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1st time at track results . Now what?

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Old 04-25-2013, 12:11 AM   #1
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Default 1st time at track results . Now what?

Finally got to get on the track with my 1989 gt . I was a bit nervous and made a mistake every run (3) had a blast I knew I had a thing for racing now I want to do it much more .
1st slip/run stalled at the start . Supper fail
R/t. .709
ET 24.828
Mph 94.38
2nd slip/run spun 1st and alot of 2nd
R/t .717
60'. 2.881
ET. . 15.479
Mph 95.93
3 slip /run spun 1st and nearly red lighted & missed 3rd
R/t. .440
60'. 2.573
ET. 15.417
Mph 94.74

I want to surly get better times
Street tires , pulleys ,Mac shorty headers , flow masters ( unknown series ), stock hpipe 4cats,
Aftermarket filter bolted to Maf ,sport line springs bbk rear control arms
4pt cage 2seats, some weight removed.aftermaket wires and coil .
Stock shifter .4.10 gears

Let me know if I can improve and how much on what I got already before I do any more mods

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88 orangepeel notch
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Man, you weren't kidding about being nervous at the lights lol. My advice would be to invest in the "driver" mod first. Keep going until you settle down and get use to the car and what its going to do. Practice till you can knock off consistent times. Then start tinkering with the car. A set of tires for the strip would be next. Remember every tenth of a second improvement in your 60ft equals 2 tenths in your et. And you have lots of room to improve there. Keep is posted and congrats on taking to the strip.

Edit……just noticed on your first run you had a 12 sec. 60ft, hope that's a misprint lol. And another piece of advice, if that was your first time racing and you REALLY liked it…… start saving money now.

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Thanks . That was no misprint I stalled on go that run . I've started saving already. I want to be a race car driver gt style . I got this car just to get into drag racing ive got 2 fox gts I just started a supercharger install on my other one . Ive been trying to save like crazy . The tracks not open for another 3 weeks hope I get some improvements and better results . It's a street car . I mainly want to improve traction still keeping able to corner as it pretty much sucks at it as it is .
88 gt with 89 motor and ecu ,cobra clutch with adjustable cable,shortshifter,aftermarket pullys,edlebrock 65mm throttle body,offroad h pipe no cats,flowmasters,aftermarket filter (bolted to maf)
89 gt with pullys,k&n style intake,full exhaust flowmasters o/r h pipe mac 50 state legal headers, lca's,lowering springs kyb shocks,1 bbk subframe,3.73 gears,some weight removed,

its not when the mustang is loud that you need to worry about , when it goes quiet then you should worry
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88 orangepeel notch
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Well improving traction with 4:11's and street tires at the strip is going to be next to impossible. Your 60ft times are everything in drag racing. Grab a set of slicks off craigslist, a decent set already mounted on plain stocker rims may run you $100-200, if that even. Then try it again, you have a easy 13 sec. car. I'm no expert on racing but do hit the track 3-4 times a year, and last year was the first time I've used slicks. Man that's a awsome feeling when a car hooks at the lights.
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Old 04-25-2013, 10:30 PM   #5
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Well first off, when you're at the line ready to go, dont worry about the lights, they mean nothing when you're just seeing what you can do. That may help relieve a little stress/nerves. concentrate on hitting your shifts and doing them at the right time. Also like said with a better set of tires you'll do a lot better. some drag radials or cheap slicks, along with practice practice practice, and you got yourself a 13 second car. a few minor tweaks once you get the driving down and you could be in the 12's(rockers, midpipe, gt40 intake, tb, gears)

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Exactly the things I'm focused on . I want to do some serious things to the rear suspension. And frame I want it to launch on demand . I seem some pictures of what looks like the thing I want to do . Basically get the cage mounted to the rear frame and full subframe under the car. Get rear floors done in sheet metal
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Set of track tires, full exhaust including long tubes and a timing bump. With these and a 1.9 60ft you will be at low 14s if not high 13s.
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If you want to race and be consistent, a few simple quotes that will serve you well........

If your spining, you ain't winning
If you see green, you're late
Oh yeah, you gotta drive like you hate that car
Run your car, not your mouth (ricers like to do this)

PS, you didn't even come close to a red light, -.999 is a red light. I leave on the second last yellow. But this should be worried about after you figure out how to get the car down the track. It would seem to me that a mid to low 14 should be what you should shoot for. Go to the test and tune nights/days and just practice. When in the lanes talk to people and ask for advice. Most racers will help you. This isn't as easy as people think. You'll find this out. The old 5.0s don't like to rev too high so shift about 4-500 rpms below the red line. This will help consistency. Last but not least, it's not a contact sport and have fun.
um, it's red.....hey I just got it, gimme a chance

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The good news is, your trap speed is decent for a stock-ish setup.

WITH NO MODS at all, you'll drop over a second from your best ET just by practicing. The car is capable of dropping below 2.0 60' on stock suspension and tires, with a little finesse on the launch.

After that, you can make a few mods and lower that time considerably. Here's what I did with my stock 89 5.0:


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Calm down to start with. Don't even worry about reaction time crap, your ET doesn't start until you actually start moving, so focus on NOT spinning first and foremost. Like UPR said you've got a full second left in that car. Wait for the green, forget about who's doing what in the other lane, and simply take your time and launch like you would from a stoplight, but be aggressive. All 3 of your runs showed improvement, so you're getting there. Good luck and keep going to the track. Mod as you go
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