High volume oil pump
Canton road race oil pan
Ford F-650 oil cooler
Houston Performance windage tray
Fluidyne 6.8L V10 raditor
FRPP 22 gallon cobra R fuel cell
SVT focus dual fuel pumps
Houston performance A/C delete kit
Taylor battery box
Porsche carrera battery
SCT chip Dyno tuned at Houston Performance


110mm MAF (the one used by JLT in there GT500 kit) -before feburary
Fatal Performance adjustable front swaybar -before feburary
Port the heads - ???
Custom sheetmetal inatke manifold - ???
Custom cams - ???

12-24-2006, 10:16 PM
Ford Racing Strut Tower Brace
KYB AGX Adjustable Struts
Eibach Pro Springs
MM Full Length Sub Frames
Steeda CC Plates
Steeda Upper and Lower Aluminum Control Arms
Ford Cobra 13" Brake Upgrade Kit
Hawk HPS Brake Pads

Borla Stinger Cat-Back
BBK Long Tube Headers
BBK O/R X Pipe
SCT 4 Bank Flip Chip
PRO750 TKO 500 Tremec 5-spd tranny
MMR 700 Clutch
Fidanza Aluminum Flywheel
FFRP 3.73 Gears
C&L Upper Intake Plenum
Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
Vortech Supercharger with Aftercooler @ 10psi
42lb Fuel Injectors
310LPH Fuel Pump
90mm Lightning MAF
VT Stage 3 Blower Cams
315/35/R17 Nitto 555R's
245/45/R17 Nitto 555's
All synthetic fluids
eaton 31 spline diff (awaiting install)

Forged mod900 shortblock waiting to be installed
7qt oil pan
forged manley 18cc dished pistons with notches
cobra crankshaft
manley H beam rods
MMR performance oil pump

15% Tint
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mach 1 Grill Delete
17x10.5 Anthracite DD rear rims
Blacked Out Tail Lights
Roush Rear Valance Blacked Out
"4.6" Badges
White Face Gauges
Chrome Knobs
Saleen Light Bar
battery relocated to trunk
rear seat delete
autometer phantom series elec. fuel pressure
autometer phantom series boost/vac

12-24-2006, 10:28 PM
2004 Mustang GT

5.1L stroker compression 10.5:1
stage 2 p&p heads
stage 2 vt cams
patriot performance high lift springs, seals, retainers and locks
mac 75mm tb and plenum
mac CAI
mac longtubes
mac prochamber
mac catback
merize electric water pump
march dampner
AC deleted
QA1 k member
QA1 a arms
QA1 coilovers
steeda bump steer
steeda upper and lower control arms
motive 4.10 gears
steeda tri ax
steeda strut tower brace
stock rear springs with one coil cut out
polyurethane motor mounts

12-25-2006, 03:25 PM
Bump. Come on guys, keep um coming. We need a couple more pages.

12-25-2006, 07:02 PM
2000"Springtime Edition"Mustang GT- 420whp/415wtq

Vortech V2SQ @ 10 PSI
MPH tune via SCT Xcal2 handheld
Lightning 90mm MAF
42# injectors
SVT focus fuel pump
VT stage 2 N/A camshafts
Comp cams beehive valvesprings
BBK 70mm T/B
C&L upper plenum
BBK LT headers
BBK o/r X
Magnaflow catback
FRPP aluminum driveshaft
Spec stage 3 clutch, quadrant and adjuster etc
TKO 500 transmission
3.73 gears
blue oval industries subframe connectors
Windows tinted
Rear spoiler painted black
Mach 1 chin spoiler
Grill delete
Black bullitt rims, w/ dd in back
315/35/17 Nitto drag radials
Strange Adjustable shocks
Strange Adjustable Struts
Foxbody 4cyl front springs
Upper/lower control arms
Bullitt/mach1 13" brake kit upgrade

12-25-2006, 10:23 PM
2004 40th Anniversery GT 5-speed

Steeda U/D pullys
Steeda CAI
Accufab 70mm TB
FRPP 3.73 gears
18x9 Saleen hypercoated wheels
SLP catted X-pipe
SLP LM1 catback
Tockico spring, shock and struts
Maximum Motorsports 4-bolt caster/camber plates
Steeda Tri-Ax shifter
Diablo Sport Predator Tuner

Comming Soon:
Patriot Stage II heads
Comp Cams Stage II cams
SLP LT headers
Powerslot Front/Read roters
Roush front bumper cover

12-25-2006, 11:55 PM
12.9@109 on a broken tranny

The car (2.5 years ago): $11,000

Pro5.0 Short shifter: $180

SLP Loudmouth II catback: $350

03 Cobra wheels brand new F1 tires: $800

Extra Set of 03 cobra wheels for dr's: $180

Used, but new Nitto 275 555r's: $200

King Cobra clutc with quadrant/firewall adjust: $230

Used, but new BBK Ceramic Longtube headers: $400

Used BBK Catted H pipe: $75

Smoked Tail light covers: $65

Ford C-Springs: $165

Mach 1 Grille Delete: $75

--------------------------------------------------------------------------Below is All S/C stuff needed.

Procharger P1sc 3-core intercooler 42lb injectors (used) : $2500

SVT Focus fuel pump: $110

Pro-M Univer MAF (used): $65

SCT Xcal 2 Tuner: $400

Dyno Tune: $100

Random Parts over the course of 2 years: $200

LABOR FOR EVERYTHING: $Priceless (Cause i did everything myself without knowing anything!)

Grand TOTAL: $6095 + $11,000 For the car = $17,095

Edit: I forgot to add about $300 for worthless gauges in there.

12-26-2006, 12:12 AM
17' boyd coddington wheels
70 mm accufab t body and plenum
steeda underdrive pully
diablo chip
3.73 gears
bbk shorty headers
slp x pipe
bassannie cat back
short throw shifter
nitto 555 r drag radials 245-45-17
shorty antena haha
steeda loweing springs
kotico 5 way adjustable shocks and struts
mach 1 grill delete
upr upper and lower controle arms
15x8 weld prostars with micket t ET streets
NX plate system
13.3 @ 105 2.0 60ft on nitto drag radials
12.8 @ 111 100 shot

12-26-2006, 03:14 AM
Add to mods in signature;
Corbeau A4 front seats, black cloth, wide option
Ngk plugs
Rear spoiler move-back

12-27-2006, 08:27 PM
2003 Headlights
Mach 1 Grill Delete
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Spoiler delete
Shiny Black Mustang Bumper Inserts
17x9 Black Bullitts
17x10.5 DD Black Bullitts
Yokohama ES100 275/40/17 tires
Nitto 555R 315/35/17 Drag Radials

Engine/HP Mods
Flowmaster American Thunder Catback
Magnaflow Catted X-Pipe
Lightning 90mm MAF
36# Injectors
SVT Focus Fuel Pump
Paxton Novi 1000 Supercharger
SCT Chip - Tuned by Greg @ Racer's Edge Performance (look him up if you're in SoCal!)
NGK BR7EF Spark Plugs
New Intake Manifold w/ Aluminum Coolant Crossover

UPS Firewall Adjuster
Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable
Steeda Clutch Quadrant
Spec Stage 2 Clutch
Fidanza 13lb Aluminum Flywheel
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Throw

Eibach Pro-Kit
93 GT Foxybody Shocks/Struts

Autometer Sport-Comp Boost/Vac Gauge
AEM Wideband A/F Ratio Gauge
Autometer Dual A-Pillar Gauge Pod

I think that's it for now...LOTS more to come though.

Dyno graph shows car beforeand after the blower. X-pipe was also installedwith the blower.

12-28-2006, 06:37 PM
4.10 Motive Gears
Mac LT's
Prochamber O/R H-pipe (no mufflers)
BBK Cold Air Intake
100 shot Cold Fusion Nitrous
2003 PI heads and Intake Manifold
Centerfuge Dual Friction Clutch (stage 2)
Sumitomo 245/35/17

Soon to be dynotuned with a SCT 2 tuner and adding a Tri-ax Short shifter

12-28-2006, 07:08 PM
Pics of the Silver Bucket...Everyone who posts their mods, feel free to post pics. But, again....PLEASE NO COMMENTS. This thread is for mod lists and pics of the cars they pertain to. THANKS

And a quick vid at the track...N/A run

12-28-2006, 07:20 PM
Few more...

12-28-2006, 07:21 PM

12-28-2006, 07:32 PM
BBK long tubes
BBK catted H pipe
BBK plenum
BBK TB 70mm
Magnaflows 2.5"
Steeda pullies
Nex 100 shot
Eibach prokit
FRPP racing pedals (4)
King Cobra HD
Autometer gauges Lunar gauges + A/F gauge and Nitrous pressure
17x9 and 17x10.5 Cobra R's
Nitto 555R 245/45/17 - 305/35/17
Optima red top
Diablo tune
Oh and ahorse power increasing shorty antenna +150 pounds of stereo stuff.

Never been to the track/dyno so I have no idea on numbers, but I know it's not enough to be considered one of bad boys!!!

12-28-2006, 10:37 PM
- delete-

12-31-2006, 04:48 AM
2000 Sunburst Gold GT-61,000Miles -390/414 with conservative tune.[/align]Im sure i'll miss like a thousand things but oh wells...[/align]PERFORMANCE:[/align]ATI P1-SC Procharger w 8lbs [/align]2 Core air/air intercooler[/align]Accufab 75mm t/b[/align]C & L Plenum[/align]Steeda intake spacer[/align]SVT Fuel pump[/align]FRPP 42lb injectors[/align]BBK equal length headers[/align]BassaniCatted X pipe[/align]SLP Loudmouth 2 Catback[/align]MGW Orange handle shifter[/align]SCT custom (dyno) tune/ chip[/align]FR 31 Spline Axles[/align]FR 31 Spline Traction Lok Differential[/align]Ford Racing 3.73 gears [/align][/align]SUSPENSION:[/align]Sprint lowering springs (2.0" drop)[/align]Bilstein HD Shocks & Struts[/align]Energy suspension poly bushings (front)[/align]Granatelli Upper control arms[/align]UPR Chrome Moly HD Lower control arms[/align]Blue Oval Industries Subframe connectors[/align][/align]LOOKS:[/align]2"drop[/align]03/04 Cobra front bumper[/align]17X9 & 17X10.5 Bullitt Wheels (black)[/align]275/40/17 Pirelli P Zero Nero Corsas (front)[/align]315/35/17 Nitto 555R Drag radials (rear)[/align]Mustang Tuning Shorty blackantenna[/align]Mach1 smoked headlights[/align]02+ GT sidescoops[/align]MRT Hood Struts[/align]Ford strut caps[/align]Stock rear Spoiler moved back 2 inches[/align]CDC Honeycomb Panel[/align][/align]INTERIOR:[/align]MRT Interceptor Gauge Cluster[/align]Autometer Boost gauge[/align]Autometer Fuel Pressure Gauge[/align]AEM UEGO Wideband Gauge[/align]Steering column Gauge pod (boost)[/align]Dual A-Pillar pod (AEM & Fuel Pressure)[/align]Ford Racing Aluminum 4pedal set (mach/cobra)[/align]Raptor shiftlight[/align]MGW E-Brake handle cover[/align]MGW "GT" Shift knob[/align]Various dash and door UPR billet pieces[/align][/align]

01-02-2007, 03:10 PM
2000 Mustang GT

ATI ProCharger - 8 psi
ATI 3-Core Intercooler
FRPP 42# Injectors
Walbro Fuel Pump
A-Pillar Gauge Pod w/Autometer Boost Gauge & AEM Wideband Air-Fuel Gauge
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
King Cobra Clutch
MagnaFlow Tru-X Catted Midpipe
MagnaFlow Catback
Maximum Motorsports Weld-In, Full-Length Sub Frame Connectors

398 rwhp / 411 rwtq on a Mustang Dyno.

Lord Ashram
01-03-2007, 11:34 PM
Okay, here goes. I am leaving off the basics (fluids and the other stuff) and the looks; that stuff doesn't add horsepower:)

Rebuilt 4.6 with all forged internals and a cobra crank.
Rebuilt five speed tranny.
Vortech s-trim at 10lbs.
Steeda stage 1 and 2 suspension kit.
Kenny Brown subframe connectors
9.5x17 American Racing front wheels, 11x17 rear.
315 Sumis out back, 275s? up front.
3.73 Ford Racing gears.
255 intank pump
Mass air meter
42lb injectors
Centerforce clutch
Baer 13.5 inch front brakes
Steeda Triax shifter
Bassani X pipe, flowmasters.
Superchips chip (I think it is superchip, been a while since I looked:) )

I think that is it.

420.something rwhp
425 torque
Throttle body and some other basic stuff I am forgetting about

01-05-2007, 07:43 AM
- Engine -
- Kenne Bell 1.7 TwinScrew Supercharger
- Kenne Bell Big Tube Kit
- Kenne Bell Cold Air Intake
- Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
- K&N Air Filter
- FRPP 90mm Mass Air Meter
- FRPP 42 Pound Injectors
- Cobra Dual Fuel Pumps & Tank
- CMR Diablo Flip Chip
- BBK Chrome Long Tube Headers
- Magnaflow Cat Back
- Mac o/r Pro Chamber
- NGK tr6 Spark Plugs
- Canton Oil Pan
- Canton Windage Tray
- Odyssey Battery
- Cooling -
- Xtreme Motorsports Heat Exchanger
- Xtreme Motorsports Dual Heat Exchanger Fans
- Precision Fab Reservoir Tank
- Meziere Electric Water Pump
- Red Line Water Wetter
- DriveTrain -
- Detroit True Track Differential
- Moser 31 Spline Axles
- FMS 3.55 Gears
- Moser Rear End Girdle
- Suspension -
- Steeda Sub Frame Connectors
- Maximum Motorsports K-member
- Maximum Motorsports Tubular A Arms
- Maximum Motorsports Front Coilover Kit
- Maximum Motorsports Aluminum Steering Rack Bushings
- Maximum Motorsports Adjustable Tie Rod Ends
- Maximum Motorspots Camber Caster Plates
- Maximum Motorsports 2 Point K-member Brace
- Maximum Motorsports Rear Adjustable Lower Control arms
- Tokico Illumina 5 Way Adjustable Drag Struts
- Tokico Illumina 5 Way Adjustable Shocks
- Energy Suspension Motor Mounts
- Energy Suspension Transmission Mount
- Energy Suspension Rear Spring Isalators
- Prothane Sway Bar End Links
- Brakes -
- Front -
- Brembo Four Piston Calipers
- Brembo Slotted Disc
- Goodrich SS Brake Lines
- D.O.T. 5 Brake Fluid
- Rear -
- Stock
- Exterior -
- CDC Mach 1 Grill Delete
- Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
- Kirban Shorty Antenna
- Redline Hood Struts
- Cobra Heat Extraction Hood
- Interior -
- Corbeau Trs Black Microsuede Seats
- Corbeau Mounting Brackets
- Rear Seat Delete
- Steeda Billet Window Switches
- Steeda Billet A/C Knobs
- Bullitt Pedals
- Autometer Steering Column Pod
- Autometer Triple Pillar Pod
- Autometer Ultralite Boost Gauge
- Autometer Ultralite Water Temp Gauge
- Autometer Ultralite Air/Fuel Gauge
- Autometer Ultralite Fuel Pressure Gauge
- Autometer Ultralite Nitrous Pressure Gauge
- Wheels -
- Front -
- 18x9 Chrome FR500
- 275/35/18 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2
- ARP Wheel Studs
- Bullet Lug Nuts
- Rear -
- 18x10 Deep Dish Chrome FR500
- 295/35/18 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW 2
- ARP Wheel Studs
- Bullet Lug Nuts

01-06-2007, 05:59 PM
Vortech V2-SQ Supercharger
FRPP 42lb Injectors
SVT Focus Fuel Pump
NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
80mm MAF
BBK Ceramic Coated Longtube Headers
BBK Offroad H-Pipe
Bassani Catback
Autometer Cobalt Mechanical Boost Gauge
AEM Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge
Gauges mounted on Autometer Dual A-Pillar Pod
MGW Short Throw Shifter
Eibach Pro-Kit Lowering Springs
HP Performance Full Length Subframe Connectors
Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch
UPR Firewall Adjuster and Triple Hook Quadrant
SCT Xcal2 Dynotuned by Tony at HP-Performance

362 rwhp, 363 rwtq...but MAF got pegged at 5200...with new MAF and powerpipe should be capable of ~380-390 rwhp.


Flying Low
01-07-2007, 07:50 AM
2000 Mustang Gt
K&N Filter- C&L Inlet Pipe, Lightning 90mm MAF
Steeda UD Pullies
Steeda Timing Adjuster
Steeda U&L Aluminum Control Arms
Steeda Rear Sway Bar
Steeda 3 bolt CasterCamber Kit
Steeda Welded in Subframe Connectors
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter
Steeda Clutch Cable & Adjuster
Hypertech 160 Degree Themostat
FR ShortieHeaders
FR Aluminum Drive Shaft &12 lbs Aluminum Flywheel
FR 3.73
Eaton Posi Diff
Canton Windage Tray
Meziere Electric Water Pump System
Pypes X pipe with Cats
Dynomax 2.5" Exhaust
Eibach Springs off a 2000 Saleen S281
Accufab 75MM TB, Plenum & Spacer
Granatelli O Ohm coils and NGK Platinum Spark Plugs
Diablo Tuner Chip to tie it all together, tuned for 91 octane fuel
Just Rescently Passed California Emissions

01-09-2007, 12:24 PM
2003 Mustang GT Convertible
Super Slow, but still fun (Except for the 147 in a 70)!
ProCharger Stage II P1SC w/ 3.6 (10#) Pulley
42# Injectors
70mm TB (Modified BBK)
MagnaFlow X w/ Cats
MagnaFlow Catback w/ MagnaPacks
Eibach Springs
DiabloSport Tuner (Preferred)
SCT SCal 2
Motive 3.90 Gears
03-04 Cobra dress and shoes
Baer Brakes

01-13-2007, 01:36 PM
03 gt 5speed
mac cai
accufab 75mmtb
c&l plenum
pro 5.0 shifter
mac pro chamber xpipe
magnaflow cat back
4.10 gears
eibach springs
17inch dr's
venom n20 system 100shoot
tuned by JLP
12.13@110 1.63 60'

01-15-2007, 10:44 PM
I have a '96 GT that is being overhauled and Upgraded

Upgrades to Include:
New Supercharged 4.6 engine from McAllister Brothers Racing (


Stage 3 MBR cylinder heads
Comp valve springs
102500 Comp blower cams 242 intake 238 exhaust @50 112 lobe separation with .550 lift
ARP head studs
Cometic head gaskets
8.5:1 Probe forged pistons
Scat H-beam rods
Forged oiling modified crankshaft
MBR modified main system on the block
Mahle file fit rings
Modified SVO high volume oil pump
Moroso 8 quart oil pan
ATI Procharger D-1SC Intercooled Supercharger System
60lb Injectors
Long Tube Headers

Other upgrades:
· Cobra Fuel System and Boost-a-pump
· New Tremec TKO-600 HD 5speed Transmission with Ripper Shifter
· Centerforce Clutch and Flywheel
· Scattershield
· 3.73 HD Gears with new Posi Unit
· 31 spline axles and new bearings
· Brembo Disc Brake Upgrade All around
· Camber Kit
· Subframe Connectors
· Tokico Adjustable Shocks and Struts
· Steeda Adjustable Tubular Control Arms
· Heavy Duty Sway Bars front and rear
· Steeda Heavy Duty Coil Springs
· Aluminum Radiator with Hi-flow dual electric fans
· Boost and Fuel Pressure Gauges
· WolfeCraft Racing 4pt Rollcage

Should be roughly 635-645 RWHP, car is being assembled as you read this. Anyone who wants to follow along with the install can visit: Every week he'll update with new pics until he's done.

01-16-2007, 02:16 AM
Exterior Modifications:
Billet Grille
14" Short Antenna
Painted Red Calipers
Smoked Headlights w/ Clear Corners
Eurolite Blue Headlights
Eurodesignz Fog Lights
Black Vinyl Rear Bumper Inserts
Mustang License Plate Frame
CDC Light Bar
Honeycomb Rear Trim Panel
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Chrome 2003 Cobra Rims
I also have 18" Cobra R Rims in the garage
Interior Modifications:
FRPP Brushed Aluminum Shift Knob
FRPP Bullitt Pedals
Roush Seatbelt Loops
Cobra Radar Detector
Bullit Shifter Bezel
Silver Mach 1 Radio Bezel
Silver Mach 1 Shifter Trim
Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
Accufab Plenum
Flowmaster American Thunder Cat-Back
MAC Offroad H-Pipe
JLT Ram Air Intake
SCT X-Cal V1 Tuner
Spec Stage 1 Clutch
Steeda Underdrive Pulleys
Steeda Double Hook Quadrant
Steeda Firewall Adjuster
Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
Stronger Tranny Internals
Ford Racing 4.10 Gear
MGW Short-Throw Shifter
275/40/ZR17 Toyo Proxes 4 in Rear
245/45/ZR17 Toyo Proxes 4 in Front
Ford Racing 4.10 Gear
Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter
Spec Stage 1 Clutch
Steeda Double Hook Quadrant
Steeda Firewall Adjuster
Steeda Adjustable Clutch Cable
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
Stronger Tranny Internals
Stock Mach 460
Kenwood 800-Watt Amp
JL 12" Sub
Custom Sub Enclosure

01-23-2007, 04:08 PM
bassani o/r xpipe
k&n CAI
MAch 1grille delete kit
03 cobra wheels
dunlop 800 tires 335/35/17
Stainless steel mustang bumper inserts


Quick Shot xMLx
01-27-2007, 09:20 PM
Guess I'll times or numbers yet...

-NX Wet Kit; bottle warmer, purge, window switch. 75-100 shot
-SLP Loudmouth 1s
-Mac O/R H pipe
-4.10 Gears
-SCT X-Calibrator 2
-Steeda Tri-Ax
-CGS Sub-Frame Connectors
-275/60/15 BFGoodrich Drag Radials

02-02-2007, 02:05 AM
My turn.....

it's not a mustang but it may class as a Bad Boy of the 4.6

2000Crown Vic
4.6 2v
Exterior Modifications:
-Black Honeycomb Grille
-custom gauge pod
-Autometer: boost, fuel, tech, and air/fuel
-limo air bags(rear)
-bilstein shocks
-metco control arms (upper and lower)
- D.S.S Super Pro mod long block (bore.20over and 19cc pistons)
-Crower stage 2 cams and Springs
-Ford Racing 4.10's
-Metco Aluminum Driveshaft
-ArtCarr built 4r70w trans
-PI 3000 stall
-force lube tail shaft
-2 1/2"custom x-pipe
-custom BBK headers
-performance cats
-custom dryice cooler (for the innercooler)
-custom 1" Plenum spacer
-C&L Plenum
-BBK 75mm TB
-Vortech water to air innercooler
-Vortech SQ-V2 Supercharger
-3.12 pulley
-10"fan for aftercooler
-Custom intake tube
-Big air B2800 SCT maf
-SCT Xcal 2
- Nitrous wet 50 shot
- MSD window switch
-MSD tech driver
-A1000 Aeromotive pump
- 60lbs injectors
- CPR Fuel Rails
-custom sump tank
- 2 fuel filters
- -10 feed from tank to rails
- -8 from rails to reg
- -6 return
( 493rwhp S/C and 540 S/C w/50 shot)
11.9@116 1.8 60"
That was my old set up

New set upi started building 2 weekends ago
itis every thing except supercharger, innercooler, dry ice can, gears, and X-pipe


02-08-2007, 02:19 PM
1996 mustang gt automatic

Steeda UDPs
BBK upper air intake
BBk cai
4:10 richmond gears
catted mac h pipe
superchips programmer
17" cobra r rims
245/45/17 BFGoodrich T/A
3in cobra R hood
Ford racing 9mm wires

02-08-2007, 08:48 PM
2003 sonic blue gt

- flowmaster 40 series cat back
- mac o/r pro chamber h pipe
- 03 cobra fuel tank setup
- boost a pump (adds voltage to your fuel pump)
- ati pro charger stage 2 kit (10psi)
- sct x cal 2 tuner
- bf goodrich g force kdw 2's (dont hook up worth a damn)
- bbk pullies
- accufab throttle body and plenum
- comp stage 2 blower cams
- port and polished heads
- tuned by woodbine motorsports

- 550 hp

02-08-2007, 09:18 PM
what the hell...

2001 GT 5 spd pearl white
Quarter Mile:
Power Adder:
125 shot
Other Modifications:

-JLT fenderwell
-SCT Xcal2 tuner
-80mm maf
-ACCUFAB 75mm throtle body and plenum
-VT stage 1 cams
-39 pound injectors
-Aviator fuel pump
-2.5 in piping
-MAC catted x-pipe
-MAGNAFLOW cat-back
-FLOWMASTER 40 weld-in's

-Cobra front brakes
-SS braided lines

-STEEDA tri-ax shifter
-KING COBRA clutch
-aluminum flywheel
-FRPP aluminum driveshaft
-3:73 gears

-BILSTEIN rear shocks
-BILSTEIN quad shocks
-STEEDA lowering springs(camber adjusted)
-STEEDA upper and lower control arms
-MAXIMUM MOTORSPORTS full lenght sub-frame connectors

-billit fuel door
-Steeda brushed aluminum radiator cover
-Saleen rear panel
-Canon coolant tank
-98 Cobra rims
-1.25 wheel spacers
-03 Cobra front bumper/piaa fogs
-03 Cobra hood
-BFG 275/40/zr17's
-MACH1 interior trim




02-16-2007, 05:14 PM
Car year 1997
Car Model Mustang GT
Color Exterior Laser Red
Engine 8cyl HP 282 RWHP Torque 301 RWTQ (UNTUNED)

Engine Modifications:
C & L upper plenum
Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
K & N Cold Air Intake
Pro M 80mm Mass Air Meter
K & N filter
Center Force Dual Friction Clutch
Ford Racing 24# Injectors
Walbro 255mpl Fuel Pump
Pi Intake Manifold Aluminum Colant Crossover
Ported & Polished Pi Heads
Comp cams 262's
Steeda Under Drive Pulleys
Ford Racing Aluminum Radiator
O2 Extensions
BBK Long Tube Headers
BBK Off-Road X Pipe
Flowmaster 2 ½" Catback Exhaust 2 Chamber Mufflers Stainless

Exterior Modifications:
Cervini's raim air hood,
Cervini's front bumper
Cobra foglights
13" Brembo Cross Drilled Slotted Rotors
Mach 1 Calipers
Steel Braided Brake Lines
17" Cobra R Rims
35% Side Window Tint
Front Window Partial Tint
Steeda Heavy Duty Rear Sway Bar
Eiabach pro kit Lowering Springs
Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft
Ford Racing driveshaft safety loop
Steeda Aluminum Lower Control Arms
Ford Racing Upper Control Arms
Steeda Aluminum Caster/Camber (4 Bolt)
Tokico Gas shocks and Struts

Color Interior: Black/ Grey

Interior Modifications:
Aluminum Gauge Bezel
White Face Gauges
Pioneer Avic-N2
Infinity 5 ¼" Component Speakers
Rockford Fosgate 800.2 Amplifier
Rockford Fosgate 800.4 Amplifier
JL 12W7 Subwoofer
(2) Rockford Fosgate Power 1 Farad Capcitors
Leds Wired In Dome Light, Front Vents And Under Dash
Pro 5.0 Short Throw Shifter

02-21-2007, 07:05 PM
92 LX Hatch

chevy 383 stroker
Eagle steel crank
Eagle H-beam rods
Speed pro forged pistons(10.5.1 comp.)
dart pro 1 heads
comp hydr. roller cam
victor jr. intake
750 holley
200 nos plate system.
MSD billet distributer. 6al box.

4- speed muncie
hurst shifter

Rear end.
3.73 gear. posi traction

02-22-2007, 01:33 AM
ORIGINAL: rodderman

92 LX Hatch

chevy 383 stroker
Eagle steel crank
Eagle H-beam rods
Speed pro forged pistons(10.5.1 comp.)
dart pro 1 heads
comp hydr. roller cam
victor jr. intake
750 holley
200 nos plate system.
MSD billet distributer. 6al box.

4- speed muncie
hurst shifter

Rear end.
3.73 gear. posi traction

This is 4.6 Not 5.0 ! [:@]

02-23-2007, 01:40 AM
Stage 3 Clutch, Aluminum Flywheel, Slp Exhaust, Polished heads, 4.10 gears, eibach front lowering springs,kyb shockpainted metalic blue with white pearlecent stripes, diamond cut headlights, svt rims i think thats it

02-23-2007, 02:25 PM
1999 5-sp Atlantic Blue Ford Mustang GT

K&N Air Filter
Silerncer Removed
4.10 Gears *FRPP* - Motive Bearing Kit - Dallas Mustang SpeedCal
MAC O/R H-Pipe
Borla Stinger Catback
275/40/17 Mickey Thompson ET Street Radials

*All Mods Minus Tires*
14.545@99.37 with 2.226 60'

*All Mods Listed
14.086@99.09 with 2.050 60'
13.983@100.84 with 2.149 60'

02-23-2007, 03:32 PM
2001 Mustang BULLITT

motive performance 4.10 gear
175 dry shot nitrous
msd ignition coils (coil on plug 8)
jlt cold air intake
tokico racing shocks/struts
stage 3 racing clutch
lite weight flywheel
steeda tri ax short throw shifter
catless "x" pipe
magnaflow mufflers - exhaust cut off after mufflers
factory aluminum intake and twin 57mm throttle body
zex nitrous plugs
FRPP aluminim driveshaft
Sniper performance custom chip tuning
17 x 9 in front and 17 x 10.5 in rear

02-24-2007, 11:56 AM
01 Terminator Conversion
9lbs boost stock pullies
off-road H pipes/flow tube/no cats
3 stg Flowmasters
Custom MPH cold air and Tune
H&R Supersport Suspension
Y2K 10 1/2 rears 9 front wheels
1/4==12.2 @ 114.3

03-02-2007, 07:18 AM
2003 Sonic Blue Gt 5-speed
Performance Mods:

BBK 75mm TB
BBK Pulleys
Centerforce Duel Friction Clutch
Cushman Stage 2 N/A cams
Dr.Gas X-pipe
Dynomax Race bullets dumped over the axle
FRPP C-springs
Innovate LM-1 Wideband
Maxium Motorsports Caster Camber Plates
Maxium Motorsports Firewall Adjuster
Maxium Motorsports Clutch Quadrant
Motive 3.90's
Patriot Performance Valve springs and retainers
Sniper Tuning Software (laptop is in the car)!
TrickFlow intake plenum
T-56 swapped

Exterior mods:
03-04 Cobra Front Fascia
03-04 Cobra Heat Extractor Hood

Interior Mods:
Upr Billet kit
Jensen 7 inch indash dvd player

Best Time
12.6 107

03-07-2007, 09:04 PM
My Mod List:
1996 Mustang GT


PI Intake Manifold
02 PI heads
02 PI cams
BBK 75mm TB/plenum
NGK TR6 spark plugs
Flexable dipstick tube


Magnaflow stainless highflow midpipe with cats
Magnaflow stailness magnapack mufflers

Stock 1996 Mustang GT Automatic with Hypertech shift firm
FRPP 4.10's
BFG drag radials- rear
BFG KDW- front
Power slot rotors
Hawk Brake pads



Smoked headlights
96 cobra hood

Reverse glow guages
Autometer 3 pod full pillar
autometerwater temp guage
autometer fuel pressure guage
autometer nitrous pressure guage
Stock Mach 460 speakers
Sony explod deck

Waiting to be installed

NX 100 shot
Dyno tune by hitech performance
255lph fuel pump

best time top date 13.03@104

BEST time before mods 15.01 @ 91mph

With the new mods and a little suspension I hope to be palyin in the 12's

03-08-2007, 07:04 AM
ORIGINAL: rodderman

92 LX Hatch

chevy 383 stroker
Eagle steel crank
Eagle H-beam rods
Speed pro forged pistons(10.5.1 comp.)
dart pro 1 heads
comp hydr. roller cam
victor jr. intake
750 holley
200 nos plate system.
MSD billet distributer. 6al box.

4- speed muncie
hurst shifter

Rear end.
3.73 gear. posi traction

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Chevy motor in a fox FTL!

03-12-2007, 03:23 AM
2000 Mustang GT 5 Speed
Pro 5.0 Shifter
King Cobra Clutch
BBK Lowering Springs
BBK Cold Air
RPM Intake Plenum
BBK 75mm Throttle Body
Off Road H-pipe
MAC Catback
FMS Chrome Cobra R's
BFG G-Force KDWS Tires
Shorty Antenna
Mach 1 Grill Delete

Best 1/4: 13.5 at 102.8 1.9 60' no weight reduction etc, full street trim

03-13-2007, 03:36 AM
2001 Mustang GT Saleen clone

$$ Saleen full body kit, scoops, rear spoiler
$$ Saleen UDP
$$ Saleen roll bar
$$ Saleen Racecraft Shocks N2
$$ Corba R hood
$$ Roush springs
$$ Saleen 18x9 all around wheels
$$ Cobra Front strut tower bar
$$ Cross drilled and slotted rotors
$$ Manga flow exhaust
$$ Bassani X pipe
$$ SCT tune
$$ Venom Nitrous 100 shot, with remote opener, remote heater switch and inside pressure gauge
$$ Otto Race seats
$$ White face gauges that say saleen on them
$$ Pioneer 2 channel amp powered to run 2 6x9 subs under rear seats mounted in floor
$$ Custom ram air system with chrome power pipe
$$ BBK 75mm tb and intake
$$ 24lb ford racing injectors
$$ 4.10 rear gears installed by me (so was everything else but this is alittle harder)
$$Steeda short shifter
$$ Momo race pedals and air shifter
$$ Tinted windows
$$ Billet Grill

03-13-2007, 07:07 PM
2004 SVT Cobra

Stiegemeier Stage IV Ported Blower
BilletFlow 2.76 Upper Pulley
BilletFlow Idlers
JLT Ram Air Intake
Flowmaster Cat Back
Mac O/R H pipe
NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
BilletFlow IRS Brace


20% Tint
Black Chrome "COBRA" Inserts

Dyno Tuned by Shawn @ Advanced Engine Development


duane v
03-14-2007, 04:07 PM
Hi everyone my name is Duane...Heres the mod-list and pic of my 98 SVT 4V'r

.020 over 11.5:1 Arias pistons
Forged Cunningham rods
Fully ported b-heads
Stage 3 regrind Crower cams
ported upper hat intake
Accufab elpical TB
UPR power pipe
Mezerie electric water pump
SVO pullies
Canton expansion tank
FMS A/C delete
Taylor 10.4 wires
Diablo chip

Watson Engineering stepped 1 7/8 to 1 3/4 long tubes
3" exhaust with race bullet muffs dumped.

HRC chromloy 6 point roll bar
HRC chromoly matrix 4 SFC's
HRC chromoly shock tower brace

TKO plus tranny
Mcleod billet steel flywheel
Mcleod twin disk clutch assembly
Lakewood scattershield
FMS aluminum drive shaft
FMS 4.88 gear
Moser full spool
9" housing ends
Welded tubes

Suspension and brakes
D&D chromoly tubular k-member and a-arms
D&D coil over with 150 lbs rate springs
Lakewood 90/10 struts
Skinnykid maunal brake conversion
Flaming River manual rack.
Steeda aluminum UCA and LCA
Rear Air bags

15x10 Prostars
15x3.5 Prostars

Weight Reduction
4" Harwood lift off hood
Power steering pump removal
Complete A/C removal
front swaybar removal
dog-bone removal
quad shock removal
Only one seat
complete stereo removal
front inner bumper removal
Hydro booster removal

03-24-2007, 08:39 PM
I love lil boys.

03-24-2007, 11:33 PM
1997 GT
70mm T/B BBK Plenum ported/polished
K&N with custom Ram Air
9mm Motorsport Wires
NGK TR6 gapped .030"
Nitrous Express Wet Plate Kit 100shot

Stock headers
MAC Stainless X-pipe (3 piece design)
Magnaflow Magnapacks Catback

Roush Racing 1.5" drop up front and .75" in rear (2"fender gap all around)
Ford Racing Bump steer kit
BBK Gripp C/C plates (polished)
KYB shocks and struts
Lakewood Traction bars as lowers
Steedas for uppers
Eibach sway bar kit

Stock T-45
Hays Clutch kit
Aluminum driveshaft
3:73 Ford Racing gears

Mobil 1 Synthetic 10w-30
Mobil 1 Synthetic ATF
Mobil 1 Synthetic 75w-90

99+ Dual piston PBR calipers up front
Stockers out back
Both painted gloss black
Hawk Racing kevlar/ceramic pads
Baer Eradispeed Crossdrilled Slotted Rotors

18x9 front.........245/40/18
18x10 back........275/35/18
BF Goodrich G-force Sport tires

Aztech Gold Paint (only in 97 and very few of them made)
Custom Back rocker graphics in Black with GT embedded in them
Black Crystal headlamps
Clear corners
Amber foglights
20%tint on sides no tinit on back
Rear window louvers (ABS plastic)
Black Mustanf decals in bumper insert
Ford black overlay on blue emblem

All Black with BlackLeather
B&M sport shifter with leather boot
Cobra guages
Glow guages on pillar
Kenwood DVD/CD player
Infinity Perfect speakers
2-10" Infinity Perfect Subs
JBL BPX1100.1 amp
JBL PX300.4 amp
Stinger Expert 1/0 guage wire
High output 200 amp alternator
300 series Batcap capacitor
ALL Monstercable XLN Pro 400 series RCA wires 2+4+6 channels
Custom box built into trunk deck (no spare tire)
rear trunk filled with Blue neons

No 1/4 mile times or tuning done. Not out there for fastest car. It's a quick stret car for my pleasurable use and out handles some vettes! It sounds amazing inside and out and I'm very pleased! It's a 3 time show winner!

03-31-2007, 04:09 PM
2002 Mustang GT (originally 4.6L SOHC V8)


Spoiler delete - $5
Stainless steel bumper inserts - $80
V6 fender badges $30
Shaved GT emblems from fenders/trunk $5
Gloss black valve covers/timing cover - $30
True HID/Projector lens upgrade kit (8000K) - $600
Custom interior - $350 (carpet, floor mats, sill plates, paint, labor)


Clarion DXZ-835MP head unit - $245
US Acoustics USX-4065 4-channel amp - $175
Focal 136K2 component set - $180
Audiobahn 8" AW831T subs - $50
Custom rear seat delete/sub enclosure - $100


KYB AGX adjustable shocks/struts - $330
Eibach Sportline springs - $200
'03-'04 Cobra 17x9/17x10.5" 5-spoke chrome wheels, 275/40/17F, 315/30/17R - $1300
MM caster-camber plates - $190


Stock Tremec 3650 5spd - $0
FRPP 3.73 gears - $350 installed


Eagle forged h-beam rods
New GT iron block bored .020" over (302ci)
Custom VT forged 3.750" stroker crank
Custom CP 21cc forged pistons (9.2:1 CR)
Federal Mogul race rod/main bearings
ARP main/head studs
ARP rod/main bolts
Hi-volume '03-'04 Cobra oil pump/pick-up tube
Billet oil pump gears
VT Stage II blower cams - $550
Comp valve springs - $180

Total assembled, balanced and blueprinted (less cams and springs) - $5137 shipped

Power Adder/Intake:

Kenne Bell 1.7L supercharger (@ 14psi)
Kenne Bell "big tube" intake
Kenne Bell 90mm MAF
Accufab 75mm polished throttlebody

Total shipped: $6037

Fuel Management:

Siemens 60lb/hr injectors - $500
'03-'04 Cobra tank - $800 shipped with fuel pumps
'03-'04 Cobra twin fuel pumps


Hooker ceramic coated supercomp LT Headers - $800
Hooker ceramic coated offroad x-pipe - $200
Magnaflow 2.5" catback/3" tips - $500 shipped


Custom SCT tune (Powersurge Performance, Long Island, NY) - $390
Kenne Bell Switch-chip - included w/ supercharger kit


417rwhp/401rwtq @ 9psi

New numbers yet to be determined...

04-01-2007, 03:02 PM
2003 GT 5 Speed (DARK SHADOW GRAY)

1997 Mustang GT Romeo NPI rebuilt shortblock (8 quarts of Lucas Oil 10W-30 synthetic racing oil w/Motorcraft filter)
Block bored .020" for 284 C.I.D.
Final C.R. of around 11.3:1
Crank, block, and rods hot tanked
Crank polished
Sealed Power hypereutectic aluminum pistons (.020" over bore)
Sealed Power piston rings
Speed Pro tri-metal main and rod bearings
ARP Pro series 2000 connecting rod bolts
Trick Flow Twisted Wedge 185 38c.c. heads (valve springs shimmed for correct install height)
Modular Head Shop stage 3 TFS head specific cams, degreed (.233"/.236" .550"/.550" 109 LSA)
TFS adjustable crank gear
Modular Mustang Racing billet cam spacers/ Trick Flow cam bolts
2005/2006 Ford GT Supercar 5.4 cam followers
Coolant mod done on the stock PI intake
Lokar 2V dipstick w/ adjustable dipstick tube
FRPP flow matched 30lb./hr. red top fuel injectors
Trick Flow fuel rail adapter w/ Moroso 100 p.s.i. fuel pressure gauge
Ford Focus SVT fuel pump (255 l.p.h.)
PPRV delete
NGK TR-6 spark plugs (stock gap)
MSD Launch Master (2 Step)
Ported 1/2" aluminum lower plenum spacer
BBK 78 m.m. T.B./plenum combo.
JLT Ram Cold Air intake
Trick Flow aluminum valve covers (painted black)
Moroso billet oil catch can (plumbed to retain PCV system)
EMP Stewart Warner high flow water pump
2003/2004 Mercury Marauder harmonic balancer
2005/2010 Mustang GT 3V windage tray
Canton 7qt. "T" style road race oil pan
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra radiator
MAC ceramic coated longtube headers w/ Stage 8 locking header bolts
BBK off road H pipe
Flow Tech manual exhaust cut outs welded into the H pipe
Borla stainless cat back exhaust
MAC Pro Dump exhaust
DynoMax Race Bullets dumped exhaust
Dyno tune on Dynojet dyno by

2002 Mustang GT Tremec 3650 rebuilt with the TSB upgrade kit (3.2 quarts of TCI Max Shift Mercon III A.T.F.)
Brothers Performance billet steel flywheel w/ ARP flywheel bolts
Centerforce Dual Friction clutch w/OEM Ford T.O.B.
FRPP pilot bearing
Fiore Micro-Lock firewall adjuster
Maximum Motorsports clutch quadrant
LDC Chicago Clutch free play correction kit
MGW orange handle short throw shifter w/Cobra Bob's silicone shifter gasket
FRPP aluminum driveshaft w/ Lakewood H.D. U joints
Stifflers driveshaft loop
Built 8.8 solid rear axle (2 quarts of Moroso Gear Climber 90W gear lube and 1 bottle of FRPP friction modifier)
Quad shock brackets removed, axle tubes painted satin black and carrier painted cast iron
Dogbone removed
Anti Moan brackets removed
FRPP 4.30 gears
FRPP 31 spline carrier
Strange 31 spline axles
Trick Flow aluminum diff cover (painted cast iron w/ Lube Locker cover gasket
CHE T/X Extreme Duty axle brace (black powdercoated)

AJE tubular K member
UPR Extreme Series bumpsteer kit (sleeves painted black)
FRPP extended balljoint kit
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra steering shaft
FRPP caster camber plates (painted black)
Tokico Illumina 5 way adjustable drag struts (painted black)
Fox body 4 cylinder springs w/ 1/3 of a coil cut
Maximum Motorsports polyurethane spring isolators
Maximum Motorsports polyeurethane control arm bushings
Front sway bar removed
ABS system deleted (pump, wiring, and sensors removed)
Phil's ABS delete manifold
B&M Launch Control line lock
2001 Mustang Bullitt 13" brakes w/ drilled and slotted rotors, gunmetal painted calipers, Hawk HPS brake pads, Russell stainless steel hoses, Russell Performance speed bleeders, and DOT 4 Super Blue H.P. brake fluid
Moroso 3" front wheel studs
(Stock GT zinc plated blank rotors, GT calipers (painted gunmetal), Hawk HPS pads, Russell stainless steel hoses, Russell speed bleeders, stock setup is for the track)
GMS Weight Jacker adjustable lower control arms
Baseline Suspensions Street Launch upper control arm relocation kit
Quad shocks removed
2001 Mustang Bullitt-2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 Tokico shocks
2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 springs
Steeda air bag in right rear spring
2001 Mustang Bullitt sway bar
Maximum Motorsports shorter poly pinion snubber
Maximum Motorsports XL full length subframe connectors
UPR upper/lower torque box reinforcement kit
Upper and lower torque boxes fully welded
Summit Racing 3" screw in wheel studs
BAER 13" rear brake kit w/ drilled and slotted rotors, gunmetal painted calipers, Hawk HPS brake pads, Russell stainless steel hoses, Russell Performance speed bleeders, and DOT 4 Super Blue H.P. brake fluid
(Stock GT zinc plated blank rotors for the track)

Ford factory I.U.P. (silver painted a/c and radio/shifter bezel, silver door lock pins, headliner storage net, large headrests)
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra charcoal/gray front and rear seats
Simco Ltd. Silver Series gauge cluster
Speed of Sound A pillar gauge pod
Auto Meter Lunar water temp. and oil pressure gauges (electric)
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra steering wheel
Door pockets painted silver to match I.U.P. radio bezel
2001 Mustang Bullitt-2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 billet shift ball (wet sanded and polished)
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra leather handle e-brake assembly
ACC "GT" logo floor mats
UPR Products billet door handles, door lock pins and bezels, A/C knobs, headlight knob, and cup holder bezels
MGW "GT" logo cigarette lighter plug
Raptor Performance shift light w/green LEDs (mounted in A/C vent)
2001 Mustang Bullitt-2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 pedals
Maximum Motorsports 6 pt. roll bar (swing out door bars/removable harness tube)(painted Dark Charcoal)

1999/2001 Mustang Cobra front bumper
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra chin lip
Diamond clear headlight housings w/ Stealth chrome turn signal bulbs
H.O. Fibertrends 2 1/2" cowl hood
Billet hood pin kit w/ plates powder coated black
Shorty antenna
Mustang Mach 1/V6 running horse fender emblems
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra two piece folding side mirrors
2003/2004 Mustang Cobra side skirts
2001 Mustang Bullitt side scoops
2001 Mustang Bullitt-2003/2004 Mustang Mach 1 C pillars and quarter glass
2001 Mustang Bullitt billet fuel door
Mustang V6 spoilerless trunklid
UPR billet "GT" oval emblem custom painted
Hyper white LED license plate lights
Blackout painted tail lights
Satin black painted tail panel
Smoked rear bumper side markers
Satin black "MUSTANG" rear bumper vinyl inserts

O E Wheels 18x9 and 18x10 anthracite deep dish Bullitt rims
3/16" billet spacer on rear wheels (Gorilla open ended lug nuts)
Mooneyes coned center caps
BF Goodrich KDW2 265/35/18 and 295/35/18 tires
Weld Prostars 15x3.5 and 15x8 (5.5" B.S.) drag rims
3/8" spacer on front rims (Weld open ended shank lug nuts)
Mickey Thompson 26x7.50 Sportsman front runner tires
Hoosier Quick Time PRO 27x11.50 rear slicks

Narrow my front Bullitt rims from 9" to 7.5"
Widen my rear Bullitt rims from 10' to 11.5"
235/40 BF Goodrich KDW2 front tires
335/30 BF Goodrich KDW2 rear tires
Weld Racing RT-S 17x4.5 (2.2 B.S.) black centered front drag wheels (medium pad) P.N. 71MB-7045A22A
Weld Racing RT-S 15x9 (6.5 B.S.) black centered rear drag wheels (medium pad) P.N. 71MB-509A65A
M&H Racemaster front runner tires 26x4.50-17
Mickey Thompson stiff sidewall racing slicks 26x10.0-15
Aluminum big bore, baby stroker motor (carburated)(possibly E85)
Teksid aluminum block (already have)
Have block zero decked
Cast crank polished, deburred, and offset ground
Eagle forged rods with Honda big end journal with ARP 2000 bolts
Forged big bore pistons (-15cc)
Final C.I. of 310 or 5.1L
Around 11.5-11.7:1 compression ratio
Have my Trick Flow heads cleaned up
Custom cams from MHS
Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake manifold (cleaned up)
Triangle Speed Shop HV 2V oil pump
Innovators West harmonic damper
Kooks stainless longtubes
Ceramic coated H pipe and exhaust
Built 4R70W trans with trans brake, big stall, manual valve body, etc. or built and faceplated TKO 500

04-03-2007, 01:25 PM
I just bought a 1998 mustang gt. i was just wondering what are some things I can do to make it faster whith out haveing to buy something like a supercharger. i have full flowmasters it is lowered and the guy said the he had a chip installed but he dosent remember what kind i was wondering what i could do to figure out what kind of chip it is?

04-05-2007, 02:40 AM
2004 SVT Cobra
489rwtq (Amazon Tuning Solutions tune by Rick)


Steeda 2.8 upper pulley
Steeda 100 mm idler
Steeda cai


LFP race radiator
LFP radiator reservoir
LFP heat exchanger
LFP intercooler reservoir
Evenflow head cooling mod


Steeda catback w/ Borla Stinger mufflers
Magnaflow catted X


MGW short throw shifter
CobraBob's shifter gaskit
Fiore clutchquad.& cable adjuster


Billetflow IRS brace
H&R race springs
MM c/c plates


03/04 Chrome Cobra's
Goodyear Eagle F1's (275/45-17) front
Nitto 555R (315/35-17) rear

04-12-2007, 01:47 PM
1999 Mustang GT

K&N filter
Flowmaster mufflers
Custom hood.
Bullitt rims with Fuzion tires.

:D Hey, i only had the thing a month. Ill get some mods done soon. Im thinkin intake then pulleys.

Sean 92 Notch
04-14-2007, 03:37 PM
1996 GT
BBK Underdrive Pulleys
K&N F.I.P.K. Kit
BBK 70mm T/B
BBK Plenum
Bassani O/R X-pipe
Magnaflow Catback

Eibach Sportline Springs

04-17-2007, 04:46 PM
2002 Black Gt 5 speed
bbk ceramic shorties
bassani 'x' w/cats
flowmaster 40 series
steeda underdrive pullies
steeda tri-ax short throw shifter
ford racing 3:73
mac cold air intake
accufab throttle body/plenum
ngk iridium extreme tr55ix
superchips xcal 2 tuner
comp cams xe270
beehive valve springs
comp steel retainers
24 lb. injectors
eibach pro kit w/ tokico shocks & struts
dyno tuned: 284.0 rwhp 296.9 rwtq

04-19-2007, 01:07 PM
1996 GT
BBK O/R X pipe
SLP Loudmouth Catback(1)
MGW Short-throw Shifter
Venom 75 Shot
Accufab 75mm TB/Plenum Combo
Vortech V2 S-Trim Supercharger
42lb Injectors
NRGK Plugs
SCT Dyno Tune

04-20-2007, 12:18 AM
02MustangGT 5speed Tremec 3650 /w T-45 11" clutch
BBK Pulleys
Super 40 FlowMasters
DiabloSport Preditor
AccuFab 75MM TB and Polished Upper Intake
KYB 8Way Adjustable Shocks
03 Cobra Body Kit
Full Gauges (pillar and Tach)
NGk Iridium Plugs

04-24-2007, 04:36 PM
2002 GT VERT

K&N Filter with silencer removed
VT Stage 2 cams
VT Stage 2 heads
Forged Bottom
U/L Control arms
C/C plates
Eibach Pro-lowered 1.5 inches in back 2 in front
SVT Fuel pump
42lb Injectors
4.10 FRPP gears (soon to be 3.55)
Tranny cooler
2.1L Kenne Bell with dual core intercooler at 10PSI
Several Dyno Tunes
Accufab 75mm TB and Plenum Combo
Cobra Brakes
Flowmaster 10 weld-ins with custom 2.75 inch tubing
SCT Xcal 2 (obsolete now)

basically ive put a years worth of salary into this vehicle, and wouldnt get half my money back if i sold it haha. but i love this stang =)

04-26-2007, 04:20 AM
2004 4.6 L V8
everything listed below
plus window tinting and a window cover on the minor windows
and planning to get H-pipe dual exhausts

04-27-2007, 08:13 PM
I know you dont want comments Mitch, but I think their should be more 1/4 and/or 1/8 mile times posted. I mean seeing dyno numbers is great, but whats the point if you still run a 13. Id be interested in what times these people are running moreso than the power they put down.

04-27-2007, 08:56 PM
2003 GT... D1SC ProCharger with 15psi, Ford Block, Coast hi stoker Kit, Fox Lake stage twoPI heads Romeo, Comp cams, Ford pistons and rods, P51 Intake, 373 gears, Flowmaster cat back system, Off road X-pipe "no cats", Long tube headers. Cobra fuel pump, and boost a pump.

05-06-2007, 08:11 AM
2004 40th Anniversary Crimson RedConvertible (manual tranny)

Polished D1-SC Procharger@8psi
3 Core Intercooler
AEMUEGO Wide Band Air Fuel Guage
Stewart Warner Fuel/Boost Guage
42lbs Injectors
Ford GT Fuel Pump
SCT 2400 MAF
Mac Long Tube Headers
Mac o/r Prochamber
Mac Cat Back
Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subframe Connectors
CHE Upper & Lower Control Arms
315/35/17 BFG DR's on 10.5in deep dish bullits powder coated Arizona Beige
All installed by ProModular Performance in Austin Tx
Custom SCT tune by Mike Murillo in San Antonio Tx
383rwhp/383rwt on a mustang dyno

02 GT
05-09-2007, 01:35 AM
ok, here goes,
engine mods:

5 speed auto
75mm throttlebody
k&n intake & filters
custom tune
long tube headers
o/r x pipe

05-09-2007, 12:48 PM
1999 Mustang GT 5 speed

o/r X-pipe
Mach 1 delet grill
03 crome cobras
ford racing short shifter
full bbk intake
Ford racing lowering springs
under drive pullies
...and in the mail...
bbk long tube headers
and COMP CAMS!!!!:D

05-09-2007, 11:10 PM
i guess ill go
01 cobra
forged internals
solid axle
150 nex dry shot
nex purge
nitto tires and wheels
tri ax shifter
flow master exhaust
trickflow top and low end
predator custom tune
k&n intake
80mm throttle body
cobra r hood
it think thats it

05-16-2007, 01:13 AM
i updated my setup. i sold my noszle kit and blew the other motor. i now have a 2002 explorer longblock with stage 3 590/601 lift crower cams. mac longtubes/h pipe/pro dumps. i have a procharger with 10lbs now. stock intake manifold and plenum and pulleys.

05-26-2007, 05:45 AM

I know you dont want comments Mitch, but I think their should be more 1/4 and/or 1/8 mile times posted. I mean seeing dyno numbers is great, but whats the point if you still run a 13. Id be interested in what times these people are running moreso than the power they put down.

Although I agree, there is now a sticky that has times in it.

BTW, this thread was not created with intentions of impressing or WOO'ing people. It was made for informative reasons, and to cut down on "hey XXXXXXX what's your mod list?" Or, "what are you guys running, the Type A CAI, or the Type B."

05-30-2007, 04:13 AM
My 2002 Mustang GT

Vortech V-2 SQ S-trim supercharger
Vortech intercooler
Maxflow/Vortech wastegate
Steeda 42lb fuel injectors
Motorblue HP stainless steel fuel lines
CPR high flo fuel rails
Steeda Tri-Ax short throw shifter
Magnaflow Magnapack exhaust
Magnaflow catted X-pipe
Dragon plenum w/ throttle body
SCT XCalibrator II programmer
3.73 rear-end gears

Eibach front sway bar
Eibach rear sway bar
Eibach Pro-Kit springs
Baer Decela rotors
Front wheel spacers
BBK Gripp rear upper control arms
MAC rear adjustable lower control arms
Strange shocks and struts

VIS Racing carbon fiber Cobra R hood
'03/04 Cobra front bumper
Grillcraft stainless steel grills
Shorty antenna
Stainless steel rear bumper inserts
Window tinting
Tinted taillights
Deleted spoiler
Polished gas tank straps
FRPP stainless steel hood pins

AEM A/F ratio guage
Ford Racing Boost Guage

06-20-2007, 10:35 PM
Mine has been updated...

06-30-2007, 04:45 PM
2004 Oxford White Mach 1 5spd

Bassani Ceramic coated aluminum mid-length headers
Bassani Xpipe with high flow cats
Bassani Axle/Cat backs
UPR Shifter
Raised Shaker


i feel so underpowered[&o]

"To-Do" List:

6spd tranny
TB Intake Manifold


then i will be done with performance. Its getting rebuilt right now, think i got a bad piston. gonna pull it and knock a few items of my "to do" list

06-30-2007, 05:24 PM
2002 GT 5 speed
MSD COP modules
SCT Custom Dyno tune - Pauls Automotive Engineering
Ford Motor Sport - Aluminum Drive Shaft
Drive Shaft Loop
Ford Motor Sport - 4.10 Ring and Pinion
Bassani Catted X-pipe
Magnaflow Stainless Steel Exhaust
Final Dyno - 250.3HP @ 291.6 lb-ft torque

07-04-2007, 06:05 PM
1999 GT 335 rwhp 320 rwtq; 12.88 @ 108.
Kenne Bell 2.1 s/c @ 6 psi
Cervini Cobra R hood
90 mm Lightning mass air
Mach 1 chin spoiler and grill delete
Demolet cai
BBK 70 mm T/B
BBK equal length headers
Mac o/r prochamber
Mac catback
Centerforce dual friction clutch
Steeda tri-ax shifter
H.P. Motorsports subframe connectors
H.P. Motorsports lower control arms
H.P. Motorsports caster camber plates
SCT custom tune by Dynosport in Lincoln NE
Mickey Thompson ET street drag radials
Ford Racing 4:10 gears
Autometer pillar mount boost gauge
Painted black between taillights (no stickers or plastic)
No emblems

07-04-2007, 10:04 PM
Keep 'em coming.

07-05-2007, 01:11 AM
ive only owned mine for 3 months but so far...
01 GT auto
2800 stall converter
stage 3 patriot performance 2V head (romeo)
stage 2 crower cams 276 duration and 580 lift
polished professional products intake maniflod
professional products upper plenium (polished)
polished professional products 75 mm throttle body
C&L true inlet pipe with filter
90mm lightning MAF
SCT Xcal2 tuner
BBK shortie headers
No cats
Flowmaster 40 series (2)
windage tray
Meziere electric water pump
Steeda 5 link rear end
1/2 inch billet fuel rails
30lb fuel injectors
SVT focus fuel pump
315/35/R17 BFGoodrich drag radials on 17" by 10.5 polished aluminum pony rims
245/45/R17's up front with nitto's on 17" by 9 inch " " same as above
not bad so far i think the dyno showed 284 HP and 302.1 TQ rear wheel
next up is a 5.0 stroker kit or supercharger cuz these numbers disappoint me!

07-05-2007, 03:41 PM
2003 GT 5 Spd

SSS catback
Pypes o/r X
75mm Accufab throttle body and plenum
JLT ram air intake
Steeda underdrive pullies
Maximum Motorsports full length subframe connectors
FRPP "C" springs
Tokico HP shocks and struts
Steeda X2 ball joints
SCT Xcal tune by Heath @ Modular Madness West
3.73 FRPP gears
MGW short throw shifter
MGW Gripper shift knob, e-brake handle, & door lock pins
Mach 1 Grille delete
Mach 1 chin spoiler
18x9 Chrome deep dish bullets
Toyo Proxes 4 all season performance tires

07-05-2007, 04:16 PM
Stock S281 Extreme Performance Enhancements:
Saleen Series V twin-screw (Whipple)intercooled supercharger
Saleen forged steel crankshaft w/ Saleen forged steel rods and forged aluminum pistons
Heads: Aluminum with Saleen special cam shafts, super duty valve springs
Saleen water-to-air intercooler with heat exchanger
Saleen cold air induction system and performance air filter
42lb/hr sequential fuel injectors
Exhaust System: Stainless steel 2.5" 4-way catalytic high flow with X-pipe
Quick ratio 6-speed manual transmission
11" aluminum flywheel with 11" full asbestos clutch disk
Balanced custom drive shaft

Racecraft Suspension
Saleen N2 Struts
Variable rate springs mounted on lower control arms
1.38" stabilizer bar with urethane pivot bushings
Live axle four-bar link
Racecraft variable race coilsprings on boxed lower trailing arms
.94" stabilizer bar
Quadra shock system
Saleen N2 shocks and axle dampeners
Aftermarket Upgrades:
SCT 4-bank chip with custom tune
SCT 90 mm MAF
Chicane Intercooler
Chicane 2.6" pulley (original= 4")
Accufab 70 mm TB
Kenne Bell Boost-A-Pump
Highflow cats
3.73 gears (original = 3.08)
Redline Water Wetter in intercooler reservoir and radiator
440RWHP/484 RWTQ :D

07-06-2007, 01:36 AM
lots of nice cars on here!

07-09-2007, 11:39 PM
is 395rwhp enough to be a bad boy ?

07-12-2007, 05:55 PM
ORIGINAL: Quicktime_GT

is 395rwhp enough to be a bad boy ?

Lol, that's more than enough man.

07-12-2007, 05:59 PM
BUMP!!!!!! Just added about $2500 worth of mods to mah list![sm=helpout.gif]

07-13-2007, 01:35 PM

ORIGINAL: Quicktime_GT

is 395rwhp enough to be a bad boy ?

Lol, that's more than enough man.

haha ..

03 4.6 2v GT 5 speed

Engine/ Drivetrain :
Procharger P1SC (shiney) 3.4 inch pulley 10psi @5600 Procharger 3 core intercooler ford svt focus 255lph pump
42lb injectors Pro M mass air meter full length headers, mac o/r prochamber, magnaflow magnapack cat back
BBK throttle body
SCT dyno tune by speedydyno - dynojet #s 395rwhp/ 435rwtq frpp 4.10 gear Centerforce DF clutch
26x11.50/16 ET streets for the track Cosmetic
ford 03/04 cobra bumper , hood FR500 replicas from 17x9 & 17x10.5 with 245/45/17s and 315/35/17s BBK springs with no front spring isoloators
Stainless steel "mustang " inserts
5% tintInterior
Procharger embroidered black/grey leather boston sx60 component front door speakers kicker KX600.1 amp for subs Sony amp for components
(2) Kicker 8 inch L5 solobarics 136.7dB
pioneer deh p8400, direct iPod connection, sirius
UPR shifter with 05 knob Car has went 12.4 @114 w/ 2.2 60' . shooting for low 12's or maybe even 11's on slicks in 08'

07-17-2007, 10:31 PM
2001 Mustang GT:[/b]

Kenne Bell 2.1 Intercooled Twin-Screw Supercharger
MMR Built 4.6 Short Block
CNC Ported / Polished Factory Heads
Custom Grind Comp Cams Camshafts
Kenne Bell Boost-a-Pump
Custom SCT XCAL2 Tune by Lasota Racing
BBK 75mm Throttle Body
Ford Focus SVT Fuel Pump
FRPP 42 lb/hr Injectors
Ford Lightning 90mm Mass Airflow Meter
LFP Heat Exchanger
Ford Lightning Intercooler Pump
Fluidyne Racing Radiator
PA Performance 200 Amp Alternator
Tunable Induction CAI
Canton Aluminum Expansion Tank
Canton Aluminum Intercooler Reservoir
Zeitronics Wide-Band Air / Fuel Ratio Meter / Data logger
Optima Red Top Battery (relocated to the trunk)
NGK TR-6 Spark Plugs

Tremmec 3650 5 Speed
MGW Short-Throw Shifter
Spec Stage 2 Clutch
Spec Billet Steel Flywheel
FRPP 3.73 gears
FRPP 31 Spline Rear Axels
FRPP 31 Spline Traction-Lok
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
Custom Mandrel Bent 2.5" Exhaust with 10 Series Flowmaster Race Mufflers

Suspension / Chassis: [/b][/b]
2001 Bullitt Springs / Struts / Shocks / Sway Bars
Maximum Motorsports Sub-Frame Connectors
Granatelli Upper / Lower Rear Control Arms
FRPP Cobra (13" Front / 11.65") Rear Brake Conversion
Goodridge Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Wheels Tires: [/b]
Front: 255 45 17 Kumoh Ecsta on 17x9 Bullitt Deep Dish
Rear: 315 35 17 BFG G-Force Drag Radial on 17x10.5 Bullitt Deep Dish

Interior: [/b]
Full Complement of Autometer Gauges
Autometer Two Gauge A-Pillar Pod
Autometer Two Gauge Instrument Cluster Bezel Pod
Raptor Shift Light

Exterior: [/b]
Shorty Radio Antenna (worth 15 rwhp)
FRPP Mach 1 (3) piece Grill Delete
FRPP Mach 1 Chin Spoiler

Misc: [/b]
Red-Line Racing Oils Used Exclusively

Future Mods: [/b]
Methanol / Water Injection
Carrera Racing Seats
Interior Roll Cage

white venom
07-29-2007, 11:35 PM
2000 mustang gt

steeda cold air intake
flowmaster super 40s
steeda pulleys
motive 3:73s

im a newbie :)

08-20-2007, 07:39 PM
Remember guys this is for the "Bad boys" of the 4.6 section. Having gears, a CAI, and a catback doesnt make you a bad boy:eek:

08-29-2007, 07:55 PM
idk if nitestalker is a bad boy or not??? o well

go fast stuff

bbk l/t
bbk h-pipe o/r
spin tech c/b
steeda straight shot cal
75mm Throttle Body
pp upper plenum
100 shot nx
VT stage 2 cams/Crower valve springs
built rear end/3.73
up next stroker!

best1/8 7.734 on sprayand8.387 n/a all on some prostars ;)

08-30-2007, 10:24 PM
Mine has been updated :)

08-31-2007, 06:48 PM
Updated as well

09-01-2007, 12:46 AM
Well I'm finally done. putting some miles on it before taking it to the dyno.

99GT 5 spd
03 Cobra block
Manley H beam rods, Manley pistons 12.5 - 1 ,forged Cobra crank
Comp 270's , Comp springs , 1mm over sized valves
7qt MMR Oil pan with MMR high out put billet oil pump
Stg 2 heads
75mm Acu-Fab
P-51 ported
MMR fuel rails , 30# Ford racing injectors , MSD cop's
SVT Focus fuel pump
Switched to Edlbrock NO 125 , 150, 175 shot
QA-1 Tubular K frame and A arms
QA 10 WAY SRUTS W/175# coil overs
Stock rear springs and upper C A'S
Strange rear adj shocks
Steeda sub frames
373's w ART 31 Spline hardened axels
Spec aluminum flywheel
Stg 3 clutch
Stock T-45
Mac LT'S w o/r H pipe
Lightning 90mm Mass Air
and anything else it takes to get into the 10's :)

09-01-2007, 12:59 AM
Mine has been updated...

09-01-2007, 03:48 PM
Well here goes nothing....

1996 Mustang GT

The good stuff:
1999 5.4 2v
Custom Lightning lower intake manifold w/ cobra upper intake
Vortech V-2 SQ 3.33 pulley
Custom FMIC 32x12x3
Custom 3" piping
Greddy RS BOV
Stage 1 SHM cam
Comp Cams Valve springs
High flow oil pump
Billet trigger wheel
NGK TR6 plugs
COP conversion
Lightning 130amp alternator
180* t-stat
42lbs FRPP injectors
Lightning 90MM MAF
Holley forced induction 255LPH fuel pump
Diablo Tune by HiTech Motorsports

Custom 1 5/8 to 1 3/4 headers
Custom 2 1/2" O/H x pipe
Flowmaster 40 seriers with dumps

QA1 tubular K member
QA1 tubular A arms
D&D performance coil overs 250lbs springs
J&M CC plates
KYB struts

Granatelli Motorsports tubular upper and lower control arms
Eibach pro kit
KYB shocks

Spec stage 2 clutch
Billet steel flywheel
Rebuilt 8.8 with FRPP 4.10
Hurst short throw shifter

Auto meter ultra lite 2 boost and fuel pressure gauge
Auto meter dual gauge A pillar pod
Ford chin spoiler
Ebay Clear corners
No hood mod!

Chrome 18x9 Bullitt Replicas
Chrome 18x10 Bullitt Replicas
Kumho SPT 265x35x18
Kumho MX 295x35x18

09-09-2007, 11:30 PM
1999 Mustang GT
About 12 months of mods so far...

Magnaflow magnapack exhaust
Magnaflow off road x pipe
JLT cold air intake

Falken Azenis RT615 (265/35/18)
18" black SVT cobra wheels
25mm wheel rear wheel spacers
Black lug nuts w/ locks

Stangsuspension 2" lowering springs
Maximum Motorsports caster camber plates
Maximum Motorsports strut bar

Cobra R front bumper
Cobra R wing
Cobra R brake ducts
Drilled/slotted rotors
Hawk street brake pads
Black calipers
Blackouts (taillights, 3rd brake light, side reflecters)
Smoked front head lights with clear corners
Smoked cobra fog lights w/ bezels
Mach 1 grill delete
8" shorty antenna
Wiper delete
15% window tint
All emblems shaved
Custom car painted

Steeda tri-ax short shifter
FR500 cobra shift knob
Cobra white face gauges
White face ac gauges
DVD touch screen
Autometer phantom white face gauges/triple radio panel
(a/f, oil press, water temp)

Future mods:
Recaro seats
Rear seat delete
Sparco steeering wheel
Eibach sportlines
Throttle body/Plenum
Strange shocks/struts
6 point cage
Vortech V2 supercharger w/ intercooler

09-12-2007, 11:25 PM
Here it goes...99' Cobra

-Original 1999 Aluminum Block Bored .020 Over With a VT Engines 302ci Stroker Kit (Good For 1500hp) 9:2:1 Compression Ratio
-CP Custom 16cc Dished Pistons .020 Over
-CP Custom matched rings
-Oliver Billet I Beam Stroker Rods With ARP 2000 Bolts
-Custom Billet VT Stroker Crank 3.75 Stroke
-VT Billet HO Oil Pump gears
-Tri Metal Bearings
-Arp Head Studs
-1999 Cobra Heads(port & polished, resurfaced, pressure tested, 3 angle seat cut, and valves cut and cleaned)
-Crower 4v 31mm Stainless Valves
-Crower 4v Springs and retainers
-COMP 4v Regrind Cams
-Felpro Perma Torque MLS Head Gaskets
-Metco 8lbs Lower
-Metco 3.7 Alternator Pulley
-New thermostat
-Custom Tuned by SCT racing Tuner (Tuner, Chip, Software and Laptop Included)

-42lbs Injectors
-Ported Throttle Body
-PortedUpper/Lower Cobra Intake
-80mm MAF
-K&N Filter

-TKO 5 Speed Transmission (1500 miles)
-Lakewood SFI Bellhousing
-Spec Stage4 Clutch
-Spec Aluminum Flywheel
-Custom sized and balanced Aluminum Driveshaft
-UPR Short Throw Shifter
-UPR Double Lock Extreme Firewall Adjuster
-UPR Quick Release Clutch Quadrant
-Ford Racing 4.10's
-Ford Racing Live Axle Swap

-2001 Cobra Rear Bumper (Change to have COBRA seen in the back instead of MUSTANG)
-Front Grille Snake Emblem

-UPR Tubular Front K-member and A-Arms
-Front Coil over springs
-5-way adjustable struts
-QA1 Caster/Camber Plates
-H&R Sport Springs
-Granatelli Motorsports Upper and Lower Control Arms w/poly bushings
-Drag Launch Springs
-UPR Subframe connectors (Weld-on)

-SCT tuner 4 bank chip
-Kenne Bell Fuel Flow Booster/Controller
-Ignition Controller/Booster
-Autometer Shift Light
-Autometer Air/Fuel Meter
-Autometer Boost Guage
-IBM ThinkPad Laptop (SCT Custom Tuning Software)

-Bassani Mid Length Headers
-ARP Header Studs
-Bassani Catless H-Pipe
-Flowmaster Catback
-Bassani Catback (Not Installed on car but included in the price)

-2003 Cobra Twin Pumps Assembly
-Cobra Baffled Fuel Tank
-42 lbs injectors
-Kenne Bell Fuel Flow Booster/Controller

Number as quoted from previous owner: 473rwhp & 465rwtq
Times as quoted from previous owner: 11's on DR's & 10's on Slicks
(Info may be false, but unsure atm.)

09-23-2007, 12:16 AM
2003 Mustang GT:

Vortech V2-SQ @ 10 psi
10# pulley
Steeda Powerpipe
Accufab t/b
Accufab plenum
K/N air filter
MAC lts
BBKo/r X pipe
SLP LM2 catback
Motive 3:90s
RAM clutch
subframes (UPR)
eibach pro kit
MGW shorth thow shifter
JLT CAI (sold)
SCT tuner
SVT Focus fuel pump
42# injectors
Gatorback belt
03 Cobra 17x9 rims
315x35 Nitto DRs
ooh and Driver mod

09-26-2007, 03:42 AM
it amazes me how many badass cars are on here, i know where not soposed to have any comments in here..... but i could only read the first page and i was sick to my stomach (might have sumin to do with the xanax and percocets i just took) anwyays, yall have some insane rides! i look at my car now and just wanna cry knowing what i could be! i hate being broke.... one daymine will be in the bad boys list haha i just need to win the lotto! or graduate from college.. hmmm

congrats on the whips guys

10-05-2007, 12:55 PM
This is my 1998 Ford Mustang GT. I purchased this car from a good friend of mine, which has also had several mustangs in the past. It started out just like every other Mustang GT on the road today, but don’t they all! Among the first additions to the car was a mild face lift that included a Cobra R hood, Cobra front valance, Steeda street wing, stars & stripes flag pony, a set of smoked headlights and corners, a little vinyl, and a set of 2K Cobra R wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 275/40/ZR17’s. After doing research about the Steeda Performance Company, I decided that was the ticket for me. After adding the basic bolt-on’s (under-drive pulleys, Steeda Cold Air intake, FRPP 70mm TB, & Screamin’ Demon coil packs), some machine work was needed to optimize these accessories. After some gasket matching and de-burring the intake was reassembled. Next, it was time for some suspension work. First came a set of Eibach Pro springs, full length tubular sub-frame connectors welded in, Steeda X2 ball joint kit, Steed HD rear sway bar, and Steeda HD upper rear control arms. Now it was time for my ride to have some growl to it. Installed was a stainless steel Magnaflow 2.5” exhaust with stainless steel X-Pipe, exiting 3” stainless Magnaflow laser-engraved tips. Next on the list were a Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter with Steeda rubber grip shift knob, King Cobra Clutch pack, and Steeda firewall adjustable clutch cable kit. Also, a Cobra rear-end with stock gear ratios. As far as electronics, I installed a Custom Tuned Diablo chip, Autometer Phantom air to fuel ratio and fuel pressure gauges in pillar gauge pod, & Electro Luminescent white face gauge kit. I also have a Steeda strut tower brace, billet aluminum fuel pressure regulator and, 24# injectors to install, but waiting on Steeda 4 bolt caster camber plates and high flow fuel rails to come in. I’ll be sure to keep you posted on the future upgrades and pics. Chad G. Dothan, Al.

10-17-2007, 11:00 PM
1997 gt.
2004 cobra 4vlongblock with internals swapped to aluminum block
stage 3 blower cams. 484/484
mac ceramic longtubes
mac produmps
mach h pipe
4.10 gears
aluminum driveshaft
mach1 intake
F1c procharger 4.0 pulley 14.5lbs
1/4 mile = 136mph

hot wheels
10-19-2007, 04:23 PM

Vortech v-2 sq w/aftercooler
anderson powerpipe
accufab tb/plm
SLP catted x-pipe
3.73 frpp gears
Alternative Auto dyno'd @ 389hp/395tq


H&R supersports
Tokico hp shocks/struts
Maximum Motorsports caster camber

11-09-2007, 04:35 PM
2001 SVT Cobra
Vortech V-2 @ 8PSI
42lb injectors
255lph fuel pump
BBK Longtube Headers
SLP LM Exhaust
3.73 Gears

Quoted by previous owner: 427rwhp / 403rwtq

11-10-2007, 01:49 AM
97 gt
Non pi stock long block
Steeda underdrive pulleys
Comp 264AH cams degreed in
PI intake swap
Mac long tube headers
Pro products plenum and 75mm accufab T-body
90mm lightning MAS
42# injectors
Stock T45
MGW shifter
King cobra clutch
Fully adjustable upper and lower control arms
Ground pounder drag springa and air bag
Stock gt wheels widened 1.5" wearing nitto 315 drag radials out back and 275 drag radials up front.
Stock 8.8 with 3.27 gears
Home built twin remote mount Twin Turbo kit
Murrilo Motorsports tune
412rwhp 427ftlbs
1/4 mile best 1.8 60ft. 12.3@116mph
Top speed: unknown need hood pins and a trip to the salt flats with safety gear.
Future mods (currently in process): forged 4v swap 17+psi boost 750+rwhp, 8.8 build up, T-56 upgrade

11-15-2007, 09:03 PM
1998 GT
- PI head, cam and intake swap (done in a couple days)
- O/R H-pipe
- Homemade MIL Elimiators
- SLP LM1 Mufflers
- Ford Racing King Cobra Clutch Kit
- K&N Filter w/air silencer removed
- Hurst T-Handle
- Chrome Cobra R's 17x9 up front w/ toyo proxies p245....17x10.5 outback with p315 Sumitomo HRZ's

11-23-2007, 07:23 PM
Car no where close to being done considering I just bought it a week ago, but heres the little that I have done.
-3:73 Gears
-SCT Tuner tuned by Brenspeed.
List of some things to come: Long tubes, H Pipe, SLPs, Pullies, C&L Plenum, C&L 75mm Throttle Body,C&L Intake, Port + Polish stock heads, cam, and if I dont see the 1/4 mile times I would like then maybe a 100 shot.

11-23-2007, 07:24 PM
The list is extremly long so theres just some thing I am going to do.

11-23-2007, 08:04 PM
-MMR 600 short block (with 10.5:1 compression)
-Patriot stage 2 heads w/ stage 3 valving
-VT Custom N/A Cams (hottest cams you can get for N/A)
-Ported Typhoon manifold
-Polished & Smoothed 75 mm throttle body and upper intake
-MAC Underdrive pulleys
-Accell COP's
-Hooker Pro Comp Long tube headers
-MAC Off road X pipe
-MAC SS Catback
-MAC short throw shifter
-Spec stage 4 clutch
-Motive 4.30 gears
-Eaton 4-clutch posi rear end
-Diablo Predator Tuner
-Poly Motor mounts
-Optima Yellow Top

-Stock Mach 1 springs (with 1/2 coil cut off each)
-Stock Mach 1 sway bars (Front one removed at the track)
-Granatelli Tubular Upper and Lower Control arms
-Full length weld in subframe connectors
-Gabriel self adjusting shocks

- Cobra Front Facia
- Grill Delete
- Cobra Headlights
- Angel eye/Halo Cobra Fog lights
- Hyperwhite bulbs
- Hyperwhite turn signal bulbs
- Ported Hood scoop
- Spoiler moved back
- Rear valance black out
- Black rear inserts
- Sequential Turn signals
- Ford Explorer "V-8" Emblem (Replaces GT)
- Third brake light cover

- Rear seat delete
- JVC head unit
- Alpine speakers
- Kenwood Comp 1500 watt amp
- Kenwood Comp 1000 watt 12" sub

I gutted the trunk and under the hood too. Im sure im forgetting a ton of stuff but oh well.

11-25-2007, 10:04 PM
1992 Lincoln Towncar Black
5.0sohc stroker
.510 comp cams
Victor 4.6 intake
200 hp nos
850 Holley
Forged pistons 9.5:1
Msd ignition
2800 stall
Built AODE
9"ford 4.10 gears
26x10.5 bf drag radials
1/4 mile 10.88 133
480rwhp 680rwhp on the bottle

11-26-2007, 12:27 AM
^^ Hmmmmm?

12-01-2007, 02:21 PM
2000 GT

P1SC Procharger 10psi
3-Core Intercooler
SVO Girdle Kit
Walbro 255lph Fuel Pump
FRPP 42lb Injectors
Lightning 90mm MAF
Accufab 75mm Throttle Body
SLP O/R X pipe
FRPP 4.10 Gears
Mcleod Clutch and Flywheel
Tremec T56 "Viper Spec" (Beefed up)
Steeda Tri-Axe Shifter
Ford C-springs
FRPP Boost and Fuel Pressure Gauges
Subframe Connectors


Forged Shortblock Coming Christmas
TNT Nitrous Setup Coming New Years Eve

12-05-2007, 05:18 PM

1992 Lincoln Towncar Black
5.0sohc stroker
.510 comp cams
Victor 4.6 intake
200 hp nos
850 Holley
Forged pistons 9.5:1
Msd ignition
2800 stall
Built AODE
9"ford 4.10 gears
26x10.5 bf drag radials
1/4 mile 10.88 133
480rwhp 680rwhp on the bottle


12-06-2007, 01:11 PM
ORIGINAL: ben790450


1992 Lincoln Towncar Black
5.0sohc stroker
.510 comp cams
Victor 4.6 intake
200 hp nos
850 Holley
Forged pistons 9.5:1
Msd ignition
2800 stall
Built AODE
9"ford 4.10 gears
26x10.5 bf drag radials
1/4 mile 10.88 133
480rwhp 680rwhp on the bottle


I saw that the other day....:eek:

02 GT
12-15-2007, 09:21 PM

ok, here goes,
engine mods:

5 speed auto
75mm throttlebody
k&n intake & filters
custom tune
long tube headers
o/r x pipe

holy chit, that's old

well times change so, here's an update of some of my current mods:

MMR 5.0 STROKER Street Mod 950
Forged 3.750 stroke Crankshaft w/micro polished journals
Manley Forged H-beam Rods
Manley pistons 3.552 Bore size
Federal Mogul Race series Rod and Main bearings
Engine balanced by mmr
ARP Headstuds and MMR/Felpro Extreme Duty Headgaskets
ARP Mainstuds
Patriot stage III superflow bench heads
Patriot 6000 series stainless steel valves
Manley valve springs
Compcams performance cams
Moroso 7 quart oil pan
Moroso oil pump
Typhoon Intake Manifold
Accufab 75mm throttle body
Aeromotive fuel system
Vortech V-1 T-trim supercharger (8psi on the streets, 26psi on race day)
Vortech Maxflow Power Cooler, air-to-water cooler system
Vortech 8-Rib Supercharger Drive upgrade (pullies)
Custom tuned
BBK l/t headers
BBK o/r H-pipe
SLP lm2 exhaust
Ford 9" rear
FRPP 4.10 gears
5speed auto transmission

01-01-2008, 03:17 PM
-Vortech V2 SQ S-Trim
-SVT Focus Fuel Pump
-SCT 90mm Big Air MAF Meter
-SCT XCalibrator 2
-NGK TR6 Spark Plugs
-Siemens/Deka 60lbs. Fuel Injectors
-Nitroush Express Ruel Rail Pressure Sensor Adapter
-FRPP 4.10 Gears w/ Install Kit
-Mac O/R H-Pipe
-Flowmaster Super 44's
-MGW Short Throw

(All to be replaced soon...)
-Roush Lowering Springs
-Roush Control Arms
-Want a full suspension setup through MM

-Goodyear Eagle F1 GS D3
-17x9 Black Bullitt (255/40-17)
-18x10 Black Bullitt Deep Dish (295/35-18)
-Chrome Locking Lug Nuts
-Bullitt (Running Pony) Center Caps
-Black Bumper Insert Letters
-Honeycomb Trim Panel
-Shorty Antenna
-FRPP Hood Pin Kit
-Lambo Doors REMOVED!

-Autometer Triple Pillar Gauge Pod
-Autometer Ultralight Boost Gauge
-Autometer Ultralight Fuel Pressure Gauge
-Autometer Ultralight Oil Pressure Gauge
-FRPP Black Shift Knob w/ Brushed Insert
-Painted Trim Silver

01-12-2008, 06:40 AM
I guess ill go and then ill have to update when I get my new motor and what not...

2002 GT 5-Speed
Novi 2000
Custom Powerpipe
Vortech mini race bypass valve
Aluminum Driveshaft
Mach 1 Grill Delete
BBK 75mm TB
MAC Plenum
MAC Prochamber H-Pipe
MAC Catback
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Upr Upper/Lower Control Arms
Torque Boxes Welded
Full Length Subframes
SCT2 tuner
KYB AGX shocks
Factory Rims
4.10 Gears
03/04 cobra tank/pumps
42lbs injectors

Soon to come: 10sec daily driver 9sec track

02-05-2008, 12:28 AM
I'm still updating my mod list guys. Let's use this to research mods, and see what everyone's running. If you have a specific question, shoot someone a PM and ask!

02-05-2008, 01:34 AM
steeda u/d pulleys
acufab 75mm TX
accufab Plenums
Tunable induction CAI
Pro-M 85mm MAS
Spec stg2 clutch
aluminum flywheel
mgw shifter
Richmond 4:10 gears(whines)
o/r prochamber
NX plate kit with standalone fuel system, wot switch, MSD digital window switch, And fuel pressure safety switch

Next on the list, Suspension:) eibach front drag springs. shocks/struts. Baseline uppers and MM Lowers, welded torque boxes, weld up axles tubes and MM full length subframes.

02-21-2008, 10:45 PM

03-12-2008, 01:49 PM
1999 Midnight Blue / purple pearl Mustang GT 4.6 2V.
Stock long block, trans & shifter,cams, intake.
Vortech V2 supercharger 12-14 psi.
Long tube headers & X-pipe / hi flow cats.
4:10 gears, stock 8.8 rear, MT 27' drag radial,
15X4 weld alumasta front, 15x10 alumastar rear.
UPRtubelar K member, A arms, coil over front suspension.
ET 11.27 @ 122.00 1.65 60 FT.
Ran consistent for two years 11.40s @ 120.00 with 8-9 psi.
Broke a rod in 2006, problaly not tune properly.

My goal is 600-700 rwhp, hoping 9.sec.
Built a 04 cobra aluminum block stroke to 302.
Stage 2 patriot heads, comp cams 235/550 lift.
VortecH supercharger T-trim 15-18 psi.
70mm throttle body.
Installing required roll cage.
Looking for edelbrock victor jr EFI intake.
Looking for severe duty m5 or m6 trans.
Need 31 spline harden axles.
Need a after market oil pan.

03-12-2008, 01:51 PM

03-12-2008, 02:00 PM
Need parts

03-12-2008, 10:03 PM
1999 Mustang GT 4.6 2V M5 sp Midnight blue / Purple Pearl
Stock long block, intake, cams, throttle body, rear, trans.
Vortech V2 supercharger 6-8 psi, 38 lb injector, 80mm mass air.
BBK 1 5/8' long tube headers, X PIPE /2 hi flow cats.
UPR tubelar k member, a arms, coil over.
19'x 8' fr. 19'x 10' rr rojo wheels 11.74. @ 115.00
15'x 4' fr.15 x 10' rr weld alumastar wheels,
Mickey thompson 27' x 10'.
Consistent 11.40 @ 120.00 mph with 6-8 psi.
11.20 @ 122.00 10-12 psi.
Broke a rod in 2005,
I built a 04 aluminum cobra block stroke to 301,
forged crank &pistons, H-beam rods.
Patroit stage3 heads, comp cam 235/550 lift.
Vortech supercharger, 62 lb injector, steeda fuel rails.
04 cobra fuel tank / ford GT upgradedfuel pumps.

Parts list, i'm looking for after cooleror intercooler.
Looking for a Edelbrock victor jr EFI intake.
C4, tremec heavy duty m5 or m6 trans.
Need 31 spline harden axles.
ETA finished fall 08

Pictures coming soon

07-11-2008, 08:37 PM
12.2@115 in full road race trim.


-Driver CG-Locks
-Maximum Motorsports Caster/Camber Plates
-Maximum Motorsports Front Swaybar Endlink Set (4-1/4")
-Maximum Motorsports Front Swaybar Bushings
-Maximum Motorsports Stainless Steel brake hoses (front)
-Maximum Motorsports Full Length Subs
-Maximum Motorsports Front Coilover kit (350# Hypercoil springs)
-Maximum Motorsports Rear Coilover kit (575# Hypercoil Springs)
-Maximum Motorsports IRS subframe bushings
-Maximum Motorsports IRS diff bushings
-Maximum Motorsports Front Bumpsteer kit
-Maximum Motorsports K-member
-Maximum Motorsports Tubular A-arms non-offset urethane
-Maximum Motorsports Aluminum offset rack bushings
-Bilstein HD front struts
-Bilstein 03/04 cobra rear shocks
-NEW!! Fuzion HRi tires
-Ford Racing Front Control Arms
-03/04 Cobra Steering Rack
-03/04 Cobra Steering Shaft
-13" Brembo rotors & Mach 1 Calipers + Cobra rotors/mach 1 calipers in the rear
-2004 Cobra IRS
-IRS diff brace

-8k Bi-Xenon HID kit from
-Painted brake calipers (Red)
-5% Tint all-around
-Lowered wiper arms
-FR500 Steering Wheel
-Mach 1 Grille Delete (3pc.)
-MAC white face gauge overlay
-Gauge Works 2 1/16 inch Dual Instrument Cluster Bezel
-#37 Blue LED bulbs for gauges

-Modular Powerhouse (MPH) Vortech Mongoose kit
- Vortech V2 SQ-trim supercharger
- MPH 4" Powerpipe
- X-Cal-2 Flasher
- SVT Focus fuel pump
- 42# injectors
- 90mm MAF
- IAT sensor relocation
- NGK spark plugs
-"75mm" Intake Plenum
-Professional Products 75mm "POWER" Throttle Body
-2.95" Blower pulley
-Flowtech Ceramic coated Long Tube headers
-Flowtech Terminator Offroad short X-pipe (for LT's)
-Magnaflow Catback
-24x12x3 Bar/plate core 3" in/out
-3" Aluminum piping
-Silicone couplers
-T-bolt clamps
-Vortech mini-race bypass (satin body, blue top)
-3" Type-RS BOV pipe (polished aluminum)
-GI-Joe ( Vortech 8-Rib pulley kit

-Pioneer DH-P5000MP Double DIN head unit
-Pioneer CD-IB100 Ipod adapter
-Autometer C2 Air/Fuel ratio gauge
-Autometer C2 Boost gauge (30psi max)
-LC-1 Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio system for Autometer gauge
-Raptor Performance Shift Light (mounted in air vent, very trick!)

-Maximum Motorsports Clutch Quadrant
-Maximum Motorsports Firewall Adjuster
-Maximum Motorsports Clutch Pedal Height Adjuster
-UPR shifter with custom handle

07-21-2008, 03:55 AM
2002 Mineral Grey 5spd Mustang GT


Granitelli Tubular K-member
Granitelli Tubular a arms
Granitelli Street coil over kit
Tokico HP Struts and shocks
Maximum motorsports C/C plates
Summit racing Upper and Lower Control arms
UPR full lenght sub frame connectors

BBK Ceramic coated LTs
BBK O/R H pipe
Mac 2.5" Pro dumps
Professional Products 75mm TB and Plenum
MGW short throw shifter
SLP Line lock
FRPP 4.10 gears
Eaton 31 spline diff
Moser 31 spline axles
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
FRPP Driveshaft safety loop
Trickflow diff cover
SCT X cal 3 Tuner
Spec Stage 3 clutch
Spec Billet steel flywheel
Steeda clutch cable, fire wall adjuster, and quadrant

Power Adder:
VENOM VCN 1000 N20- 100 shot

Wheels and tires:
Weld Racing 15x10 and 15x3.5 Pro stars
MT ET Streets 26X11.5-15
BF Goodrich front runners


07-23-2008, 07:19 PM

Engine is a 01 model 4.6l SOHC stroked to 5.0l
60# injectors
Steeda fuel Rails
Aeromotive 1000hp return fuel system
Hardballer intake ported
VT Engine stage 3 race heads
VT Blower cams
Jesel Cam followers
MSD Coil packs
Manley 9.5 to 1 pistons w/ plasm file fit rings
Eagle H Beam rods
Eagle 4340 stroker crank
Coated bearings
high vol. oil pump
7qt pan
Procharger D1SC w/ 3 core intercooler
8 Rib kit pushing 17psi boost
Professional Mass Air Map
TNT nitrous system w/125 shot
MSD window switch to control TNT
BBK Long tube headers
BBK X pipe
BBK SOHC Valve covers
Built C-4 Tranny with pro tree brake / 4800 stall convetor
Air shifter
Tubular K Member
Tubular A arms
Driveshaft loop
Full lenght steeda sub frame connectors
Full cage
Coilovers in front w/Lakewoods
UPR dbl uppers and lower
Narrowed 8.8 w/ 35 spline spool and axles
sway bar
Slotted disc brake rotors
4 piston calipers
Line locks
Centerline warriors
4.5 fronts
28 X 11.5 rears

07-30-2008, 12:20 AM
98 mustang GT 4.6, 5-speed

MAC cold air intake
Pro Products 75mm throttle body
BBK upper plenum
Ford Racing 9mm plug wires
24lb fuel injectors w/ mass air meter
Steeda u/d pullies
BBK shorty headers
MAC o/r x-pipe
Flowmaster cat-back
180 stat Redline WaterWetter

Steeda tri-ax shifter
UPR pistol grip shift knob
Motive 3.73 gears
Eibach pro-kit springs

17" 03 svt cobra polished aluminum wheels
rear: 275/40/17 Mickey Thompson E/T street radials
front: 245/45/17 BFG Comp T/As

sitting in the garage:
2004 PI heads, cams, intake

times in the sig, dyno tune as soon as i complete PI swap

08-02-2008, 04:48 PM
2000 Mustang GT W/ a 1997 GT shortblock
A semi odd combo... but still humorous

2000 Bastardized Mustang GT:

Rebuilt 1997 Mustang GT shortblock
Stg 2 Patriot Perf. Heads, Ferrera intake valves, Ferrera Exhaust valves,
FRPP seals,Surfaced, Comp. Three angle valve job, CNC ported
Comp Cams 262XE
Mac O/R X
Mac Catback
Ported C&L Plenum
C&L Intake
Accufab 75mm TB
FRPP King Cobra Clutch
FRPP Flywheel
FRPP C Springs
KYB Shocks struts
Custom Diablosport tune
17in FR500s w/ 275s
Melling oil pump
180* Thermostat

guess i'm small time... I'm still a poor college student...

290 RWHP
315 Torque

So basically I have a 97 mustang in a 2000 Shell...

Once long tubes come in... i'm hoping for a decent amount over 300rwhp

08-03-2008, 04:46 PM
what would happen if i did not use h-pipe or x-pipe and just run two seperate exhaust pipes??

08-26-2008, 12:43 PM

255 RWHP
13.61 @ 102.50

08-26-2008, 01:41 PM
1997 mustang gt

motor out of 2004 cobra
all internals swapped to an aluminum block
stock mach 1 intake and throttle body
stock 04 cobra heads with
stage 3 crower blower cams
titanium retainters and springs
mac ceramic longtubes
60lb injectors
stock return fuel system with
255lph walbro pump and
kb boost a pump.
d1sc procharger with rr 3.0 pulley

tubular control arms and
tubular k member
coil overs
90/10 lakewood struts
tubular upper and lower control arms in the rear
31 spline moser axles
31 spline stock diff.
aluminum driveshaft.

593.5/505 on 14.5lbs

09-01-2008, 03:05 PM
MMR 5.0 STROKER Street Mod 950-
2004 Aluminum Cobra block (bore size 3.552)
Notched Manley 8.5-1 Pistons
Manley 4340 Forged H-Beam Rods
MMR 4340 Stroker Crank
MMR Stage 3 ported and polished 2V heads
Stage 2 Billet Comp Cams (Grind# XE270AH-13)
Comp Cams Spring kit
Comp Cams Cam Spacers
MMR/Felpro Extreme Duty Head gaskets
ARP Headstuds
ARP Mainstuds
MMR Race/Street High Flow Oil Pump w/cryo gearset
FRPP/SVT PortedBullitt Intake Manifold
Accufab 96-98 Cobra oval Throttle Body
JLT Fenderwell intake (until blower install)
Professional Products High Flow Fuel Rails (until Aeromotive 1000 system)
A/C Delete
BBK Long Tube Headers
BBK Off-Road X-pipe
Borla Stinger Exhaust

MMR Rear seat delete
Painted interior trim (high gloss black)
Sullivan Racing Aluminum Pedals (GT Logo)
GT Logo Floor Mats (black)
Summit Racing Seats (black simulated leather)

18x9 front 18x10 Deep Dish rear Bullitt wheels (black)
Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mach 1 Grille Delete
5.0 Stroker fender emblems
UPR Stainless bumper inserts (mirror)
UPR Fuel door (gloss black/polished rim)
Wade smoked headlight and taillight covers
Smoked LED 3rd brake light
20% Window tint
Boss Inc. 2000 Cobra R hood (3" Cowl)

Rear End:
Motive 4.10 Gears

Eibach Pro Kit Springs

Next Mods:
Full MMR/Granetelli Suspension-
Tubular K-member,A-Arms,Front and Rear Coilovers, Front and rear Control Arms, Full Sub-Frame connectors, etc.
Aeromotive A1000 return style fuel system
Eaton Posi Differential, Moser 31 Spline Axles, C-Clip eliminators, MMR Aluminum Driveshaft
PA Performance Tranny
ProCharger F1-R
Hoping for 700+ RWHP

09-02-2008, 11:02 AM
2002 Black GT
Kenne Bell 10psi I/C
BBK 75mm TB
36lb Injectors
Stock MAF
KB Tune 365rwhp 384TQ Safe Tune!
Coming Soon KB CAI 90mm MAF and switch chip Upgrade
Hoping for 400+!!!
Flowmaster 50s Catback

09-02-2008, 11:38 AM

Patriot stage II heads
CMS stage 1 cams
stock shortblock (284 ci technically)
BBK Long Tube Headers

Suspension: (it gets the job done)

-Custom subframe connectors
-Griggs Racing K-member
-Griggs Racing front control arms
-Steeda Bump steer kit
-Koni yellow struts
-650 lb springs front
-Coil-over kit for front and rear
-Koni yellow shocks
-350 lb springs rear
-Griggs Racing torque arm
-Griggs Racing panhard bar
-Griggs Racing rear lower control arms
-RCI Four point racing harnesses mounted from trunk
-Kenny Brown strut tower brace
-Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
-BAER Brakes 13x1.1 in front (BAER Claw Track)
-Slotted rotors, front
-Cross drilled rotors, rear
-negative camber added to the rear axle

I pulled over a G on street tires :)


Mach 1 chin spoiler
Bullit replicas 17x9 and 17x10.5

1999 kenne
09-14-2008, 09:14 PM
k im new here but here are my mods, kenne bell twin screw (10 PSI), ford racing shorty's, fender well intake, 373 gears, 11 inch hoosier's, 2 gauge piller pod, walbro 255 fuel pump, steeda gauges, steeda shift knob, and thats about it, im puttin down 422.8 rwhp 11.8 in the 1/4 mile :)

09-16-2008, 03:54 PM

Patriot stage II heads
CMS stage 1 cams
stock shortblock (284 ci technically)
BBK Long Tube Headers

Suspension: (it gets the job done)

-Custom subframe connectors
-Griggs Racing K-member
-Griggs Racing front control arms
-Steeda Bump steer kit
-Koni yellow struts
-650 lb springs front
-Coil-over kit for front and rear
-Koni yellow shocks
-350 lb springs rear
-Griggs Racing torque arm
-Griggs Racing panhard bar
-Griggs Racing rear lower control arms
-RCI Four point racing harnesses mounted from trunk
-Kenny Brown strut tower brace
-Maximum Motorsports caster/camber plates
-BAER Brakes 13x1.1 in front (BAER Claw Track)
-Slotted rotors, front
-Cross drilled rotors, rear
-negative camber added to the rear axle

I pulled over a G on street tires :)


Mach 1 chin spoiler
Bullit replicas 17x9 and 17x10.5

Me too :) Mod list in Sig.

09-24-2008, 01:09 AM
'02 silver gt

MMR 4.6 Street Mod 900 forged shortblock
70MM Polished Accufab Throttle Body and Plenum
polished Performance Products typhoon Intake manifold
BBK underdrive pullies
BBK polished/ceramic coated long tube headers
pro-chamber mid pipe
dual Spin Tech exhaust
3.55 gears
kenny brown lowering springs
Spec Stage 3 clutch
Steeda firewall adjustable clutch quadrant
Spec Flywheel
steed tri-ax short throw shifter...

...soon to have tko600 and d1sc procharger

09-28-2008, 04:15 PM
See Below.....


10-12-2008, 03:02 AM
i dont think mine would be a bad biy but heres mine
patriot performance stage 2 heads
stock 04 pi cams
03 pi intake
flowmasters american thunder catback
mac prochamber midpipes
venom 24lb fuel injectors

10-18-2008, 03:18 PM
what would be my best bet for a supercharger, for a decent price??
i have a 2000 GT. with some mods, no rebuilt motor.

10-18-2008, 04:48 PM
1996 GT:

PI Engine Swap
Custom Cams
BBK Longtubes
SCT Tune

277rwhp N/A on a Mustang Dyno

2002 GT:

Tubbed and 25.5 Certified
Ford GT 5.4L Aluminum Block, Ported 2000 Cobra R Heads
101mm Turbo

It's a work in progress!

11-02-2008, 05:18 PM
Engine -
4.6L block Bored .002" over, Forged Kellog Crankshaft, 298CID
Forged Manley Rod's & Pistons, SCR 8.5:1
Patriot Performance Stage II heads/ Comp cams custom turbo cams (you can see my plans huh)
Titanium oversized valves, comp cams valve springs
MSD Ignition system, w FAST engine management system
Fluidyne radiator, with radiator mounting trimming to fit
Stock plastic intake
Cobra Oil pickup
canton 7qt oil pan with baffling

Vortech T-trim (the day of the race running 15.7PSI)
Snow performance dual pump dual nozzle methanol water injection system, with safe injection/knock sensor, ignition retard

Transmission -
Viper spec T-56 W/ reverse lockout
Mccleod Twin disk clutch,
Cobra bellhousing
Custom 4" Aluminum Drive shaft

IRS out of a 2001 Cobra
31 Spline Axles
Upgraded Ford differential with extra clutchpacs- soon to be aftermarket/non ford piece
3.55 Ring & pinion

Maximum Motorsports Tubular K member
Billstein adjustable coilover for 99-04 cobra's
Maximum motorsports Heavy duty IRS crosmember
Adjustable tie rod ends
Full length subframe connectors
alluminum differential mounts
most of the bushings are poly-urethane
6 point roll cage

carpeted, but no heat/sound deadening.
Still running Autometer Boost, Oil Pressure, oil Temp, and water temp gauges

Removed AC, Battery located to back.
Baer 13" Track kit w/ stainless steel braided lines
Baer proportioning valve, bias currently at 74%FR

11-13-2008, 10:33 PM
see sig... I'm not worthy :(

11-26-2008, 01:52 PM
Are us 5.4 guys welcome here...?? haha...!!
5.4 block bored .020
Patriot Performance Stage 2 heads
stock cams (for now)
fully built bottom end (H-Beam rods, forged crank, D.S.S. 17cc forged pistons)
8.5:1 CR
Vortech V-2 S-trim (2.87 pulley) and aftercooler
Anderson power pipe
Meizeire electric water pump
Sniper tune
PP intake/plenum/75mm TB/5.4 to 4.6 adapter plates
Cherry Bomb cat-back
Summit H-pipe
stock exhaust manifolds (for now)
Accel super coils
Cobra tank with dual 255 lph pumps
Bosch 44lb injectors
Pro-Motive 4.10 gears
built and modified trans
2400 rpm stall converter
grille delete

11-26-2008, 08:18 PM
sct xcal2
accel 52 lb. inj.
twin svt focus pumps
modified stock hat for twin pumps
custom stainless steel fuel tank baffle
hpx maf
xo2 44mm wastegate
obx bov
holset h1e 60mm turbo
chopped pypes x pipe
2.5 intercooler tubing to front mount
dumped downpipe
tilton scavenge pump

4cyl. front springs
custom adjustable upper control arms
custom adjustable lower traction bars
battle boxes
custom subframe connectors
8-point roll cage
corbeau driver seat
rci harness
relocated battery
weld prostar rears w/
325/50r15 nitto drag radials
pro 5.0 shifter
spec stage 3
31 spline mosers
8 clutch 31 spline t loc
custom tuned by matt at performance evolution

11-28-2008, 05:34 AM
2001 bullitt mustang dark highland green
mods in cron order

previous owner-steeda triax shifter

sct II tuner 93oct ect
jlt intake
upper lower control arms
3.90 gears and carbon fiber clutch pack
bbk long tube headers bbk catted H pipe
tko 500 26 spline input shaft, spec stage 1 clutch, upr firewall adjuster and quadrant
svt focus fuel pump
auburn diff, moser 31 spline axles, drivetrain specialists welded and sraightened 8.8 housing, 3.90s
mmr 7.5 qt oil pan(holds 8-8.5 quarts)
vortech v1 s trim 3.6" pulley 8.1 lbs boost --used head unit
mph boost pipe
42# injectors
lightning 90mm maf
370 whp ~370 wtq tuned by dan @ livernois motorsports
still has stock catback

kumho ecsta mx
15" weld prostars with 275/50 m/t drs have yet to try them out

11-30-2008, 01:17 PM
Mods in sig, but I will repost them anyway:

BBK LT Headers
BBK catted X-Pipe (I originally bought a catless one, but here in VA you can't get an inspection sticker if'n you don't have cats. Booo!)
Magnaflow Magnpack catback
Motive Gear 3.73's
Some kind of aftermarket high performance clutch (cause the stock one crapped the bed)

Future mods:
NOT A DAMN THING cause I just bought a house and am now officially broke like Michael Vick

I have never had my car dynoed and have never taken it to a track, so I have no idea how much hp or torque I am putting out, and I have no idea what it runs in the 1/8th or 1/4th.

99 Stang
01-03-2009, 04:12 PM
Hey guys i'm new with the mustangs, I have a 99 thats pumping good HP its a 4.6 with ported and polished heads and polished manifold and aluminun block with 10 to 1 compression. running headers and flow master exhusted and a 373 gear. What else can i do to raise the HP higher. I know i cant run a turbo charger becuse of the compression.And would anybody know what kind of HP this motor turning? THANKS

01-04-2009, 08:52 PM
2000 Mustang GT 598/531 rwhp/rwtq

Best run with only 516/453
11.1 @ 129 best trap 130.69
New times soon with 82 extra rwhp and big & skinnies




Why are most of you not stating what you put out and a dyno sheet? I want to what others got from their mods? I thought that was the point of the thread?

01-04-2009, 08:56 PM
Hey guys i'm new with the mustangs, I have a 99 thats pumping good HP its a 4.6 with ported and polished heads and polished manifold and aluminun block with 10 to 1 compression. running headers and flow master exhusted and a 373 gear. What else can i do to raise the HP higher. I know i cant run a turbo charger becuse of the compression.And would anybody know what kind of HP this motor turning? THANKS

320ish now and you can do so nitrous for some extra hp until the bottle runs out. I would go with low compression pistons and add a blower or turbo.

01-19-2009, 05:16 PM
2003 Mustang Mach 1 Torch Red 5-speed IUP


Ford Racing Aluminator 4.6L DOHC Long Block Supercharged 8.5:1 Compression Ratio
Kenne Bell 2.1 Mach 1 Supercharger System - Air to Liquid Intercooled
Gates Drive-align Tensioner Assembly
Innovators West Modular Motor 10% Overdrive SFI Approved Harmonic Balancer
Kooks Custom Headers 1 3/4" x 3" Ford 4.6L 4V Stainless Steel
Kooks Custom Headers 3" High Flow Catalytic X-Pipe w/2.5" Outlet
Borla Stinger Catback with 4" Chrome Tips
Accufab Polished Monoblade Throttle Body Assembly - 03/04 Cobra
SCT 3000 Big Air 90mm MAF meter w/Billet Housing
JLT 12" High Boost Cold Air Induction Assembly (2003-2004 Cobra) w/color upgrade to Torch Red
Sieman Deka 60# High lmp. Injectors
Custom Tuning by Tillman Speed Aston, PA
XCAL 3 Handheld Tuner


SPEC Lightweight Steel Flywheel Assembly
SPEC 99-04 Mustang Cobra/Mach Stage 2+ w/Low Pedal Option Clutch Kit
Steeda Clutch Cable with Aluminum Clutch Quadrant and Firewall adjuster
Stock Ford Mustang Mach 1 Tremec TR-3650 Transmission
Hurst Billet/Plus Shifter w/Chrome Handle and White 5-speed Ball
Ford Racing Aluminum Driveshaft Assembly


Eaton Detroit True-Trac 8.8" 31 Spline Limited Slip Differential
Moser 99-04 Mustang 31 Spline Hardened C-Clip Axles
Ford Racing 8.8" 3.73 Gears and Full Installation Kit
Royal Purple 75w140 Gear Oil


Ford Cobra Fuel Tank Sending Unit
Fore Precision Works Billet hat/Twin Ford GT Fuel Pumps/Filter/8-AN Braided Fuel Line


Baer Decelarotor Cross-Drilled/Slotted Rotors w/Stock Calipers
Hawk Carbon Fiber Autocross Brake Pads


AFS All-Chrome Mach 1 Style Wheels - 17 x 9 Front 17 x 10.5 Rear
Summitomo HRZ 275/45/17 Front 315/35/17 Rear


Tokico D-Spec


Stock Front K-member and Control Arms
Steeda Steel Lower Rear Control Arms - 99-04 Mustang


Stock Driver/Passenger Seats
MMR Rear Seat Delete
Hurst Billet/Plus Shifter w/Chrome Handle and White 5-speed Ball
CJ Pony Parts "Mach 1" Floor Mats


Speed of Sound A-Pillar Dual Gauge Pod
MRT Interceptor Instrument Cluster Replacement
Autometer Dual Gauge Instrument Bezel
Autometer Cobalt Series Vac/Boost Gauge - 2 1/16"
Autometer Cobalt Series Fuel Pressure Gauge - 2 1/16"
Autometer Cobalt Series Water Temp. Gauge 100-260 Degrees - 2 1/16"
Autometer Cobalt Series Digital Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge - 2 1/16"


4.6 High Performance Fender Badges (Replace Running Pony)
American Muscle 14" Black Shorty Antenna
Ford Racing Hood Pins w/Lanyards (The Real Deal)
MRT Hydraulic Hood Lifts
Retro Cobra Jet Shaker Emblems
American Muscle Clear Fog Lights
Visus Aluminum Rear Window Louvers
Custom Third Brake Light Overlay - Says "Midnight Mustangs"
All Detailing by ME and Meguiars Products

02-20-2009, 02:06 PM
I guess Ill start off with the mods then list power/times.

Viper Spec t56 trans
spec stage 2 clutch
aluminum driveshaft
4.10 motive gears
Vortech v2 sq mongoose kit w/3.33 pulley
lightning 90mm maf
Focus SVT pump
40lb injectors
vortech mini race bypass valve
professional products upper plenum/75mm tb
mac o/r h-pipe
slp lmII catback
Strange 10 way adjustable shocks and struts
UPR solid lower control arms
moser 28 spline axles (in the middle of the swap as I type this actually)
Innovate lc-1 wideband and gauge
autometer boost and oil pressure gauges

probably more I'm forgetting but that's the major stuff

The car has ran a 12.1@115 with a crappy 1.76 60'. I've been working out all of the suspension to get traction and that was the best I ran last fall. I got it hooking so well that on the next run after spinning on the launch and running 12.1 that I broke the axle so It should run a little faster. It made 385 rwhp last time I dynoed it but it should be up around 400 this year after fine tuning everything

03-05-2009, 02:57 AM
here goes mine. black mustang letters on the back. small ford racing stickers (really small, with a pretty chick) on side windows. Barely got my car like 3 weeks ago. jeje I think short shifter and gears would be my first mode.

03-16-2009, 12:09 AM
2003 Mustang GT "premium package"
Hardtop 5 speed Dark Shadow Grey

Hellion Turbo kit with T-62 @17psi and cat delete
DSS shortblock- windsor block upgrade, race balanced forged cobra crank, dss pro lite h beam rods, arp2000 rod bolts, probe 18cc forged pistons standard bore, high output frpp oil pump, high volume oil pickup tube, arp head studs, fel pro mls head gaskets, ported pi heads with valvejob, manlex nextek valve springs, comp hi load retainers, stock cams
stock intake
Flowmaster cat back

Siemens Deka 60lb injectors
03/04 Cobra pumps with pprv delete
Kenne Bell Boost a Pump
SCT ba2800 maf

Spec stage 3 clutch
Spec aluminum flywheel
Pro 5.0 shifter

UPR k member
MMR A arms
UPR front coil overs 250#
H&R SS rear springs
Tokico blue shocks and struts
UPR bumpsteer kit
Maximum Motorsports 4 bolt cc plates

anthracite Bullitt Replica wheels 17x9/17x10.5
Mach1 grill delete
spoiler delete
Bullitt sideskirts
Bullitt sidescoop delete
Bullitt c pillars and glass
19% tint
red painted calipers
black rear bumper lettering
taillights tinted 50%

Autometer c2 boost and wideband a/f
white face gauges
autometer pro lite shift light
billet window switches
flip out dvd player
component speaker sets all around

probably forgot a couple things...should be over 600whp

03-16-2009, 12:59 AM
Numbers in my sig.

Mod List

18cc manley pistons .020 over
Modmax 4340 H beam rods
Kellogg cobra crank
ARP main studs
ARP head studs
Felpro performance gaskets.
Stage 3 Patriot heads
CMS stage 3 blower cams
MMR cobra oil pump
Canton 7qt oil pan
TFS Trackheat intake
Solid motor mounts

Mac longtubes
Cam o/r H pipe
Slp loudmouth 2 catback

Paxton Novi 2000 race version
3in RR pulley
Innovators west 10% OD crank pulley
Ebay 4in intercooler
3in custom welded intercooler piping
Mondo bypass valve
AIS meth system

weaponX COP
3 step colder ngk plugs

Custom sumped tank
A1000 fuel pump
100 micron filter
10 micron filter
-10 feed line (to Y block)
-8 feed line (from Y block to rails)
Aeromotive fuel rails
60lbs injectors
A1000 bypass regulator
-6 return line

Meziere electric water pump
180* Tstat
Mishimoto aluminum radiator (fabricated to fit)


Autometer C2 wideband
Autometer C2 fuel pressure
Autometer C2 oil pressure
Autometer C2 boost
A pillar triple pod
Steering column single pod

Front suspension
QA1 kmember
QA1 coilovers
QA1 adj struts
Steeda bump steer kit

Rear suspension
Megabite jr. lower control arms
Baseline suspension pro launch upper control arms
Baseline suspension antiroll bar
QA1 adj shocks
QA1 coilovers
CHE shock tower brace
Welded torque boxes

Rear end
33 spline moser axles
4.10 gears
C clip eliminators
Welded tubes
CHE axle brace

17x9 black chrome 03 cobra (front)
17x10.5 black chrome 03 cobra (rear)

01 cobra front bumper
Paint matched mirrors
03 cobra rear bumper (waiting to be installed)

Spec stage 1 clutch
Aluminum driveshaft

03-26-2009, 06:22 PM
Performance Modifications:

-Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers
-BBK Off Road H Midpipe
-MGW Short Throw Shifter
-Ford Racing 3.73 Gears with Carbon Fiber Clutch Pack
-275/40/17 Nitto 555 Street Radials
-Upgraded Braking System
-SCT XCal3 Tuner Custom Tuned By Dayton Performance
-Steeda Sport Lowering Springs
-Professional Products 75mm Polished Throttle Body
-Accufab Polished Plenum
-Raptor Red LED Shift Light
-Procharger D1-SC
-3-Core Race Intercooler
-SVT Focus Fuel Pump
-42lb Injectors
-ProFlo Blow-Through MAF
-TR6Spark Plugs
-ProFlo Surge Bypass Valve
-Summit Upper Control Arms
-Summit Lower Control Arms

Exterior Modifications:

-Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
-5% Side Window Tint / 2.5% Rear Window Tint
-17" Chrome Cobra R Rims
-2.25" Cobra R Center Caps
-Rear Bumper "Mustang" Inserts
-4" Magnaflow Exhaust Tips
-3rd Brake Light Tint Reading "Purdue"
-DupliColor Red Painted Brake Calipers
-14" Shorty Antenna
-Tinted License Plate Covers
-Bullitt Fuel Door with Black Pony
-Sylvania Silverstar 9007 Headlight Bulbs
-Blackout Headlight Covers

Interior Modifications:

-Ford Racing Bullitt Pedals
-Various UPR/MGW Billet Pieces
-AutoMeter Ultra-Lite Gauges
-AutoMeter Steering Column Pod
-Sound of Speed 3 Gauge A-Pillar

Tuned by Dayton Performance:
13lbs on 3.8" pulley

400+ next dyno

03-29-2009, 10:19 PM
Not Really A Big Bad Mustang GT.

2000 GT, 5 Spd
Air Silencer Delete
K&N Airfilter Drop In
Trickflow 75mm Tb And Plenum
Steeda UD Pullies
Stock Headers
Stock PI Heads
Stock PI Intake
Stock PI Cams
Hooker o/r X Pipe
Flowmasters American Thunder 40 series Catback
Spec Stage 1 Clutch & Pressure Plate Kit
SCT Tune
Dyno Tune 93 Octane
MT Streets (26/11.5/15)
267Rwhp 303.8 Ft-Lbs
1/4: 12.9 (Best Time)

03-30-2009, 02:55 AM
Do you even feel like the throttle body & Plenum made a difference?

03-30-2009, 04:54 AM
Do you even feel like the throttle body & Plenum made a difference?

Yeah But Nothing astronomical, "Match Your Parts" and it will make a difference. anyone can throw random parts together and make crazy power but if you do it right and are able to put the power down then that's all that matters.

03-30-2009, 10:58 AM
Not Really A Big Bad Mustang GT But..."You Try To Run 12's With Bolt-Ons" :)

2000 GT, 5 Spd
Air Silencer Delete
K&N Airfilter Drop In
Trickflow 75mm Tb And Plenum
Steeda UD Pullies
Stock Headers
Stock PI Heads
Stock PI Intake
Stock PI Cams
Hooker o/r X Pipe
Flowmasters American Thunder 40 series Catback
Spec Stage 1 Clutch & Pressure Plate Kit
SCT Tune
Dyno Tune 93 Octane
MT Streets (26/11.5/15)
267Rwhp 303.8 Ft-Lbs
1/4: 12.9 (Best Time)
LOL I was running faster then that with just bolt ons. Hundreds if not thousands are running faster then 12.9 with just bolt ons.

03-30-2009, 02:47 PM
LOL I was running faster then that with just bolt ons. Hundreds if not thousands are running faster then 12.9 with just bolt ons.

congrats :) i am aware that im not the only one running 12's with bolt-ons i never claimed to be. just throwing it out there but congrats on you running faster with bolt ons. your car looks good btw

03-30-2009, 03:10 PM
It was just the "You Try To Run 12's With Bolt-Ons" that made you sound cocky.

03-30-2009, 03:12 PM
It was just the "You Try To Run 12's With Bolt-Ons" that made you sound cocky.

ah yeah i knew it would lol. not really cocky at all just kinda proud of it. i didn't mean to offend anyone tho

03-30-2009, 03:13 PM
here is my entry

04-03-2009, 05:35 PM
Car makes 764 rwhp and 822rwtq with the boost at 21psi. currently running 27.5 psi but have not been on the dyno at that setting.
2003 cobra
283 CI (stock block bored .20 over)
CP 17cc dished pistons
Hellion single turbo kit
Turbonetics T-76 s-trim turbo
accelleron 96lb injectors
accelleron driver box
Aeromotive eliminator return fuel system witheliminator pump
accufab twin 62mm throttle body
UPR tubular K-member
coilover front suspension with blistein shocks
magnaflow wide open exhaust with turndowns before the rear axle
Solid axle swap- Ford 9"
3.25 gear ratio
35 spline axles
Detroit locker tru trac locker
GT rear brakes
Blistein rear shocks
BBK loweirng springs in the rear
4" (i think) aluminum 1 pc drive shaft.
Ram street dual 300 series clutch
26 spline input shaft
stainless steel TOB retainer
sumped fuel tank
KB boost a pump
steeda tri ax shifter with mgw adjustable blue handle
3 gauge a pillar pod
AEM Eugo wideband
AEM true boost gauge with built in boost controller
Aeroforce obd2 scan gauge
Raptor pencil LED shift light
35mm integrated spacers
Weld prostars 15x10 and 15x 3.5
28x10.5 -15 MT ET DRAGS
25x4.5 - 15 MT ET DRAG skinnies
SCT X-calibrator 2 software
10pt chromemoly roll cage
window net
5pt harness

I think that is most of it anyway

a few pics.....

04-08-2009, 10:12 AM ( (

work in progress, satisfied so far!

Stage 3 Roush Front Bumper
Cervini Stalker Hood
Steeda Functional Race Wing with Billet Winglets
Smoked Taillights, Third Brake Light, Side Reflectors
8000k HID Headlights and Foglights
18/9 18/9.5 Chrome Cobra R Rims
Eibach Pro Kit 1 inch Lowering Springs
MRT Hood Strut Kit & FRPP Hood Pin Latch Kit

Bassani Ceramic Optimum Length Headers
Bassani x Pipe with High Flow Cats
Slp Loud Mouth Cat Back
Short Throw Shifter

Pioneer Avh-p6800 (in dash dvd player)
infinity kappa series speakers (5x7) w/800 watt O2 amp
3 10inch JL audio subs in box w/kenwood excelon amp

feedback appreciated =]

04-23-2009, 05:40 PM
Brakes: Cobra 10th anniversary brake conversion

Suspension: MM Hellion k-member, MM Hellion control arms, MM tie rod ends, Baer bumpsteer kit, Stang Suspension CC plates, BBK strut tower brace, Lakewood 70/30 struts w/UPR coil-overs, MM full-length powdercoated subframe connectors, MM heavy-duty torque arm, MM heavy-duty panhard bar, MM LCAs, Varishock shocks w/coil-overs.

Wheels and Tires: Bullitt replicas, black with silver lip, 17x8 front, 17x10.5 rear w/Sumitomo rubber.

Exhaust: BBK tuned-length ceramic coated shorty headers, Flowmaster dual-chamber 40-series, 2.5in pipe all the way w/3in tips.

Intake: Lightning MAF, PP 75mm TB, Trickflow 75mm UIP, PP Typhoon Intake Manifold (satin).

Ignition: MSD coil-on-plugs.

Fuel system: GT-40 255 lph pump, 42# injectors.

Engine: Stock (not for long).

Transmission: 4R70W w/3200 rpm stall PI Stallion torque converter.

Driveline: Ford Racing 3.73s, Lakewood u-joints.

Power Adder: Hellion 62mm turbo kit (way too much stuff to list)

Body: Saleen body kit, Saleen spoiler, Cobra R SVO hood, trunk trim panel, Mach I grille delete.

Interior: 35% tint all around.

Lighting: Angel Eye projector headlights.

Dress-up: UPR underhood dress-up kit (radiator cover, fluid reservoir cap covers), shorty antenna.

Tuning: DiabloSport Predator.

Audio: Two Memphis M1 10s in a ported box w/Memphis 400W amp and a 1.5 farad capacitor. Nothing too crazy, but compliments the Mach 460 sound system great and helps the ass end dig a little better.

05-17-2009, 01:46 AM
I probably dont belong on this list, but it could be helpful to someone considering adding a Saleen charger

2002 Black GT
Saleen supercharger 9 psi
30# red injectors
Removed air silencer
Stock exhaust manifolds
Offroad MAC Prochamber
Flowmaster 50's
Steeda Tri-ax
Steeda Caster/Camber plates
BBK Subframes
Eibach 1.5" lower with tokico gas shocks
Rear Upper and Lower Control Arms
Ford Racing 3.73's and Diff girdle
Nitto 555's
On Saleen Tune 317rwhp 335rwtq (lean)
Now Sniper Tuned havent dynoed yet
Ran 13.2 @106 with crappy ass launch (2.2 60') and no sniper tune

05-18-2009, 02:11 PM

MMR 800 Fully Forged 4.6
Vortech V2 SQ
Vortech Aftercooler
3.125" pulley (15 PSI)
AFM Power Pipe
Manley 18" dished pistons and rods
BBK 75 MM Thottle Body
BBK Upper Plentum
CMS 2.5 Blower Cams
Comp Beehive Springs
Cobra Oil Pump
Stock Heads and Compression Ratio
FEL PRO Head Gaskets
FEL PRO Oil Pan Gasket
ARP Head Bolt Changing Kit ARP-156-4101
MMR 9Q oil pan

60lb injectors
255lb SVT Focus Fuel Pump
Kenne Boost Pump

MRT 2.5" Catted H Pipe
Steeda Catback
Stock Manifold

3.55 Ford Racing Gears
XTD Stage III Clutch
Stock TR3650

Maximum Sport Full Length Subframes
UPR Pro Series Moly Chrome Adj UCAs
Tokico Blues Suspension (springs & shocks)
T/A 8.8" Girdle
Stock 8.8" Rearend

Wheels and Tires
18" Saleen Wheels
265/35/18 BFGoodrich KDWs

Need Stickies and Dual Pumps

05-18-2009, 02:29 PM
Hoping for 500 rwhp and build in progress.

90 MM Lightning MAF
255lb SVT Focus Fuel Pump

I would upgrade these. The SVT focus pump is not much better than stock at high pressure settings. 255 is like at 30psi. Plus the gt bucket dosen't perform well at 500+. The lightning maf will never support 500+ by itself.

05-19-2009, 08:34 PM
I would upgrade these. The SVT focus pump is not much better than stock at high pressure settings. 255 is like at 30psi. Plus the gt bucket dosen't perform well at 500+. The lightning maf will never support 500+ by itself.

I will most likely end up around 475-480 rwhp so I may peg my lightning maf. I spoke with MMR and they said the SVT Focus Pump would be fine with the BAP again it would not over 500 rwhp.

05-30-2009, 11:31 PM
2002 Mustang Gt 5-Speed

2004 Cobra Front Bumper
2004 Cobra Rocker Panels
2004 Cobra Mirrors
SALEEN Side Louvers
Saleen S-281 3 Piece Spoiler
Corbeau LG1 Seats
Steeda Tri-Ax Shifter with Hurst Black Ball Knob
Moser 31 Spline Axles
Ford Racing 4.10 Gears
Auburn Pro Series Differential
Trick Flow Differential Cover
Saleen Wheels 18 Inch
Nitto NT555 Tires 285 Rear 265 Front
SLP Line Lock
Tein S-Tech Lowering Springs 2 Inch Drop All Around
AEM Cold Air Intake
Moroso Power Steering Tank
SLP Loudmouth II Catback
MAC Offroad Prochamber H Pipe
HID Headlights and Fog Lights 6000K
White Reflector headlights (No more amber!)
Shorty Antenna, Chrome Bumper Inserts, Billet Pedal Covers
Custom Painted Front Pony Emblem
FRPP Aluminum Driveshaft
Autolite Iridium Spark Plugs
SCT Livewire Tuner

Dyno and 91 Octane Tune At DB Performance In Minneapolis, MN
244.1 RWHP
275.3 RWTQ

05-31-2009, 02:11 AM
Hey, is it possible to buy a stage 1, or 2 camshaft, keeping the same heads, just replacing the springs, valves, etc?

Jazzer The Cat
06-18-2009, 08:44 PM
All you guys and your boooooooooooring high HP/T #'s :D

I have seen more than a few nicely suspended rides on the preceeding pages of this thread, but I'M MAD AS HELL AND I'M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!! :icon_flamethrow:

2002 s281 #0014
281 2v N/A ~ 245hp/285tq
70mm TB & Trick Flow plenum
Steel re-inforced Canton 8 quart pan
FRPP billet fly
11" Cobra clutch
T-56 #1260
Pro50 shifter
Dynotech alum. DS

GR-40/SLA suspension system
with 100% non-binding components:
Griggs Racing tubular "K" member
weld-in upper/lower sub-frame connectors
1.5" Heim-jointed tubular anti-roll (front)
HD Heim-jointed UCA's/LCA's (front)
Koni yellow CO's 350# (front)
Griggs Racing Torque-arm & PHB (rear)
HD poly/Heim-jointed LCA's (rear)
Koni yellow CO's 250# (rear)

Summer tires/wheels:
295/30/18" Toyo R888 on 10"s
315/30/18" Toyo R888 on 11"s
Winter tires/wheels:
295/30/18" PS2's on 10"s
315/30/18" PS2's on 10.5"s
Gorilla locking lugs

Recaro "Speed" seats with lowered slides
custom built rear-seat delete (yours truly)
custom HID's and foglight installation (yours truly)
100% custom high-power stereo install (yours truly)

AutoX vids in HD:

Roundy-round vid:

Jazzer... feeling MUCH better now :)

06-19-2009, 05:55 PM
i probably dont belong on this list either but it might help somebody..

2002 Mustang GT 5speed
-H&R Sport springs.. very low indeed.
-255 Falken Azenis (200 treadwear)
-255 series Mickey Thompson E.T streets
-C&L intake plenum
-K&N cold air intake with stock tubing
-Pypes catted x-pipe

13.8 @ 101mph in 80 degree weather.. not bad at all for being a west coast car i think..

06-27-2009, 02:14 PM
Mods are in my sig. Keep em coming yall

07-15-2009, 11:12 PM
exterior mods
2 1/2 inch cowl hood from harwood
mach 1 chin spoiler
mach 1 grille delete
4.6 high performance emblems
4.6 supercharged emblem
fast ford emblem
red mustang bumper letters
275/40/r17 nitto 555s out back painted the letters on the tires white/ street tires
245/45/r17 nitto 555s up front / street tires
shorty antenna
12 inch frpp silver racing stripes - still need to install, waiting on a nice day
steeda functional race wing with billet winglets
L.E.D. black 3rd brake light
L.E.D. black tail lights
weld prostars 15 x 3.5 in front
weld prostars 15 x 8 in rear
BF Goodrich Radial T/A155/80/15 / race tires
BF Goodrich g-force T/A Drag Radial 275/50/15 / race tires

Interior Modifications:
autometer ultralite boost gauge
autometer ultralite wideband air/fuel gauge
autometer ultralite fuel pressure gauge
autometer ultralite oil temp gauge
b&m transmission temp gauge
autometer a piller gauge pod
autometer dash gauge pod
poineer head unit
mach 460 speakers
satin turn signal knob
satin tilt lever
satin door locks
satin emergency brake handle
satin cup holder trim
satin plastic cup holder cover
satin headlight knob
satin HVAC knobs
satin convertible button
satin "supercharged" door sills
satin brezel around shifter
satin convertible power window buttons
satin power mirror buttons
polished mirror door insert
stainless steel door inserts
ford racing floormats
netume 4 point racing harnesses
intercooler light
raptor performance shift light with launch features rear seat delete
6 point maximum motorsports race roll cage with swing out door bars
black roll bar padding
b&m ratchet hammer shifter

professional products polished 75mm throttle body
professional products polished upper plenium
professional products polished typhoon intake
diablosport tune customized by Phil at jpc
2 1/2 inch magnaflow magnapacks cat back
msd ignition coil packs
hooker long tube super comp headers 3 inch
w/ header wrap
hooker no cats x pipe 2 1/2 inch
mil eliminators
170 amp polished alternator
4 gauge alternator wire
moroso aluminum expansion tank
v-2 s trim vortech supercharger with aftercooler polished
svt focus fuel pump
diablosport mafia
60 lb high impedence fuel injectors
kenne bell 40 amp boost a pump
180 degree thermostat
mishimoto performance aluminum radiator

bbk polished strut tower
eibach drag springs with airbag (rear)
lakewood 70/30 shocks (front)
lakewood 50/50 shocks (rear)
upr products shark caster camber plates
upr products bumpsteer kit
lakewood driveshaft safety loop
upr products chromoly k member
upr products chromoly a arms
eibach coil overs 14" springs 175 spring rate (front)

4.10 frpp gears
3000 holeshot b&m stall converter
imperial trans cooler
custom jpc flexplate
battery relocated to the trunk with trunk box
flaming river safety battery shut off switch
optima redtop battery
purple royal synthetic 10w 30 oil
transgo performance shift kit
precision greasable universal joint
pa performance deep sump aluminum transmission pan

aftermarket poineer headunit
viper remote start and alarm
xm radio
best of serius (xm add on)

07-15-2009, 11:41 PM
whats up guys

07-15-2009, 11:47 PM
whats up guys

bassani x pipe, kand n filter, ram air, flowmaster 40 series:icon_couchhide:

08-23-2009, 09:26 PM
mods are in my sig and its an auto.

Dalton Gang
08-25-2009, 08:10 PM
`03 convertable GT 5 speed mach 1000

SHM 2v long block balanced and blueprinted with forged crank and cobra clutch

pro charger ps1c kit with 3 row cooler 12 psi

custom chip. dyno tuned. 400 rwhp.

09-29-2009, 10:12 PM
mods in sig...

10-13-2009, 08:07 AM
Damn Spammer

10-13-2009, 04:34 PM
Mods in sig.

11-13-2009, 01:04 AM
Mods in sig., no need to note my shifter knob or minor cosmetic changes. Don't know if these qualify me as a "Bad Boy", but I'm tryin'.

11-29-2009, 10:46 PM
Mods in sig. Bad boy in training.

12-12-2009, 04:47 PM

12-23-2009, 01:25 AM
mods in up stage 2 ported npi heads or vortech blower. bad boy at heart not on paper yet.

01-10-2010, 01:31 PM
2002 4.6L Mustang GT
Performance Mods:

Steeda Tri-Ax Short Shifter
FRPP 4.10 Gears
MAC Catted H-Pipe
SSS Catback System
FRPP 28 Spline LSD
Eibach Pro-Kit
Monroe Shocks and Struts
C&L Plenum
BBK 75MM Throttle Body
BBK Cold Air Intake
Hypertech III Chip
Hypertech 160 Degree Thermostat

Appearance and Other Mods:
Clear Corner Headlights
White EL Gauges
White EL A/C Plate
Valentine1 Radar Detector
Mach1 Chin Spoiler
Smoked Tail Lights
17x10.5 Anthracite Wheels
315/35/17 Sumitomo Tires

01-29-2010, 09:14 AM

Hitech Stage 2 cams
BBK LT headers
BBK catted x
Flowmaster catback (soon to be changed)
Sniper Tuned/Dyno tuned
24lb injectors
MGW sts
Trickflow 75mm tb
Trickflow plenum


Eibach Pro kit
Soon LCAs


American Racing "Casino" wheels
GT floor mats from AM
Solid black rear mustang letters
Paint matched chin spoiler

02-04-2010, 06:57 PM
Haven't been on the forums in awhile (been through 2 Cobra's since my 96 GT). Had to sell my Terminator because of financial issues but had enough cash to swing my newest project...

..Silver 99 GT...

* Vortech V2 S-Trim Supercharger Kit
- AFM Powerpipe
- Lightning 90mm MAF
- 3.33" Pulley
- 42 lb/hr Injectors
- Kenne Bell 40a BAP
- SVT Focus Fuel Pump
* Alky Controls Methenol Injection System
* Accufab 75mm TB
* C&L 75mm Plenum
* MAC O/R Prochamber
* Flowmaster 40-Series Mufflers
* Centerforce Dual-Friction Clutch
* FMS 3:55's

* Eibach Sportlines
* Anthracite FR500's (17x9" up front, 17x10.5" out back)
* Nitto 245 555R's up front, Nitto 315 Drags out back
* Tinted out with a couple other appearence modifications. I think that's the jist of it. Just figured I'd share.

02-23-2010, 02:59 PM
Silver 2000GT

K&N Intake
Pypes o/r x-pipe
SLP loudmouth
Eibach sportline springs 1.5 lower
03 SVT 17" wheels
Nitto 555R 275/40-17 f/r
5% tint
Smoked headlights/tail lights
5.0 short shifter

Soon to come...
KB 2.6 twin screw
Stage 3 blower cams
KB power pipe
TF heads
Forged internals

02-23-2010, 03:16 PM
Major Mods in sig, but nevertheless, here we go:

The Basics:
2000 Ford Mustang GT 4.6L SOHC
Atlantic Blue

Accufab 75mm Throttle Body & Plenium

SLP Loudmouth II catback
Summit O/R H pipe

MM Subframe Connectors
Tokico HP Series Shocks & Struts
H&R Super Sport Springs
MM Caster Camber Plates
BBK Upper and Lower Control Arms

Sniper Delta Force tuned by yours truely

FRPP 4:10 gears
Rebuilt at 95,000 miles

In process of being swapped to full black premium leather interior

Mach 1 Chin Spoiler
Mach 1 Grille Delete
Smoked Taillights
Headlamp Covers
20% Tint incl. windshield band

No current timeslip, will post once spring rolls around.

03-26-2010, 11:52 AM
2000 GT
Forged 5.0 stroker
10.2:1 compression
Patriot Performance Stage II heads
Comp Cams custom grind cams
MAC Long Tube Headers
MAC shorty o/r H-pipe
Magnaflow Magnapacks cat-back
3.90 gears
Ford Racing aluminum driveshaft
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Ford Racing King Cobra Clutch
cheap-o ebay CAI w/K&N filter
30 lb. injectors
SVO 255 lph fuel pump
MSD coil packs
Steeda Tri-Ax short-throw shifter
Under-drive pulleys
eliminated a/c
eliminated EGR
back seat delete
battery relocated to trunk
Tokico lowering springs, shocks, and struts
Diablesport custom tune from ASAP Performance in Pittsburgh

added after dyno:
Professional Products polished Typhoon intake manifold

currently being installed:
Ford Racing 31-spline tru-loc differential
Moser 31-spline axles
subframe connectors

18x9 front 18x10 black w/polished lip FR500's
chin spoiler
window tint
stock spoiler, painted black, moved back (relocated)
painted flat black between tail lights
tail-light tint
cervini's 2.5" cowl hood (yet to be painted to match)
5.0 decals in place of GT emblems

soon to come:
spec stage 2+ clutch
eibach pro launch kit springs

best track time (1/4 mile):
13.1 @ 107 mph (falling on face with cracked intake manifold. never ran it after new intake manifold was installed)

04-19-2010, 10:15 PM
2006 Torch Red Mustang GT

4.10 gear
bbk shorty headers
slp catted x-pipe
slp loudmouths
steeda pulleys
C&L cai
eibach lowering springs
billet front grille
20 inch enkeis
yokahama s drive tires
17% tint
shorty antenna
tuned by alternative auto
sct tune
MGP caliper covers
gt500 spoiler

301 rwhp

04-24-2010, 09:38 PM
been a while since i have been on this site. Made a few changes. Hoping to crack 900rwhp when we get real e85 back at the pump. May hit the dyno this week just to make sure everything is still where it needs to be for the year.

This sheet if from last year. Kind of a short pull due to running out of fuel up top. but you get the idea.

05-12-2010, 10:39 AM
been a while since i have been on this site. Made a few changes. Hoping to crack 900rwhp when we get real e85 back at the pump. May hit the dyno this week just to make sure everything is still where it needs to be for the year.

This sheet if from last year. Kind of a short pull due to running out of fuel up top. but you get the idea.

Good god almighty that is some serious horsepower!!!

Have you ran at the track? What times?

05-17-2010, 02:23 AM
Bad boys of the 4.6 section?!? I lik the idea the op had, but I don't think that's wht became of the thread. I think maybe you should have listed a minimum rwhp requirement. And none of that coming soon crap, how about what you got and can make an example of. Imo I think the rwhp requirment shud atleast be 5-600rwhp to post ur junk up. There r a good deal of big dogs in the thread but there's a bunch of bolt on guys n stock bottom end dudes as well. I rlly lik the op's idea whish the thread resimbled it.

05-19-2010, 11:43 PM
Wish you could spell...

Every sections bad boy thread is just a general thread for cars.

awwww so I got a supercharger for nothing?? bummer....

05-20-2010, 08:21 AM
awwww so I got a supercharger for nothing?? bummer....

Speaking of which how did that go with Dan? Did you like the shop? He let me do some burnouts in the back lot after it was tuned lol

05-25-2010, 01:43 PM
On 3 performance turbo kit. 412 hp 422 torque @ wheels with 9 PSI.... dyno video going to the track soon!

06-20-2010, 12:30 PM
i have 1998 roush with a 01 gt motor... if i get a t/b an intake plenum and a spacer with a cold air should i get bigger injectors or no? and wat about a maf?

06-21-2010, 12:57 PM
it's not necessary but it wont hurt... so you can save your money and buy something else

South Texas "Silver Bullitt"
07-15-2010, 06:30 PM
My car is no where near these cars on here, but I am 18, and about to begin college next month. I've had the car for about four months and this is what I've got.

Stalker II Hood
Ford Racing Stainless Steel Headers
BBK O/R H-pipe
Borla Stingers
Bullitt Aluminum Intake Swap
90mm lightning mass airflow
diablosport tune
Hurst short throw shifter (with custom stick I made for it)
Cobra wheels, 17-9, 17-10.5
Nitto Drag Radials, 275/40/17, 315/40/17

99 GT vert
07-27-2010, 09:42 AM
mods updated below

Ed Clark
08-14-2010, 09:39 PM
It's not a 4.6L but it used to be! :-) I see a lot of other cars with added displacement so what the heck. Other than the short block it's all 4.6L parts.



Short Block
5.4L NHV Block out of a 02 Expedition
Std Clevite Bearings
Manley H-beam Rods, ARP 2000 Rod bolts
ARP 2000 Main and Head studs
CP/ModMax Pistons .030 over
Forged Steel Crankshaft from a 98 5.4L F150, Polished only.
Homemade Timing cover. 5.4L and 4.6L.
Stock water pump
Innovators West SFI 8 rib harmonic balancer

Cylinder Heads
Ported by Jason Steen,
Crower Springs, shimmed to about 115 psi seated pressure.
Modmax Stainless oversized valves. Seats custom cut by Jason Steen
Bronze Guides, Felpro Valve seals.
Custom grind Comp Cams Camshafts. Durations are approaching 250 deg @ .050. Aggressive roller opening rate. .575 lift, 115 LCA. (lobes almost look like big squares!)
L&M Machine Solid lash adjusters. .002 inch lash cold.

RR Intake for 4.6L
Accufab Cobra TB, single oval
Self designed, locally machined intake adapters to fit to 5.4L
Intake was ported and matched on the flow bench to the cylinder head and adapter plate combination. Yes, there was a little flow gained by doing this.
Intake/cylinder head cooling modification

Fuel System/Ignition System
Full Aeromotive Fuel system, 10 and 100 micron filters, AN 10 to AN8 Y block, to Aeromotive AN8 rails, regulator and AN6 return.
Sumped stock tank.
80 # per hour injectors
SCT BA2800 Air meter, K&N Air Filter in a Suck-thru configuration.
Stock JKU3 Ford Computer using GM LS2 coils and a Boost-A-Spark to compensate for a lack of dwell provided by the Ford computer. This circuit is my own design.

Precision PT76-GT S-trim .96 A/R
15-16 psi after intercooler
Hotside tubing is custom stainless with modified stainless Ford Racing Shorties headers. Diameter is 2.5 inch meeting together at a Burns Stainless 2.5/2.5 inch Y to Burns Stainless turbine flange.
Cold side is all 3 inch, thin wall aluminum tubing with a 1200 hp rated water/air intercooler. No heat exchanger, ice water tank in trunk. Intercooler is mounted behind front grille.
Tial 50 mm blow off
Turbonetics Nexgen Wategate referenced just before throttle body.
No boost controller of any kind. Wastegate spring only.
Exhaust is a 4 inch stainless tubing exiting in front of the driver’s side front wheel. No muffler needed.

C4 PA Super Comp, full roller and all upgrades.
Modular conversion, SFI Converter housing and SFI Modular flexplate
Custom PTC 9.5 inch turbo converter, anti-balloon plates
Reverse full manual valve body with Trans brake.
Hurst Quarter Stick shifter, T-handle with Trans brake button.
B&M cooler with 2400 cfm fan.
Ford Racing Aluminum driveshaft modified for C4
Stock 3.27 gears
Summit Racing Cover/Girdle
Moser Spool
33 spline Axles
Moser C-Clip eliminators
3 inch studs at all wheels.
Weld Drag Lites. 4x15 and 10x15

Stock cooling fan
Stock Radiator
Snow Performance Water/Methanol injection
50/50 water/methanol mixture 625 ml nozzle
Pump E10 premium fuel
8 Rib belt conversion
Custom high output alternator, verified 175 amps at idle.
All of the usual safety equipment.
Evac system is a 98 Cobra Emissions pump with a Boost-A-Spark to increase vacuum under boost.

Full Aerospace front Racing brake kit and manual master cylinder.
Stock rear brakes.

Front springs..................14" 200#
Strut type.....................Strange adjustable on setting 2
Caster Camber kit...........Maximum Motorsports
Rear springs...................Stock
Shocks...........................Strange adjustable on setting 5
upper control arms..........double adjustable, solids, height adjustable, solid spherical bushings.
lower control arms..........double adjustable
anti-roll bar....................Competition Engineering
Converter......................PTC 9.5" anti-balloon
Pinion angle..................-1.5
Best 60'.......................1.343
Rear tire......................MT 28x10.5X15 Stiff Wall MT Drag (12.5psi hot pressure)
Cage...........................10 point Self bent
Subframe connectors.....Steeda Chrome Moly tubular
front/rear car weights....3130# front 1784/rear 1346

08-23-2010, 06:59 PM
were u able to put your headers on yourself or did u have a shop do it for u .. tryin to get some tips on putting them on

Ed Clark
08-24-2010, 09:35 PM
were u able to put your headers on yourself or did u have a shop do it for u .. tryin to get some tips on putting them on

Was this for me? If so, I built almost the entire car myself. It's a tight fit but the clear.



09-24-2010, 05:00 PM
Ed Clark, now that is a write up worthy of this section.:) Have you gotten any kind of dyno numbers on your setup?

Ed Clark
09-25-2010, 08:14 AM
Ed Clark, now that is a write up worthy of this section.:) Have you gotten any kind of dyno numbers on your setup?

Thanks, It's been on the dyno alot! :-) Power depends on the exact tune and boost setup. In the 15-16 psi range the car makes about 600 rwhp and torque is pretty much the same. The car has made about 780 rwhp at 3800 rpm on very high boost (pegged gauge) but started to shoot spark plugs around the dyno area ceiling. That was with the stock threaded spark plug holes. :-) I didn't do that again.

The C4 and converter setup tend to hide a bit more power than most setups. I was completely out of 60 pound per hour injectors. I can usually get 60s in a 5 speed car to about 725-750 rwhp. I then bumped the fuel pressure to about around 55 psi static (before boost referencing) and I still was running into minor fuel issues up top. It was marginal there. The alternator started falling off up top which was enough to cause the fuel pump and injectors to sag just enough to start going lean and start burning spark plugs. A larger alternator, new belt and 80s fixed all of that.

So based on the amount of fuel and air the car is flowing and the ET/MPH the turbo is helping make a bit more power moving down the track than the dyno shows.

The engine has been in the car for about 5-6 years. I'm in no hurry to "she what she'll do!" My power requirements are based on how fast the car can go safely. My target goal is 5.99 eighth. It's at 6.05 while spinning in second enough to make me short shift second to third in order to keep the car in the groove. So there's enough power there to reach my goal. If not I've recently designed and made a gear based boost controller for it. I'll just add a bit more boost in top gear where traction isn't an issue and it should be at it's goal.

Thanks again,


Ed Clark
09-25-2010, 08:21 AM
Ed Clark, now that is a write up worthy of this section.:) Have you gotten any kind of dyno numbers on your setup?

Thanks, It's been on the dyno alot! :-) Power depends on the exact tune and boost setup. In the 15-16 psi range the car makes about 600 rwhp and torque is pretty much the same. The car has made about 780 rwhp at 3800 rpm on very high boost (pegged gauge) but started to shoot spark plugs around the dyno area ceiling. That was with the stock threaded spark plug holes. :-) I didn't do that again.

The C4 and converter setup tend to hide a bit more power than most setups. I was completely out of 60 pound per hour injectors. I can usually get 60s in a 5 speed car to about 725-750 rwhp. I then bumped the fuel pressure to about around 55 psi static (before boost referencing) and I still was running into minor fuel issues up top. It was marginal there. The alternator started falling off up top which was enough to cause the fuel pump and injectors to sag just enough to start going lean and start burning spark plugs. A larger alternator, new belt and 80s fixed all of that.

So based on the amount of fuel and air the car is flowing and the ET/MPH the turbo is helping make a bit more power moving down the track than the dyno shows.

The engine has been in the car for about 5-6 years. I'm in no hurry to "she what she'll do!" My power requirements are based on how fast the car can go safely. My target goal is 5.99 eighth. It's at 6.05 while spinning in second enough to make me short shift second to third in order to keep the car in the groove. So there's enough power there to reach my goal. If not I've recently designed and made a gear based boost controller for it. I'll just add a bit more boost in top gear where traction isn't an issue and it should be at it's goal.

Thanks again,


11-14-2010, 12:20 PM
Silver, 2001, Mustang GT, 5 speed. Vortech Supercharger; V-2 SQ S-Trim, 3.48 Pulley. Anderson Power Pipe. FRPP 90mm Lightning MAF, FRPP 42lb Fuel injectors. Alky Controls, Alcohol Injection. Ford Focus SVT Fuel Pump. BBK Full Length 2.5'' crossover-pipe with converters. Flowmaster, American Thunder exhaust. FRPP 3.73 gears. MGW short shifter. Welded sub-frame connectors. Steeda, rear, lower control arms. Mach 1 shocks, FRPP springs. MGW short shifter. Stock, Mach 1 wheels. Nitto tires, drags in rear. Cervini, 2000 Cobra R, fiberglass hood. Dynojet Dyno: 420 hp, 404 tq at 11.9 lbs boost. Tuned by Lidio at Alternative Auto Performance.

01-23-2011, 12:30 PM
Hmm haven't posted in here yet haha.

2001 mustang Gt vert

Forged manley rods, eagle pistons (-11cc), Eagle crank, TFS 44cc heads, Edelbrock EFI intake manifold, Hitech Stage 2 cams, Trickflow 75mm TB/Plenum, BBK LTs, O/R H, Dynomax bullets, Baseline "Street Launch" UCAs, CHE Solid LCAs, MGW STS, Aluminum Flywheel, Sniper tuning software.

Mustang Dyno numbers: 300hp/280tq (New tune/numbers this summer w/ new plenum and bumped up rev limiter)

02-19-2011, 07:16 PM
Bad boys of the 4.6 section?!? I lik the idea the op had, but I don't think that's wht became of the thread. I think maybe you should have listed a minimum rwhp requirement. And none of that coming soon crap, how about what you got and can make an example of. Imo I think the rwhp requirment shud atleast be 5-600rwhp to post ur junk up. There r a good deal of big dogs in the thread but there's a bunch of bolt on guys n stock bottom end dudes as well. I rlly lik the op's idea whish the thread resimbled it.

You weren't the only one thinking this.

02-23-2011, 08:03 PM
2003 cobra

stock heads
stock lower
stage 3 comp cams
2.8LC mammoth @ 19 psi
slp long tubes
slp off road x
slp lm1
8.8 built sra
373 gears
front and rear coilovers
upper and lower double adjustable chrome molly control arms
tubral k member
turbral a-arms
6 gal ice box
a1000 fuel pump
sump gas tank
8 an fuel lines
soild motor mounts

car made 721/611 on 19 psi on 93 octane no meth

new street tune coming soon 21 psi with meth

03-20-2011, 04:31 PM
ZW99GT, where did you get that red intake tube that connects to your air filter housing?

99 GT vert
03-20-2011, 09:54 PM
2003 Sonic Blue Cobra

Motor Mods

2.8H Kenne Bell Supercharger @ 21 psi
CP/Mod Max 17cc pistons .020 over
ARP Head Studs
Arp Main Bolts
Autolite Spark Plugs
JLT High Boost cai
Valve Job
Diablosport MAFia
Weapon x COP's

Cooling Mods
Afco dual pass heat exchanger
Accufab single blade throttle body

Transmission Mods
Mcleod RST twin disk clutch
Steeda Fire wall adjuster
Steeda clutch adjuster
26 spline input shaft
MGW Blue handle shifter
Cobra Bob shifter gasket

BBK o/r H
Bassani Cat-Back

Appearance mods
Black 03 Cobra
Front 17x9- 275/40/17 Nitto NT05
Rears 17x10.5- 315/35/17 Nitto NT05R

Billet Specialties Street lite
Fronts 15x4- 26x5-15 Mickey Thompson Front runner
Rears 16x9.5- 28x11.50-16 Hoosier Quick Time Pro

ddm tuning 5k HID headlights
vvme 5k foglights
GTS Headlight covers
GTS Taillight covers
Blacked out Cobra Badges
Tinted Windows
Paint Matched Interior parts

Suspension/Rear End
Qa1 tubular k member
Maximum Motorsports coil overs (Front and Rear)
Full Tilt boogie IRS Bushings
LPW diff cover
Richmond 3.90's
Bilstein HD slotted shocks
Eradispeed 2pc rotors
Steeda Caster Camber Plates

Speed of Sound 2 pod A piller
Innovative Wideband
Aeroforce Interceptor Dual Gauge

Fuel System
Glenns Performance Sleeper Triple Pump for E-85
Acceleronics 96 lbs/hr injectors
Acceleronics versa fueler fpdm
Fore Performance Fuel Rails

last time i had it on the dyno it made 598.9 rwhp 549.9 rwtq on 93 maxing out the old fuel system. With E-85 and the new mods hoping for 700 rwhp

05-13-2011, 11:27 PM
new numbers for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

05-14-2011, 06:47 AM
Whats done to your car blownsvt?

05-14-2011, 10:45 AM
Whats done to your car blownsvt?

A lot lol. I think the full mod list is up in this thread somewhere. The just of it is precision billet 76mm turbo, hellion single set up, 9" rear, twin eliminator pumps and a built motor.

06-02-2011, 02:00 AM
lol thats so stupid, 900hp is ridkculous.


08-01-2011, 11:55 AM
not sure if my car is a "bad boy" at all but

SLP Longtubes
SLP X-pipe
Insynerator glasspacks welded into stock cat-back.
False cats welded into X-pipe
K&N waste of money intake (factory one was split from TB to Mass air)
Eibach v6 coupe lowering springs (they were free)

numbers are in sig. they are pre-intake and false cats though.

it's not fast but it sounds mean as hell.

01-25-2012, 08:24 PM
Puts a smile on my face being able to post on this thread finally.
2002 Mustang GT 5 speed
Vortech Supercharger with 8lb pulley and aftercooler kit
Anderson Powerpipe (+2psi) Total of 10lbs
Trick Flow Upper Intake Plenum
BBK 75mm Throttle Body
03/04 Cobra 90mm Mass Air Meter
Professional Custom Dyno Tune .. Safely tuned (as its a daily driver) to 375rwhp and almost 400ft lbs tq. Capable of more with increase in timing.
stock manifolds, Off-road X-pipe with 2 chamber flowmasters
Pro 5.0 Shifter
Autometer Digital Wide Band Air/fuel Gauge
Autometer Boost Guage
Autometer Dash insert for gauges
Tokico Shocks and Struts
Eibach Pro-kit springs
UPR Caster Camber Plates
Motorsport 4:10 gears in back
White Face Gauges
Chrome FR500 Wheels (soon to be replaced)
99 Factory Cobra Hood
No times as of now, soon as I order new rims and tires I will get some, it'd be pointless to try with the current. (

^exhaust clip if you click

02-01-2012, 02:49 PM
04 white cobra
jlt intake
slp midpipe
bassini catbacks
2.8 pully
drag radials
485hp, 489 tq

03-17-2012, 01:25 PM
2003 Mustang GT

Mods: Livernoise forged aluminum 5.0 block
Procharger P-1SC stage 2 unit
3 row air-to-air intercooler
BBK Longtube ceramic coated headers
BBK off road X-pipe
Borla cat-back exhaust
BBK 78mm throttle body/ plenum
MMR 1-5/8 full length subframe connectors
Speed of Sound gauge pillar late 03/04
Dual Aeroforce Interceptor scan gauges
Aeroforce wide band kit
Aeroforce air/fuel kit
Nitto NT555R extreme drag radials 275/40/17's

Previously dynoed at a conservative 353HP/383TQ to the wheels WITHOUT the new 5.0 shortblock and WITHOUT the off road x-pipe. Upcoming tune I'm going all out.

05-18-2012, 04:50 PM
The 'Big Lie': "I did all these mods myself"! The 'Truth': Everything was done by professionals that have the same skills & talents of many on this forum!

First the '07 GT:

Okay here goes everything:

-GT 500 Front end conversion kit
-GT 500 Front chin spoiler
-GT 500 Cervini cowl hood (fiberglass)
-Agent 47 Custom side view mirrors (pair)
-Street Scene duckbill rear spoiler
-Custom Paint job
• -PPG Deltron Custom paint job
• -All body emblems removed, holes filled, sanded, and painted.
• -Center caps of rims custom painted to match.
• -All Lights custom smoked.
• -Custom painted over rear GT emblem. (only emblem on car)
• -Kong's Pin striping custom mix of black and white creating a dark grey blend. flames on hood, doors, and rear panels, both sides.
-Brushed aluminum gas cap

-Axis GTR custom five star rims, staggered 20 by 10.5 (rear) and 20 by 9.0 (front)
-Michelin Ps 2 Pilot Sport tires, 295/25/20 (rear) 255/30/20 (front)
-Ford Racing, Brembo GT 500 front brake kit, 4 piston calipers w/14" rotors and GT500 rear brake pad kit for stock rear brakes

-Eibach Sport line lowering springs (1.6" front and 2.0" rear)
-Maximum Motor Sports adjustable caster/caber plates
-Ford Racing Shock/Strut kit
-Ford Racing anti- roll sway bar kit front and rear
-Steeda billet rear control arms w/spherical bearings
-Steeda heavy duty adjustable panhard bar (Rear)

-Eclipse AVN50 D Touch screen navigation w/6.5" touch screen w/Satellite radio installed.
-JL Audio XR100-CT aluminum cone tweeters (pair)
-JL Audio TR690-TXI COAXIAL 6" by 9" 3-way speakers (four speakers)
-JL Audio W7-3 Ohm 10" 1500 watt Subwoofer (1 speaker)
-Custom 10" subwoofer box
-JL Audio 500/1 Class D mono block subwoofer amplifier, rated 500 watt @ 1.5- 4 ohm power
-JL Audio e series 4300 4 channel amplifier, rated 400 watt to four channels

-Triple A-Pillar gauge pod
-Autometer Sport comp 2 Boost/Vacuum gauge
-Autometer Sport Comp 2 electronic fuel pressure gauge
-Aero Force Interceptor duel display all in one gauge
-Aero Force Interceptor Wide band 02 kit
-Raptor performance shift light LED

Custom short block 9:1 Compression ratio
Custom JE forged pistons
Eagle H-beam rods Ported/polished 3 valve heads w/stage 3 port/polish
98 Cobra Italian aluminum (TEKSID) block 4.6 liter
Crower forged Crank
Comp Cams premium beehive valve springs
Comp Cams Cam phasers
Comp Cam
Innovators West Balancer
MMR Oil pump
MMR head studs
MMR head gaskets
MMR Motor mount adapters
Steeda billet motor mounts heavy duty adjustable
Ford Racing 60LB Fuel injectors Set of 8
Ford Racing chrome valve covers
Kenny Bell 2.6 liter 9-19 Psi billet supercharger kit w/boost-a-pump kit and cold air intake kit
Mishimoto performance billet aluminum radiator
Moroso 7 QT Racing deep sump
Custom polished throttle body, crank case, water hose connect and alternator
Custom dyno tune (conservative 650rwhp tune to allow for break in)

McLeod twin disck RST clutch
Fidanza aluminum flywheel
Ford Racing Ring and pinion gears
MMR Aluminum 1 piece drive shaft
Safety loop

JBA long tube headers
JBA Off road high flow catted X-pipe
Ford Racing muffler set
Aero Force Interceptor Wide band 02 kit

H.I.D Nation Bi-Xenon 9008 headlights
Luminics Ultra White fog light bulbs

05-25-2012, 08:30 PM
-First thread/new member

1999 Chrome Yellow Mustang GT

-K&N air filter with trimmed back intake silencer
-deleted rear cats with flowmaster 40's welded in, chrome 2.5 tips
-MSD knockoff COP's with NGK plugs
-373 Gears
-Synthetic oils in motor/trans (5 speed), rear end
-stock all black/leather interior
-mach 1 grill delete kit with chrome pony
-mach 1 chin spoiler
-tinted headlights with black housing
-18 in staggered anthracite bullitt rims with the rivets, 285s in the rear
-way more to come soon!

06-06-2012, 01:31 AM
2004 mustang GT
Slammed on UPR coilovers up front and eibach springs in the back
Straight piped 3"exhaust W/Glasspacks
BBK cold air intake
MSD ignition
SCT tuned with 7k rev limiter
Chipped ecu
17x9 front 17x10.5 rear black 03 svt cobra rims
10%tint all around
Smoked head/tail lights
After market gauge cluster
JEGS 5" tach

06-07-2012, 12:25 AM
2003 "dark shadow gray" mustang gt

Vortech v3 supercharger (non-innercooled)
Pp 75mm throttle body and plenum
MPH boost pipe
bbk longtube headers
letheal performance x pipe
Flowmaster super 40 mufflers
Ford racing 3.73 gears
Eibach drag kit (rears installed only)
Strange adjustable shocks
Steeda tri-ax short throw shifter
Nitto nt05r drag radials
Auto meter boost and air/fuel gauges
Speed of sound gauge pillar
Mach 1 chin spoiler
Mach 1 grille delete

386rwhp/390 lb-ft torque at 9 lbs of boost on a 90 degree day! (Mustang dyno)